Download iOS 11.1.2 Wallpaper For Free Compatible for iPhone X

Finally, a most advanced and brand new iOS 11.1.2 firmware is released for iPhone and all other Apple devices that run on iOS platform. Today, I would give you option to download iOS 11.1.2 wallpapers.

iOS 11.1.2 has some beautiful wallpapers. Thus some users try to download iOS 11.1.2 just to install those wallpaper on their devices. As iOS 11.1.2 is beta firmware currently, so if you’re looking only for installing iOS 11.1.2 wallpapers, you can do it without installing whole firmware on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 11.1.2 is announced by Apple and many new features and theme changes have been demonstrated on YouTube by various YouTube users. Developers have got the firmware chance to hands on iOS 11.1.2 on their compatible iPhone and iPad devices.

Before installing whole iOS 11.1.2 firmware on your iPhone, please consider watching at least one demonstration on YouTube. And if iOS 11.1.2 wallpaper is one of that reason that’s why you’re hoping to install iOS 11.1, then you can download that wallpaper from here.

According to Apple, around 100 new features and performance issues have been addressed in iOS 11.1. A new iOS 11.1.2 wallpaper is also added to this new firmware to make it unique.

Users looking for iOS 11.1.2 new wallpaper can head to below paragraph where they can just tap on the wallpaper and save it. Once it has been saved to your gallery, you can go to settings and then Wallpapers option. There you can choose iOS 11.1.2 wallpaper to apply.

New iOS 11 Wallpapers

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on iOS 11.1.2 features, wallpaper and all those things that you like or don’t like in this new firmware. I’d keep posting new things on iOS 11.1.2 after your tips, suggestions and guidances.

Updated Wallpapers

iOS 11.1.2 Beta 1 Wallpaper: This is the old basic wallpaper that you are using with iOS 11 initial version. iOS 11.1.2 doesn’t have any new wallpaper according to new update.

iOS 11.1.2 Beta 2 Wallpaper: Thanks to Apple. The new wallpaper has been seen in this update.

If you want any other new wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad, please comment below and leave your request…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want some more wallpapers from this firmware, please upload soon

  2. Peter says:

    How to Download iOS 11 wallpaper? Should I use Mac Computer to download this?

  3. Adams says:

    I was hoping blackish iOS 11 wallpaper, however this one is also very sexy. Can you share some new features and design change in iOS 11. It would be great if you post a YouTube video on this firmware demonstration new features and all new things from this firmware.

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