Download MovieBox++ on iPhone Without Jailbreak

MovieBox++, a most wanted app for iPhone is now available for iOS…

We all are aware of the popular movie player that serves latest movie for free, but many users feel difficult to install the most recent MoveBox ++ version on their iPhone without jailbreak.

MoveBox iPA file can be installed without jailbreak using some tricks that can be applied on iPhone. You have to download iPA file of this app on your iPhone to run and install.

Please remember that MovieBox++ is not a original version, but its modified version of the original version that act just like original app. Most probably, you’d love Movie Box Plus too if you love the original version. This version comes with ++ at the end of the title that says more features.

To be true, I installed MovieBox++ iOS 10.3.1 on my iPhone that was cool experience and I thought to share it with all of you. If you’ve any query about the process of installing it on your iPhone running iOS 10.3.1, please comment below and I’d be there for you to help you. Plus, you can try it on iOS 10.3.2 the same way.

  1. I hope you’re on iOS 10.3.1 or any latest version to run this iPhone app. Plus, you’d need to download MovieBox++ iOS app that can be downloaded from here. This link would allow you to download iPA file of Movie Box app.
  2. Now if you’ve downloaded iPA file of MovieBox, you are thinking to install it on your iPhone. Here you’ve two options. But, it depends on your computer. If you’re running MacOS computer, you can use either Xcode or Cydia Impactor while Windows computer can use Cydia Impactor because they don’t have option to run Xcode that is MacOS app.
  3. If you choose Cydia Impactor, just drag and drop the MovieBox++ iPA file on to Cydia impactor after launching it. The system would ask you app specific password and after giving it, app would be installed.
  4. Now even after successfully installation, you won’t launch the app. Its because you must make it trusted that can be done using Settings app. So, open Settings app and head to Device Management section. or Settings > General > Device Management.
  5. Here you’d see the MovieBox++ developer profile. Trust that profile and exit the settings app.


Now you can run Movie Box++ without any crashing or not working issue. Without making the profile trusted you would face MovieBox not working issues. So, before doing anything, head to setting app and make it trusted.

If still there are some issues related to the app, you can comment below and I’d help you…

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