iMods iOS 11.1.2: One of The Best Cydia Alternatives for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iMods iOS 11.1.2: One of The Best Cydia Alternatives for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iMods is a jailbreak app store similar to Cydia installer. iMod also allows jailbreak users to install tweaks, apps and themes on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

Comex, the author and developer of JailbreakMe, is now working on a most awaited Cydia alternative called iMods.

Comex is developing iMods Substitute that would be work as an alternative to Cydia Substrate on iMods iOS 9. This is now sure that Cydia installer would not be only a option for jailbreakers. There would be iMods Substitute that would be able to install jailbreak tweaks.

We’d seen a demo of Barrel, Winterboard themes and such other tweaks such as Activator on iMods and feel completely different than Cydia on iMods.

Till the end of 2015 or sooner, iMods would be ready to use and able to install themes, tweaks, hacks and jailbreak apps on your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and or even Apple iWatch too.

Keep visiting to get more breading updates on iMods Substitute…

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  1. gragib says:

    I would wait for such a nice Cydia Alternative. iMod installer would really be the best alternative for Cydia installer.

  2. TheBlueF0x says:

    How to download iMods on iPad Mini? Please provide download links

  3. oscahie says:

    Does it work without jailbreak on iPhone?

  4. James McDonald says:

    Hey, man how to install iMods on iOS 8.1.3, does it require jailbreak or it would be installed without jailbreak? Actually, I recently upgraded from previous version of firmware and now there isn’t jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 yet, I’m missing Cydia tweaks and hacks.

    Would iMods Tweaks works on iOS 8.1.3?

    • Jean Robert Marc says:

      I’m sorry, but iMods still in beta stage where the developers are working to fix the issues. Its an open source project that would be available in the future, but currently, no one can say how much time iMods would take to replace Cydia installer to install tweaks, apps and hacks.

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