iKeyWi 3 iOS 11.1.2 Cydia Tweak Release that Adds 5h Row to Your Keyboard on iPhone, iPad

iKeyWi 3 iOS 11.1.2 Cydia Tweak Release that Adds 5h Row to Your Keyboard on iPhone, iPad.

iKeyWi Cydia tweak is available with updates for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini that allows user to add 5th row with full of custom keyboard keys.

It is developed by popular Cydia tweak maker “Hiraku”. The price tag for this jailbreak app is $1.99 that provides handy way to use keyboard. Its extremely useful on iPhone screen.

The previous version of iKeyWi 2 was available for iOS 7 only, whereas new version of iKeyWi 3 works on iOS 11.1.2 and older firmware.

The developer has released HD version of iKeyWi on Cydia app store for iPad Air, iPad Mini. It also costs you $1.99 on BigBoss repo source.

Once you have installed iKeyWi 3 on your iDevice, it would add an extra row of keys on your keyboard. By default, it would add number keys, however, you can configure it. User can manually add some keys that you use frequently.

There is no icon for the tweak on springboard, you need to configure keys from Settings.app.

Head to BigBoss repo and search “iKeyWi 3” if you’re on iOS 11.1.2 and if you’re using iOS 7 iDevice, you can search iKeyWi 2.

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  1. Evil24-7 says:

    I thought that was kind of funny when it came up on my phone. I just took the pic out using ifile. It was a little hard to find but if someone can put it on my phone, I can take it off. I still had the ‘crying face’ on my space bar but I could live with that.

  2. Mitch Karnak says:

    Be careful of the Rick Astley Virus Hiraku created for piracy and bootlegs copies of Ikeywi! If your phone is infected you’ll be Rick Rolled! Don’t install openSSH if you’re infected. Use Open SSL or else!

    • Ben Parker says:

      I 100% agree with you. I lost my jailbreak to remove this virus and the pirate wallpaper. I also installed ikeywi Cydia tweak
      Better to remove or uninstall ikeywi iPhone app if you have

    • Ray says:

      What are the symptoms of this Rick Astly “virus”, besides the change in wallpaper?

      Does it do anything else?

  3. ghacks says:

    it works on iOS 10 smoothly, thanks man

  4. Peter Jackson says:

    Its not working on iOS 8.1.3 iPhone. I searched a lot on Google about this tweak for iOS 8.1.3, but there isn’t any tweak available for the given firmware.

    • Sheldon Mc says:

      Mate you’ve upgraded to the wrong firmware, its not jailbroken. Wait for iOS 10 jailbreak or downgrade your current iOS 8.1.3 firmware to iOS 10 back, if you want your jailbreak back.
      iKeyWi is jailbreak hack and works only using Cydia that’s not possible on iOS 8.1.3 without jailbreak

  5. Ethan Aiden says:

    This keyboard tweak is better than TouchPal and Vmoji. It adds a most important and most useful keys to the keyboard without disturbing actual look of iPhone keyboard.
    However, the price for ikeywi is too high. The iPad keyboard app costs us $2.99 which is too high.
    Its better to get iKeyWi Free from HackYouriPhone Repo or BYA repo.

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