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Download AppCake without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

AppCake is one of the best Installous alternative that offers paid apps at free of cost. Install AppCake+ from official repo source and start exploring all those free apps.

It is also known as alternative iPAStore repo now available for iOS 9.3, iOS 10.2, iOS 10. Download Now. It looks like you have jailbroken your iOS and now looking for paid applications at free of charge in Cydia Sources.

Congratulations! You are on the right way to get all those paid apps. There are couple of Repos that offer paid tweaks at no charge such as Installous, AppCake, iFunBox and many more.

All these sources available on Cydia App Store, but a few of them are very popular. Many jailbroken iPhone, iPad owner actually jailbreak their iOS to get free apps and tweaks using these sources.

AppCake Apps

Installous was the best repo to find large number of paid and free tweaks for latest iOS. However, Installous has been shut down due to hosting issues. Fortunately, there are a few more alternative Cydia Repos that offer same stuff. AppCake is the first and the best repo that offers all Installous apps at free of cost. It is also known as best Installous alternative.

What is AppCake+?

First of all, you should know that what is AppCake? Its also known as iPAStore. iPAStore is restart with this name. AppCake+ is the latest version in it’s series. It is developed by for jailbroken Cydia enabled iOS device. It offers many paid tweaks and apps. It requires jailbroken iOS with Cydia. To install it, you need the correct repo.

  • So, first of all you need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in order to get AppCake repo.
  • If you already jailbroken your iOS then make sure that you have Cydia Installer in your iDevice.
  • To check it, open search app in your iPhone and type Cydia and search for it. If you find this app installed in your iOS then you can install AppCake+ too.

Now you know the requirement for AppCake installation. Now we will proceed to installation part.

How to Install AppCake

You are just a few step away installing AppCake in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I have tested all these steps in my iPhone 4, iPad 4 on iOS 10.2 jailbroken using Evasi0n. They never give me single error while updating or installing this repo.

1 Add Repo: In this step, you need to add iPhoneCake repo, AppCake is categorized in it’s section. So, Tap on “Manage”, then “Sources”, then “Edit”, and Finally “Add”. Enter

2 Search AppCake: Since you have successfully added developer’s directory source, now it’s time to install AppCake in Cydia app store. Now tap to sources and then hit which we have added just before few moments. A long lasting list of tweaks and apps will be appear, look for AppCake or AppCake+.

3 Install: There are two versions available for iOS. One of them is for HD devices and another is for all other iOS. In quickie way, if you have iPod Touch or iPhone, then install AppCake or AppCake+ and if you have iPad then you can download AppCake HD. So, check out your iDevice and download compatible version and install it.

Tip: After installing AppCake, reboot your iDevice to take it effect. After rebooting above procedure will end up and you will be able to use AppCake+ without an issue.

Note: AppCake works on iOS 10.2 and very soon the developers will release newer version of AppCake+ for iOS 10 too. Stay with us to get updates for iOS 10 with the latest version.

From Editor’s Desk

If you were using iPAStore, then this is the same stuff for you just name has been changed from iPAStore to AppCake. I have tried many paid apps at free of cost using Installous and AppCake, but I have purchased a lot more after trying them. We should respect the hard work of the developers who have invest great time in developing those paid apps in Apple app store.

We have published this article to help you trying those apps before purchasing. If you like those apps, purchase them. We are not affiliated with any of the website or developer. If you have any issue or query, just make a comment or contact us with the title of AppCake.


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  1. Finally, it seems like iPhoneCake is updating their website with lot of new games and appcake came hot these days. Please give me support for iOS 10 because I can’t see any appcake iOS 10 update on the developer site.

  2. I don’t know why you got behind downloading and updating your database! Please update your database for new apps as quick as you can

  3. Good news
    If you’re on iOS 10 or iOS 9, you can jailbreak and install the update
    AppCake works on latest jailbreak released by taig

  4. Gimme some shortcut to get into AppCake to download a lot of free tweaks and Free apps. I heard iPhonecake is great alternative to installous. please gimme that

  5. I need the updated list of games and apps that can be installed using AppCake or iPhoneCake directly. Please help me as early as possible as I’m stuck on some old and boring jailbreak apps only.
    I’ve iPhone 6 Plus and I would buy iPhone 6 Plus. I have upgrade to iOS 10 recently

    1. I cant get it to work on my iphone 6. When i install it, it doesnt show up on my phone. Do you have any suggestions on how to rectify this?

