Winterboard Not Working? Fix it and Install Best 10 Themes for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Winterboard  and Dreamboard has been updated for iOS 11.1.2 compatible iOS Devices. Now, its possible to install themes on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch…

Since iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak was released, custom themes were not supported, because Winterboard was not updated for iOS 9.1. Actually, PanGu jailbreak team, had released iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak overnight suddenly. Saurik, the creator of Cydia and Winterboard, had no clue or option rather than updating Cydia substrate and Winterboard for iOS 9.1.

And, finally Winterboard has been released for all iOS 11.1.2 compatible iDevices. The good news for 64-bit iDevices owner such as iPhone and iPad Air, iPad Mini, because, they can also now install a variety of Cydia Themes using Winterboard. Additionally, it fully supports Summerboard Themes too.

Update Winterboard Right Now

Make sure that you have updated mobile substrate to Cydia Substrate with the latest fix. Follow the steps to install Winterboard update…

  • Jailbreak your iOS 11.1.2 iDevice using PanGu iOS 9.1
  • Update your mobile substrate with Cydia Substrate (Did you upgrade to latest Cydia?)
  • Open Cydia and tap on Search
  • Type “Winterboard” and Go
  • Tap on Install button. Done


Winterboard has a wide range of Cydia themes and now it supports Summerboard themes too without any modification. I would recommend you to check the Best Winterboard Themes for iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone and iPod Touch.

If you’re still not able to install theme installer or getting annoying errors, let us know, we’ll try to report it for fix or try Dreamboard themes…

Update (Dec, 2015): Winterboard not working, you can use Weatherboard themes to make replacement until there is no solution for this theme installer.

The 100 Best Cydia Themes - Winterboard iOS 8.1, Dreamboard Jailbreak Included     , , ,

  1. Jaydy says:

    Hello, what the hell I see all these comments about winter board not working and I am having same issue along eith all of cydia apps to I have iPhone 6plus I have tried tin reach out and Facebook snd email no response, no help , no reply wtf is goin on here?

  2. Tom Williams says:

    Thanks for the update, I was searching for this update since iOS 9.2 released, Please make it updated for upcoming jailbreak

  3. Mikey says:

    I just jail broke my iPhone 6 and winter board isn’t working for me :/

  4. David says:

    I have iPhone 6 updated all jailbreak and trying to set theme and doesn’t work winter board is in the setting screen and still doesn’t work

  5. Alyssa says:

    I have an IPhone 5C. Jailbroken with 9. I reinstalled Winterboard and the theme I picked hasn’t shown up. I resprung it and it stays the same. Please help!

  6. Bola Samy says:

    so i just jailbroken my iphone 6 9, i keep trying to install themes on winterboard, it reboots the phone but nothing changes, also i need to get the MMS to work but i don’t know how, any help ? i was on Verizon and now on H2O

    • Carter says:

      Make sure to stay away at every new jailbreak release from Winterboard because it doesn’t support old substract and once it has been updated, install new update

  7. Peter says:

    just updated cydia winterboard’s in setting all good

  8. Daniel says:

    I have a iPhone 6, running on 10, and just jailbroke it.. When i install Winterboard, i can’t find it anymore..any help? 🙂

  9. Harry Gim says:

    If i install winterboard it locks my simcard and i cant unlock it until i deinstall all the tweaks and reinstall them again

  10. Santis says:

    I did it two times and after that it dosen’t show up. What can I do?

  11. Le says:

    i have a problem my cydia said can’t locate package what should i do now ?

  12. HALP says:

    Winterboard dont work for me neither does dreambaord (it doesnt show up)

  13. Ashel says:

    please post version of app? Is dreamboard latest 1.1.4?

  14. Ashel says:

    please add version number of apps when you post op? is latest version 1.1.4?

  15. Thain says:

    I have the new ipod 5 with taig ios 10 and when I install winterboard it doesn’t show up on my home screen

  16. Durden says:

    I have a iphone 6 jailbroken with tai g ios 10 Winterboard does not appear on the springboard. In settings it does appear, checked themes after respring are not working. Does Winterboard need an update for ios 10 ?

  17. Lucky says:

    I have installed Winterboard on ios 10 and installed theme Ace n Ios 8. Icons in home screen are not being updated even after respringing. Any1 facing similar issue

  18. Luckey Jones says:

    I have an iPad 2 on iOS 9. Installed winterboard, but it doesn’t show up on my homepage or settings, neither does Zeppelin. My cydia is up to date, (cydia 1.1.16) but after my jailbreak (TaiG 1.2.0) cydia didn’t do an essential update. Anyone have a fix? Also pandora downloader isn’t working. Please HELP!!!

  19. Luce says:

    I just jailbroke my phone using Pangu and I can’t find winterboard in cydia. It doesn’t show up at all in cydia when I search it.

  20. kditty says:

    omg does anyone else keep getting crazy pop up forwarding adds in cydia?

  21. Tran says:

    i have a 5c ios8.1 and it doesnt say anything about ios 8 on the cydia page. also when i downloaded it my touchscreen and buttons wouldn’t work. Any help? or is this wrong?

  22. meemo says:

    why cant i install winterboard

  23. Queenlex says:

    I have a iPhone 5c and my themes aren’t showing up

  24. Bailey says:

    How can I get DreamBoard and WinterBoard to work on my iPhone 4 running iOS 9.1?

  25. Sam says:

    Hi, I jailbroke my phone last night and WinterBoard won’t work. I’ve tried downloading themes and restarting my phone but there are no changes. I have an iPhone 4 iOS 9.1. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  26. turds22 says:

    Hi, i have a square and circle theme i use. Every time i close and app it shows the default apple app icon then goes back to my theme this is really bugging me how do i fix it? Im on ios iOS 10 jailbroken with pangu

  27. jay says:

    i have jailbreak from pangu is it compatible for winterboard with ios iOS 9.1?

  28. Smjpo Knfyl says:

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  29. Smjpo Knfyl says:


  30. carl says:

    Can i remove Winterboard themes from my iPhone that i had installed before?

    • Fidel says:

      To remove a theme you should be able to just make sure it is unselected in winterboard, and then remove the package from Cydia (manage, -> packages -> select the theme you installed from the list -> click modify at the top -> remove)

  31. Billy says:

    How i can made my own Winterboard Theme?

    • Augustus Layton says:

      Did you download any themes from Cydia? You may have a corrupt installation of WinterBoard as well… go into Cydia, goto Manage at the bottom, Packages, find WinterBoard in the list, click Modify on the top right, Reinstall. Then restart the phone again (after it completes)

  32. Marcus says:

    I have found a few nice themes. Personally I’m a fan of iGlassSol found in Cydia

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