iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Update

Every iOS 11.1.2 user is looking jailbreak utility for release closely. The good news is, most of the jailbreak developer teams are active to find exploit jailbreaking iOS 9.0.3.

Recently a presentation is held by P0sixninja, ex Chronic dev team leader. During presentation, he discussed different possibilities to jailbreak iOS 9.0.3. It seems like, GreenpoisOn team is also working hard just like Evad3rs.

Evad3rs team got partial success in the process of jailbreaking 7.0.x series, however, they didn’t mentioned exact date when they are going to release it. As per their tweets, it looks like, they are testing EvasiOn jailbreak on different iDevices to test the final utility.

Recent tweets about iOS 9.0.3 jailbreak

MuscleNerd, a member of Evad3rs team, has tweeted that iOS 9.0.3 lock screen fixes won’t impact iOS 11.1.2 JB. And added in the next tweet that if you have already upgraded your JB to 7.x, then you can go ahead with 7.0.3.

We have close eye on next possible iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak update, keep stay with us…

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  1. tyler says:

    began 7.0.3 update and now iPhone 4 is blue screen (an image of the USB cord and an arrow pointing to an iTunes symbol), connected to iTunes which is prompting to restore and therefore loose all content and reset to factory settings
    I hate these updates…

    • carlos says:

      I have an iPhone 4S factory unlock, recently update to 7.0.3. Phone is on a no service mode. I have tried restoring in restore mode, DFU and nothing seems to help getting the carrier on the upper left corner (it is reading the SIM card correctly in setting>general>about> show the following (network nothing, carrier show what ever the SIM card is from (e.g. T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Telcel Mexico). New firmware does not allow me to make calls, SMS, MMS or search the web. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  2. patrick says:

    I thought I read somewhere that when the new iPads came out, there was going to be a iOS 9.1? Hopefully there will be a iOS 10 with a compatible jailbreak. Can’t wait to jailbreak my phone and get some customization going.
    For those that say that there is no need for jailbreak with iOS 10, way off base. There will always be a need for jailbreak. Thanks jailbreak dev’s for your work.

    • power iuser says:

      This is a great new addition that I didn’t know about. I like the burst mode, but I have noticed I forget to delete them after selecting favorites. I’m still on 7.0 on my 5S… even though MuscleNerd said 7.0.3 is “safe” – it still makes me nervous cause the 5S has the new A7 with 64-bit; sometimes they come out with the jailbreaks on the older chips first, leaving the newest devices without a JB, especially if you’ve updated. Do we know for sure or have any proof the dev team have vulnerabilities for a JB on 7.0.3? Has any other potential “jailbreakers” updated to 7.0.3?
      What’s your take on updating?

  3. ryan says:

    So, did I understand it right? I don’t have a jailbroken phone (iPhone 5) and I’m on ios 7.0.3. I can jailbreak it to10.1.x and once the new jailbreak is out I can jailbreak it without problems?! If yes, I will update my phone and wait patiently for the jailbreak. (I hope that will happen soon! Go team!)

  4. Logan says:

    So it’s ok to update to the latest ios 7.03? I want to jailbreak when it’s available and don’t want to screw it up by doing the update….
    Thanks for the update

    • Cole says:

      Hello guys, i’m new iphone 5C Use, i’ve upgraded to 7.0.3… Can i still JB? Use Cydia on iOS 9.0.3? How? or I will have to wait till iOS 10 Jailbreak

      • derek says:

        There is only one thing that lets me confused: evad3rs are working on a JB but don’t want to release it because they need to check if it’s compatible with newer updates………..but what the sense of this? They are actually working on a 7.0.x JB but don’t want to disclose before10.1: what will happen then if once ios10.1 will be released and discover that the vulnerabilities of previous versions have been patched?All the work done till now would it be trashed? Or would they release it anyway for previous versions (so why not do it right now instead of waiting?)?Or if not compatible, would they then wait for 7.2 (consequently we will wait forever)?
        Personally I would prefer to have a JB now and not care of future updates….till a new JB comes out compatible with updates.All this said, forever thankful for the time the team dedicates for the JB.

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