LinkStore iOS 11.1.2 Allows User to Install App Store Paid Apps For Free

Once LinkStore is installed on your iOS 11.1.2 iPad Mini or iPad Air, you can install app store paid apps for free in form of Free application. It can be used for iPhone and iPod Touch too, but, AppSync iOS 9 is required.

After InstallOus, LinkStore is the first and the best iPA installer that allows user to find the Free version for the particular paid app and installs directly from app store.

Many jailbreak users always complain that they can’t find any particular Free version. As there are many websites that offer paid apps and games for free, however, it is really difficult to find out the best working app for iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone.

See other in-app purchase cracker like iAP Patcher iOS 9 and iAPFree that do not crack any paid app, but they bypass purchase page and allows you to install any particular app or game. Unlike that iOS 11.1.2 LinkStore finds the Free version available on the net and give you direct link for that game or app without leaving AppStore. Its similar to AppShape iOS 9. It also searches the Free version and allows you to install it, but the benefit is AppShape is without ads and LinkStore iOS 11.1.2 is full of advertisements.

Link Store is a jailbreak app that can be installed only on jailbroken iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and all other older iDevices that has been on iOS 11.1.2 jailbroken firmware. Additionally, like other Cydia apps, it also requires Cydia core plugin. Its App Sync.

All these things you will find on one Cydia repo and that’s famous Hack Your iPhone repo source. To add LinkStore repo source, open your Cydia application and tap on Manage and then Sources. Now, tap on Edit and Add that’s a common steps to add any repository to Cydia Sources.


Once you have added LinkStore repository, back return to Cydia and Search core plugin “AppSync” and install it. After App Sync, install “LinkStore” too.

Usage Tips

Link Store is too easy in usage. Just after installation all the things, open AppStore and look for any paid app. Open any paid application purchase page where Link Store button will be appear under app name. Tap on it and it will search for the Free version.

Once the Free version is ready, install it. Avoid any advertisements during installation.


iAP Patcher iOS 9 and LocaliAPStore are better in-app purchase cracker. The large number of users have reported that they work just fine with many of the games and apps including Clash of Clans and Hay Day, the popular AppStore games.

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  1. Alan Aurmont says:

    I heard a lot of things about LinkStore, and installed two apps from AppStore successfully. But, after instilling those full version paid apps for free, it’s not opening.Now, I’m getting screwed that how to fix those app/
    Is there any profile settings to use this app or has some special configuration? Help

    • Bryan says:

      You heard everything right about LinkStore, but the most frustrating thing is iOS 10. Yeah, it’s have been released and LinkStore iOS 10 is not available. Now, tell me how would you deal with this thing? You can even install LinkStore iOS 10 then you won’t able to download any app using that installer or free button at all.

  2. LinkStore is located under purchase link on Apple app store, so that you can easily catch the button to download paid tweak for free. You just need jailbreak iOS 10 in order to install Link Store otherwise it won’t work.

  3. Arpit says:

    I can’t find the link store icon on my real AppStore

  4. mariocampie17 says:

    Is there any iAP tweaks that work with Clash Of Clans because as far as I know both iAP Patcher and LocaliAPStore do not work with Clash Of Clans. If there is one that works for Clash Of Clans please tell me and where to get it thanks.

  5. ansaik says:

    my app shape icon did not show in app store for download paid apps for free..plzzz help me

  6. Ed says:

    I can’t update the apps after that or what ???

  7. Prabesh says:

    Is It legal

  8. guest says:

    for ios 8 get the ios 8 version and for ios 7 get the normal version

  9. Misu says:

    Unable do download app

  10. lalicom says:

    good in ipad 4ta generations, ios8.4

  11. That says:

    Wont show up in my search

  12. Arjun Singh says:

    Please update it for ios8

  13. rene says:

    Not ready for ios 8.1 .Can’t wait to have it back.

  14. BadAttitude says:

    How do you update the apps

  15. Rishat Zakirov says:

    Не пашет нихуя ваш твик на 8.1

  16. Jai Cook says:

    For the ppl that cannot download regular free apps from the appstore, just reset your network settings (General > Reset > Reset Network Settings) Problem solved 🙂

    You just have to reconnect to wifi if you want it.

  17. Guest says:

    Not working on IOS 8.1

  18. Serafina Peccala says:

    I don’t have the button ‘linkstore’ on any apps. I Have an iphone 5c

  19. Tulipicus says:

    I cant download free apps from the appstore anymore

  20. Lenna says:

    Link Store I’m on the same boat as Lanc3r, it was working fine for a couple of days but now everytime i try to click linkstore, it’ll lead to a blank white page with the words, “{“content”:”document.writeln(“, any help please?!?!

  21. Lanc3r says:

    I’ll be on linkstore click on it then a white screen with content document write in and I don’t know how do fix it I’ve disabled all my ad blockers please help LinkStore

  22. raigne says:

    Link Store A little off topic but when will link-tumes be fixed for ios iOS 9.1! LinkStore

  23. Gizzmo says:

    Ya it works at keast it Works for me lol Link Store

  24. mourabi6 says:

    doesn’t worlk on my ios iOS 9.1..

  25. chady says:

    not work on ios iOS 10 LinkStore

  26. Crack jokers says:

    Not work on iOS iOS 10

  27. Scissor says:

    does it work on iPad air or iPad mini?

  28. Helper says:

    link store is the best jailbreak tweak to get Free appa LinkStore

  29. Smjpo Knfyl says:

    use my link featu. re/8x7gz2 to get iTunes, Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash

  30. TeenX says:

    Tweetbot ( a paid app ) I downloaded won’t work , nor finish downloading. Please help ? 🙁

  31. Houston says:

    I tried downloading a app and doesn’t work so same here I installed app sync thinking it would work but u were right LinkStore

  32. Dallin says:

    ALWAYS read the instructions first bro. if you have certain tweaks installed it will put you in safe mode

  33. Marcel says:

    The truth is that I can tell, I’ve tried it on two 4s and two 5, may be not updated to do a 5s anyway say they’ll be out a update soon, I imagine it will solve compatibilities LinkStore

  34. Ellis says:

    why when I download a program it says failed to load as you have, but I click again and so on and on!

  35. Rudy says:

    I want to ask. I Ipad mini 2 Wi-fi, and it would be that it was possible, well short use where there is no wi-fi, for example, in school. There 3g modem and Camera Connection Kit. Can I use Ceyla do 3a on my ipad mini 2? Thanks in advance.

  36. Tyree says:

    help icon appears when downloading the game you are asked to press again and ready I click again, and so infinitely eventually delete tired

  37. Luis Seth says:

    have you updated it

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