      1. Yeah, I can suggest you about this, the simple solution is that you should download AppCake HD rather than just a regular Cydia tweak, because most of the time latest version works better than old one.

  6. Vélcis Ribeiro is correct, go into Cydia > Installed > remove Cydia Substrate. Then go back to AppCake and it will work fine. Cheers!

  7. Easy fix… Just reboot device after installing Unified Beta. It may crash on boot… Just hard reset holding Lock + Power till you see the apple logo. Worked for me all a-ok thanks

  8. Ok i figured out how to install it. When I shows you the different places that you can download it from. Use the one that starts out with “file up” it works for me everytime.

  9. Hi i downloaded appcake but everytime i try and get 5 nights at freddies it asks me if i want to download and then it goes to a screen asking me to download other apps. Help?

  10. Hi can any 1 help I got a small screen on cydia and AppleCake and it will not let me update were the screen is small so having problems with movie box now

  11. ?.. How do you install either your own iOS 10 app (made without purchasing license from Apple) or Free apps already installed on a pc? I made and make iOS 10 apps and have some fun apps to mock friends haha and want them on my iPhone. Installios allowed me to do this.. Any alternative with ssh?

  12. So after downloading these apps from AppCake, I have to pay for these paid apps after that and they’re not free for me to use forever? Please reply asap. Thanks.

  13. I found that cool new app “bigU” iOS 10 from Appcake iOS 10 that everyone has been talking about lately. It’s an awesome movie app which allows me to watch thousands of movies and I can also download the movies I want to keep. You not believe me but I just downloaded Edge of Tomorrow just now on my iPad. Awesome!!! Saves me money!!! iOS 10 iPhoneCake

  14. Hello to all, Successfully downloaded AppCake iOS 10 app but when i download a Free app it appears on my homescreen. almost opens but quickly close out. Help ( ultrakam) ps i have more than enough space for the app.

  15. So, Installed AppCake from iphonecake, and AppSync 7+. I’m attempting to install Calendars 5, and I receive the error “An error occured while installing Calendars 5 (Code -1). Any ideas?

    1. So, I downloaded the Calendars 5 app from a different download location, and it seemed to work. If you guys have trouble with installing apps, try different download locations.

  16. It says to me “An error occurred while installing”.I have tried with many links but it shows the same.I have installed iOS 9.Please help me.

    1. why are you trying so many repo sources? just use one repo source that has been provided above, appcake iOS 10 works like a charm

        1. Which errors are you getting?
          You didn’t mentioned your iOS 10 iDevice, do you have iPad or iPhone?
          Do you have installed App Sync iOS 10 with the version?

  17. I followed the steps and I got to the Appcake successfully. But whenever I download an app, and I click on install, it gives me an error. Why does this happen and how do I fix it?

  18. I need AppCake iPad Air HD version for iOS 10 ( iOS 9.0.6 )
    I searched everywhere, but I can’t find it
    please give me a comment with repo source

  19. Have you got enough space for the app to be installed? If not watch this, it works on iOS 10 also: Best Installous Alternatives – Quicker

    I am using it on my iPad Air iOS 9.0.5

  20. If you wanna AppAddict+AppCake combination in one hack then go for LinkStore or AppShape iOS 9
    They are best Free apps provider free of cost

  21. for iOS7 I highly recommend using dreamboard opposed to winterboard it offers far more options and high definition backgrounds

  22. Uninstall AppSync 7 before installing AppCake. AppCake will install AppSync 7. For some reason if AppSync 7 is already installed, AppCake doesn’t install correctly.

  23. I have just downloaded Appcake for ios 7 and it’s not working. I have a iphone 5 running ios 8.1. What alternative can I use to dwnload Free apps on ios 7 ??

