Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone Repo and iHacksRepo Are Best Cydia Sources for Cracked Apps

Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone Repo and BYA Are Best Cydia Sources for Cracked Apps

Insanelyi, iHacksRepo and SinFuliPhone repo are the best Cydia sources for Free apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

If you’re looking for Free apps or full version games, the most probably sources are iHacksRepo, SinFul iPhone repo and Insanelyi.

These Cydia repos are known as pirated hub. So, only jailbreak pro users add Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone repo or iHacksRepo.

I would like to warn you that these repos can harm your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. Cydia or any jailbreak teams are not responsible for any damage occurred by these repositories.

I have tried couple of SinFuliPhone apps and Insanelyi tweaks. And, I found that most of the time my iPhone goes into safe mode or the app redirects me to app store for unknown applications or games. It might be advertisements.

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Compatibility list:
iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, 5S, SE

If you’re new and don’t know how to put your iPhone in recovery mode or how to come out from DFU or safe mode then I would advice you to keep away from these repositories.

Keep these repositories in your mind…

  • Insanelyi repository
  • SinFul iPhone repo
  • iHacksRepo
  • BiteYourApple

Top 25 New Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak in 2015

Top 25 New Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11.1.2 in 2015

Suppose, there is TaiG iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak, would you jailbreak iOS 9.1? Yes, na? I thought so. I would also jailbreak 11.1.2, once it would be released by TaiG for Mac OS X.

Below are the best Cydia tweaks which are picked from the tweaks that landed on Cydia app store for the first time. Below is the complete list with short bio.

ArithmeticAlarm8: This tweak is paid one which is available on BigBoss repo source for $0.99 for arithmetic alarm.

Auto Tap: Do you love games? Auto Tap is a Cydia tweak which is designed for games such as Titan tap. Its available on Cydia app store for $1.00.

AutoUnlock To App 8: If you wanna land on any particular app after unlocking your iPhone, you can install AutoUnlock to App 8 Cydia tweak. You’ll be redirected directly on particular app right from lock screen.

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Auxo Legacy Edition: Auxo iOS 11.1.2 is popular jailbreak tweak which is redesigned for control center.

BioBoot: Do you need further security options? Install BioBoot Cydia tweak to enable touch id as password after boot up your device.

CallLogPro 8: If you’re the one like me who care to remember dialed, recieve and missed calls. You should also install CallLogPro Cydia tweak. It allows to manage call history and remove all call records. Its free.

Calypso: There are a lot of settings that you don’t know and even you haven’t access those internal settings. You can install Calypso cydia tweak which is the best cydia tweak.

CCButtonBorder CCBB: CCButtonBorder is free Cydia tweak which changes control center button border background images. You can change background effects too.

Cercube: Its available for $2.49 as full featured YouTube video downloader. CerCube is the best Cydia tweak to download YouTube videos.

CSources2: Now add Cydia sources, remove useless entries and manage Cydia repos more easily and smartly using CSources2 Cydia tweak. CSources2 is paid tweak and available on BigBoss repo. CSources2 is best tweak to manage Cydia Sources.

Digital Clock Icon: Do you hate classic clock app icon? Digital Clock Icon tweak replaces this classic icon with digital one. Its free.

Discret: Discret is free Cydia tweak. It allows user to mask Notification Center using various gesture.

DockWare (iOS 8): Do you wanna access dock from everywhere and from every single app? DockWare Cydia tweak enable dock for all the installed apps. Its free tweak and One of the best Dock bar tweak.

Ember+: Ember is paid Cydia tweak that would cost you $1.99 for Tinder. It brings Dropdown Notifications, cool Auto-Swipe and Limitless Likes along with Update Monitor.

exKeyboard: You can use third party keyboard anywhere using this free ExKeyboard tweak.

FullSwitch (iOS 8): It brings full screen app switcher for easy and accurate multitasking. FullSwitch Cydia tweak is free.

Heads Up Display Mode: This tweak is best to use while driving your car or use reflection anywhere using Heads up display mode.

HiddenConvos: Are you afraid of your ex wife, you can install HiddenConvos Cydia tweak to hide iMessage conversations.

HotDog: Its free lock screen tweak which is created to customize lock scree labels and carrier name. Its free.

KillBoard: Do you need shutdown, respring and reboot option right on the app switcher? KillBoard is the tweak that you should install for.

Lithium: This is the theme tweak which that customize batter icon. Its free lightweight theme.

Lock Saver: If you’ve battery drain issue, you can install LockSaver Cydia tweak. It turn off most power consumer tweaks and features while locked.

MoonSilent: Installing MoonSlilent cydia tweak, you can hide banners, lock screen notifications and incoming calls. Its available for $1.00 with life time updates.

