How to Install Cydia .Deb File Package iOS 11.1.2

Here we will cover the trick to install deb file without Cydia and Jailbreak. There are many tools that will help us to execute these package in Ubuntu or iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

Cydia .deb file is a package that can be installed with or without Cydia. There are many tools that we would cover in this article.

Most of deb files works on jailbroken Cydia iDevice, however, you can install them without the help of Cydia. If you wanna install deb package on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then iFile will do the rest of work for you. Your iDevice must have iFile installed.

Actually, iFile is just like Windows Explorer for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. But, it can be install only on Cydia enabled iDevice, so you must jailbreak your iOS in order to install deb file using iFile app. In a quick reference, you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak iOS 9.0.3.

install Cydia Deb file package

How to install Deb file

Suppose, you don’t wanna use iFile to install deb files, then there is another way available using your computer. There are many tools that can install deb files.

Cydia Deb file: First of all you will need to download deb package from official source.

1 iFunBox: This is the best deb file installer. I found it extremely useful when my Cydia started to give errors again and again. I have to install Cydia.deb file using iFunBox. I can install multiple deb packages at once. Just put all the deb packages into installation directory and press install button.

2 Moborobo: It works similar to iFunBox. Moborobo is quite new, but provides many useful functions. You can install .iPAS, .deb apps in a few minutes with easiest steps.

3 HipStore: This is the best alternative for above two deb file installer. HipStore is also known as iTunes alternative that manages iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps, file and folders in a quicky way.


Suppose, you wanna install any deb file directly on your iDevice, then iFile is the best and there isn’t any app that offers similar feature comparing to iFile. However, if you wanna go with your computer, then iFunBox will do rest of your job.

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  1. Utkarshsingh says:

    From where can I download.deb files

  2. Aero Windwalker says:

    Terribly written. For example, where is installation directory on iFunbox?

  3. Saad says:

    Who want a help send me your problems with cydia in that email ok :Zãhį

  4. Ravi Kandel says:

    how to install cydia in my IOS iOS 10 free can any one suggest me the idea and the source file link?

  5. joeyboy says:

    How to install cydia on android phone 4.1

  6. soulkiller0555 says:

    i have ipad 3 ios10.1 and evasi0n 7 dosent works!!! help any other source???

  7. TheSprti5 says:

    my ipad 2 wifi doesnt work with jailbreak… its 8.1 I restarted and recovered and restored my ipad like 4 times… no luck… help!

  8. Kiran says:

    how to install deb packages without Cydia or jailbreak?
    I have iPad Air runs on iOS 10 beta

  9. Guest says:

    Do you think that when Installer 4.0 is available, that it will be available for download through Cydia 2.0? I don’t know whether I should wait for Installer and a new Winpwn that installs it or whether I should pwn now, and then download Installer through Cydia (if that’s possible)

  10. Guest says:

    Do you know when the installer 4.0 is coming out?

  11. rubmjr says:

    how do you install Cydia on a 3g iPhone using windows vista
    is it possible you can show me step by step… would it harm my iPhone and would i be able to use everything like a normal iPhone??????? thank you

  12. obby says:

    Check this site out i follow the tutorial and it was easy I’m running Win Xp.

    Winpwn will install Cydia for you, make sure you get the newest the got links for you need there WinPwn

  13. Tom says:

    Installer and Cydia are just apps. The only thing that jailbreaking does is allow your apps to run without having to be signature checked by the kernel. It doesn’t matter which one you have installed first, you will be able to install the other without re-jailbreaking.

    “it would certainly work to their advantage” – they are not competitors. Installer had some issues, Cydia improved on those. As a developer, just because some other software came out that works better, doesn’t mean that you stop improving yours. In fact, in most cases, it drives you to improve on the improved.

    • Nic Elder says:

      I never said they were competitors, though I think that by definition they are. However I mean from a distribution standpoint creating a Cydia package is the easiest, quickest way to get the Installer app into users hands.

  14. Nic Elder says:

    If someone is not familiar w/ the process of SSH/SFTP and manually installing applications then they may have to make a new custom firmware including Installer when it comes out. This is what I meant by “it would certainly work to their advantage”. It would allow novice users to get the app easily.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Well nice I have an jailbreak iPod touch firmware 1.1.2 and i love everything I have sumpref, customize and my games… Cydia I never tried out Cydia but trust me I am going to wait until Installer 2.0/2.1 comes out I cant wait until it comes out installer is way better…

  16. Guest says:

    Moborobo is the best

  17. Robert says:

    Can I install cydia.deb package on iOS 10 without jailbreak on my iPad Air?

    • Alan says:

      iPad 5 was recently released and iOS 10 jailbreak is not ready yet so its impossible to install Cydia.deb file on iOS 10 right now. However, Evad3rs team has been working on Evasion for iOS 9.1.x and later firmware, they will release it soon

  18. Lucas says:

    I have factory unlocked iphone that doesn’t have cydia
    I read your post and somehow downloaded cydia.deb file, but don’t know how to install it

    • Brooke says:

      same thing here, having iphone factory unlocked
      I also wanna cydia, what to do?

      • Peter says:

        listen, first search for Cydia.deb file on Google search and download latest version. It works because you both have jailbroken iPhone.

        Then install it using iFunBox or any other Deb file installer. There is a paid version is available for iFile on Apple app store, so, if you don’t have computer, then purchase that app from there and install it first to get Cydia installed.

  19. lucy says:

    How to install deb file into Ubuntu? I’m quite new to Ubuntu operating system

    • Colin says:

      Do you know deb file format actually build for Ubuntu, so you don’t have to work hard to install deb into Ubuntu.
      Just double click on any deb file, a installer will be open and ask you to confirm installation.
      That’s very simple

  20. kevin says:

    I have iphone 5C ios iOS 9.1
    My cydia gives too many errors while installing new apps or exploring cydia sources. I am now bored with this version. Can anybody help me to install new version?
    please guide me

    • john says:

      You were using Cydia, it means your iPhone 4 is jailbroken, that’s good thing. Now just download Cydia.deb file package and install it using iFile or iFunBox as Edward has mentioned above.
      Yeah, you need iFile to reinstall cydia into your iPhone.

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