How to Install Cydia iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If Cydia is not working properly, you can install it manually using Cydia Installer.

Cydia one of the most popular stuff for iOS device. Most of us well aware about usage of those apps and tweaks. But, a few of our friends who don’t know how to download cydia apps and about installation, I would like to explain each and everything about it.

One of my close friend who has iPhone since last two years and still he doesn’t know about cydia. I checked his phone and I saw that his phone is jailbroken plus Cydia is already installed in his iPhone. I was surprised that how is he using his iPhone. I asked him about this and he also confirmed that he was not aware of such stuff. I asked him everything about Cydia apps and tweaks and now he is one of the active download of those free premium apps and tweaks.

Install Cydia Without Jailbreak From OpenAppMKT

There are many friends who have iPhone and don’t know how to install and use Cydia app store. In this article, I will try to explain what is cydia, how to install it and basic usage of free premium apps.

What is Cydia

We have previously discussed what Cydia installer is. It is one of the best place to download free premium apps and tweaks. Cydia allows you to customize your iPhone with custom themes, icons and a lot more which Apple doesn’t allow.

Second thing, you can download many premium apps at free of charge that are paid applications in Apple app store. So, this is the most useful thing for them who want to download premium games and apps at free of cost.

How to Download Cydia

You will need to jailbreak your iOS device whether it is iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with one of the jailbreaking tool. Cydia will automatically download and install on your iDevice. If you have unlocked iPhone or iPad, then definitely it has pre-installed cydia app store. In that case you will not need to download it additionally. However, fresh iPhone or iPad owner need to jailbreak their iOS in order to get it.

There are three top jailbreaking tools that I will be mention here. Actually, these three are the most popular Cydia installer too, so its better to download it using one of these installer. Lets check them out…

# GreenPois0n: It is the best method to install cydia on your iDevice. If you are jailbreaking your iOS first time, then I would suggest you to go for this method, because this is the easiest installer.
During jailbreaking, you just need to check the box that is labeled with “Install Cydia” – that’s it. GreenPoisOn is available for Mac OS, Windows operating system and Linux. Thus, there is no issue to use GreenPoisOn.

# RedSnOw: Perhaps you are not aware of this method. RedSnOw can also jailbreak your iDevice and install that Cydia stuff in your iPhone or iPad. Actually, RedSnOw is one of the most famous method that iOS device owners use to jailbreak their iOS.
It has also option of Cydia installation during jailbreaking process. It takes less than 5 to 10 minutes to root your iPhone. You will need to search latest version of RedSnOw from trusted website and run on your PC operating system.

EvasiOn Untether iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak

# SnOwbreeze: Another option is SnOwbreeze. For the first time when I jailbreak my iPad 2, I’d used SnOwbreeze from my Mac OS. Same like above two methods, it also contains the option of Cydia installer.
Plug your iPhone or iPad in charging and Put your iPad or iPhone in DFU mode. During installation SnOwbreeze installer will ask you to install Cydia, just select that option and keep running procedure.
Note: You should take care of a few things that are listed below…

  • Your iOS device should be fully charged.
  • Put your device in DFU mode.
  • Always download jailbreaking tool from trusted website.
  • Avoid any incomplete installation process.
  • Don’t forget to tick “Cydia Installer” option.

How to Use Cydia for the first time

After jailbreaking  your iOS, search “Cydia” in your phone and run it. A home screen will be come up. There will be four main features which I have listed bellow…

  • Section: You can browse your favorite tweak and apps from this section area. Just select respectively category or search apps using Cydia Sources.
  • Changes: Suppose, you have installed any tweaks or apps previously, this feature will notify you about the update or upgrade procedure with version details.
  • Manage: from this feature you can add or remove sources from your Cydia app store. This is the most useful feature to download any particular app or tweak using sources.
  • Search: Suppose your favorite apps or tweaks are not listed in section area or you don’t know what is the exact source for that app then you can search Cydia Tweaks using search feature.

From Editor’s Desk

This is a quick introduction of Cydia installer and basic usage. I gonna write another article on Cydia download sources for free that provide you all the links for the above methods and steps.

Till then if I have missed anything to explain, please let me know, I will try to complete this welcome article to get Cydia installer.

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  1. Terry says:

    Is there a site where I can get Cydia for my iPad Air iOS 10

  2. All I want is gamekiller says:

    I can’t download in youtube works maybe it likes being in youtube 🙁

  3. JosyFox 111 says:

    I cant download it.i see in youtube it works but when i search its the wrong want…:(

  4. Dillon Smith says:

    I already jb my iPhone with pangu and lost cydia. CAn someone tell me how to get it back. Pangu wont let me jailbreak again and I don’t want to lose the things I already downloaded

  5. Diamond Light says:

    or how do i downgrade from IOSiOS 9.1

  6. Diamond Light says:

    How do I download Cydia to an iPad3 IOSiOS 9.1

  7. ZaNin MiNo ZiCo says:

    How to download cydia on ios10.1 for iPad mini?

  8. Arsilk Soackh says:

    how to download cydia on ios10.1 iphone 4s ?

  9. Mirghani says:

    Can anyone make a video how to download cydia on IOS10.1 IPhone 4?

    • Miley says:

      do you wanna learn how to download cydia on iOS 10 without jailbreak for iPhone?
      iOS 10 cydia is not released yet

  10. Trujonez says:

    try this, I just jailbroke my ipod touch and it worked great! My only advice is after jailbreaking and adding cydia be careful about what sources you add to cydia. Some will mess up cydia completely and even caused me to remove the jailbreak and re-add it. But it takes all of 5 minutes to jailbreak it and its so simple even a caveman could do it! LOL Here is my video to jailbreak and add gameboy advance gl

  11. Alligatorbaby says:

    Does it launch but then force close or crash while loading, before it gets to the main screen that is?

  12. Nazari says:

    hay i have got iphone 4 and i have updated on ios 10 with itunes. and i have gott a problem no signal on my iphone. can anybody help please.

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    my ipod 2nd gen just wen blank screen after i tried to restore it, an app didn’t remove so i restored and now the ipod is broken. it wont start and itunes doesn’t recognize it. please help.

  14. Giovanni says:

    Have you Cydia installer for 6.1.4? I have iPhone 4S and I want to jailbreak it and install Cydia magic
    Please help

  15. Carson says:

    Lisa, I think you should wait for 10 release or wait till iOS 9.
    I heard somewhere about iOS 10 that Apple is already working on iOS 10 and if its true then I wanna see new improvements before jailbreaking my current firmware.

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    Is iOS iOS 10 Cydia available on the web? Hey Carlos, I’m curious about iOS 10 jailbreak. If you have jailbreak iOS 10 successfully, please post the steps here or review.

  17. Carlos says:

    How to install cydia on my iOS 9.1? Should I wait for iOS 10 release or jailbreak iOS 10 using iJailbreakPro that you have preferred for iOS 9?

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