Moove: This tweak is something great which is movement based Cydia tweak. Moove iOS 11.1.2 would be cool enough if you wanna operate couple of things just by your movement.

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Compatibility list:
iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, 5S, SE

MultiDelete: Installing MultiDelete Cydia tweak, you can delete multiple apps at once.

Multify: This is the best Multitasking Cydia tweak. If you need multitasking tweak, you need Multify iOS 9.1.

Mussic: This tweak allows user to record all the played songs right away.

Parental: Do you love your privacy? Parental Cydia tweak restrict important features from unauthorized users.

Prenesi: Do you wanna download Facebook video? Prenesi Cydia tweak is Facebook downloader.

Sol: Sol Cydia tweak makes your incoming calls silence and alarms easily.

You Fade Me Up: It make Fade switcher icons when swiping apps. Its free.

Is there anything that I missed? Share it in the comment box…

Top 12 Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2015

Cydia repository is the source where developers store their apps, tweaks, themes and games.

If you wanna search anything related to tweaks, apps, games or themes, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Just tap on any particular repo and search your desire stuff to download it.

Cydia comes with pre-pack best repos that includes BigBoss, ModMyi, Telesphoreo Tangelo etc. These are the sources which you should keep installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini whatever you have.

12 Best Repos – Must Have with any Cydia iDevice

If you wanna download something useful from your jailbroken iDevice, then I would recommend these repos for the best apps, tweaks, games and tweaks.

Each repo source has it’s own hosting, where it contains large number of packages. Most them are free packages, while others cost you some pennies…

iAP Patcher, iAPFree and LocaliAPStore are the best applications to get thousands of paid Free applications for free of cost from App store.

1 BigBoss Repo: This is the best Cydia repo. BigBoss updates new applications on daily basis. Every new day, you will get the best applications, tweaks and utilities on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In most cases, BigBoss repo contains free apps and tweaks. However, there are good number of paid apps too. But, you will never be unsatisfied with their paid apps too.


2 ModMyi: It is also listed in default repo list. I added it here, so that, you don’t remove it and get out the best from that repo. It mostly contains free tweaks. Just like BigBoss, ModMyi also updates tweaks daily.


3 ZodTTD: If you are looking themes, lock screen customizations and a lot of cool icon sets for your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, then ZodTTD is for you. There are hundreds of cool themes and design customization in the form of tweaks that can be applied on iPhone, iPad and iPod. A must have repo for theme lover.

Sources: ZodTTD – Zodttd & MacCiti –

4 AppAddict: We have covered a detailed article on AppAddict that shows how important it is. It is the best Cydia source that is growing rapidly. It contains tweaks, game emulators, apps and themes.


5 iPhone Cake: If you are new, then perhaps, you don’t know anything about this repo. It contains many good apps. You can install AppCake, AppCake+ or AppCake HD for your iPhone or iPad to get a thousands of Free apps. Its a best Installous alternative.

iPhone Cake Source –

6 xSellize: It is one of the most popular source that contains apps, tweaks and themes. How can we forget about game emulators. xSellize is the repository that has most wanted game emulators for iPhone and iPad. If you love games, you can’t miss out this repo source.

xSellize source:

7 iHacksRepo: Have you heard about Zeusmos app? It is developed by iHacksRepo. Zeusmos has large number of paid applications in the form of Free applications. One of the most wanted Cydia repo. After adding iHacks Repo to your Cydia, just search for Zeusmos and install it to get thousands of applications free of cost.

iHacksrepo source:

8 Insanelyi: What we wanna download for our jailbroken iDevice? Insanelyi has all the things like themes, games, free apps and cool tweaks. It just another must have source for every jailbroken iOS.

Insanelyi source:

9 ThemeItApp: It is for theme lover. It has top lockscreen tweaks, iOS 11.1.2 style themes and cool icons for older and newer firmware. It gets updated with a cool themes regularly.

ThemeItApp source:

10 SiNful iPhone: Its a good combination of tweaks, apps and games. A top game emulators can be easily found on SiNful repo and top rated Free apps at free of cost. A bunch of free apps available there.

Sinful iPhone source:

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Compatibility list:
iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, 5S, SE

11 iHackStore: It is truly for game lover. Do you need cheat codes, cool game tricks? You need to add iHackStore repo. Just add a single repo to your sources list and get thousands of cool tricks and tweaks.

iHackStore source:

12 YourChoice: I have left this space for your choice. You just need to leave a comment in a line or two with your best Cydia repo list and I will add them here. Why are you waiting for? Start it…


Above listed Cydia sources are the best out of best repositories for any jailbreak iDevice whether you have iPhone, iPad Air or iPod Touch.

Yeah, it might possible that some repos can’t work on updated firmware such as recently released iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak and iOS 9.3.