  24. Davie I’m Following All Your Instructions But I’m Encountering An Error I Can’t Fix.

    After I Install AppSync 7+
    When I Try To Install AppCake It Wants To Install AppSync 5.0+ And Remove AppSync 7.0+
    I Can’t Install Just AppCake Without That Modification..

    Help Me Please !

  25. For some reason the site wont let me explain to you all how to get appcake to run on ISO 8.1 keeps deleting my posts , but i have also got a theme to work with winterboard and a new theme for ISO 7 also works with winterboard , the theme is available on CYDIA

    1. Hi Davie,

      Sorry that our spam detector has caught your link in moderation, We’re going to make you trusted and from now, you’re able to post links too.
      Thanks for helping

  26. your title states “how to get AppCake on ISO 7” , then you clearly state that you have tested this on several devices running ISO 6 ??? ISO 6 is not 7

    i have jailbroken my iPhone running ISO 8.1 its working well and i have yet to find any version of AppCake that supports ISO 7 , Any that are there to download all state when on the “confirm” screen the following packages will be installed :

    AppSync for ISO 6
    Mobile Substrate
    Substrate Safe Mode

    These are all for ISO 6 NOT 7

    This is why i will not install AppCake just yet.

    I have how ever installed “ZEUSMOS” and have been successful in downloading several apps that work fine on ISO 7.

    1. Just like to add Very sh$ty what evasion did to Mr Freeman , and for them to say he is not part of there team was well out of order , if it was not for Mr Freeman we would not have Cydia , and if it was me id 110% want Mr Freeman on my team.

      Keep up the good work guys (especially you Mr Freeman dont let them knock you down mate , as much as they dont want to admit it , they need you !!!)

        1. but it dose not run as appsync is for ISO 7.0 not ISO 8.1 , when you install it if you have already installed appsync 7.0 + then the install reports errors and places appcake and appsync 7.0 in queuing for immediate removal and the next time you install anything in cydia it will remove them both.

  27. Is there any AppCake Android version without Cydia? I wanna AppCake for Android on Samsung Galaxy S4. I have subscribed your email notification, please let me inform when it will release for android without cydia.

    1. Sure lucy, I’ll update you once it gets update for Android for your Samsung Galaxy S4, however, I would add here that there is no version for Android or Samsung Galaxy S4
      Cydia works only on iOS and neither on Android nor Samsung galaxy s4.

    1. Hey is there any version of App cake for ipad mini ios 7.0.3?? I just purchased ipad mini 2 having ios 7.0.3
      can I download appcake without jailbreak or cydia?

      1. dear colin,
        you have to wait for iOS 9.0.3 jailbreak. With evasion, jailbreak your iOS 9.0.3 and install cydia
        Appcake is a cydia application and without it, you can’t get it into your iPad mini 2

  28. Hey Michael,

    Installing apps using iFunbox is actually really simple. When you open it, you should see a dedicated button called “Install App (AppFastin)”. Simply click on that and browse for your iPA file. It should install it for you.

    I hope this will help you to install it.

  29. Hey,

    I’m trying to install ipa file from my computer cos i don’t have Wi-Fi to do it with the AppCake+ app. how do i go about this? i have iFunBox installed and i can view my iTouch file system on my pc. where do i need to drop the files for AppCake to see them on the iTouch?


  30. Hi Marie,

    Have tried download from other iDevice rather than your iPhone 4S? It looks like you are facing network issue. One more thing that I want to ask you that have you upgraded to iOS 9?, because you have mentioned about iOS 10 in your comment.

  31. I’m using an iPhone 4S with jailbreak on iOS 6.1 and most downloads that I have come across with AppCake stop downloading after awhile and pause. Then when I go to resume, it says that it does not allow resuming, and starts all over. Basically, this doesn’t download many applications for me. I don’t know if it’s a network problem because of all the new ios 6.1+ users, but I’ve tried different alternatives to try downloading Street Fighter IV and those download the whole file and install it, but once I get to the start screen, it crashes and takes me back to the home screen. It may be because a lot of apps aren’t fully Free for the new iOS 10 generation coming in. I’ve gotten Minecraft PE from AppCake (and it actually works), but everything after that isn’t downloading all the way. Very weird.

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