iMallFile iOS 11.1.2: Now You Can Send Any Type of File Using iMessage

iMallFile iOS 11.1.2: Now You Can Send Any Type of File Using iMessage

Apple puts many restrictions in their firmware such as using iMessage, you can’t send any type of file except videos, photos and audio messages. Suppose, you wanna send text file or .pdf file, you can’t.

iMallFile Cydia tweak allows jailbreak users to send any type of file whether its is pdf, text or any type of file. The developers of the jailbreak app have updated iMallFile for iOS 9.

Like many popular jailbreak tweaks, this tweak also can be find on BigBoss repo source, however for this tweak, you would have to pay $0.99.

When you will install this jailbreak app, go to Settings app and enable it. Once you have enable iMall File, a “Share” button would be appear on right corner of the top of the navigation bar.

Just tap on it and browse any type of file from whole filesystem and send it using iMessage.

AirBlue Sharing is Best Alternative to iMallFile

When it came first type before a while, it had a few bugs but the developers have now fixed all the bugs and improved it a lot. However, if you send any file type by selecting SMS mode, the app would be crash.

If you wanna test it before purchase, there is an option. You can add HYI repo source and install a free version from there. But if you like it, purchase it. The official app would provide your support and updates.

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  1. Olivia says:

    How its different than airblue sharing? Via airblue sharing we can send any type of files too?

    • Isabella says:

      How can you compare two of these cydia tweaks? both are completely different from each other. iMallfile can send any type of files using iMessage whereas airblue sharing sends files using bluetooth to any smartphone
      hope this help

  2. Leon says:

    Short tutorial:

    1. Go and open Cydia store

    2. Search iMallfile

    3. Purchase the app or use HYI repo to get it free

    4. now go to settings and make changes like enable

    5. restart your iDevice with EasySpring


  3. Felix says:

    iMall file not working on iPhone 6

    • Jonas says:

      imall file is specially developed for iPhone, you’re making some mistake to install or using it. imall file iOS 10 works great

  4. Tim says:

    Need iMallfile iOS 10 jailbreak
    the latest version not working properly as mentioned in the purchase page

  5. Joseph says:

    I love this tweak, I just installed it from Bite your apple repo source. And, noticed that its available on hackyouriphone repo source too.
    I tried to send .cvc file via sms, but it failed and app has been crashed
    please help

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