Top 50+ Best iOS 10.2 Compatibe Cydia Tweaks, Apps, Themes for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air, Mini

EvasiOn 7 has been released and more and more Cydia users jailbreaking their iPhone 5S/5C, iPod Touch, iPad Air, Mini. Here is the full compatibility list of apps, tweaks, themes, games and everything that can be installed and download on your jailbreak 8.1 iDevice.

Finally, a long waited evasiOn 7 has been released yesterday for iOS 10.2 and all former firmwares. We were covering all news and updates related to iOS 10.2 Jailbreak tool, tweaks, apps and themes.

During the development and in the last time of release, the developers were already aware that most of Cydia tweaks, apps and themes won’t work on iOS 10.2 properly. Actually, its not because of evasiOn 7, but the developers wanted to get much more time to improve the compatibility jailbreak apps, tweaks and theme installer such as Winterboard and Dreamboard.

EvasiOn 7 is fully compatible to jailbreak iOS 10.2 and all firmware iOS versions which are installed on iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iPod Touch 5G and much more (Full compatible iDevices are listed below). But, there are a lot of Cydia tweaks and apps are not compatible with evasiOn jailbreak 7.

The panic is, should we jailbreak iOS 9.1? Yes, of course. But, if you can wait for sometimes without actually upgrade your iDevice to further new firmwares such as iOS 9, then surely you can be on waiting with iOS 10.2 without jailbreak and once the developers update their tweaks, apps and themes for 8.1, you can jailbreak.

Still, there are a lot of tweaks and apps are compatible for iOS 10.2 and can be installed without an issue. But, before you proceed, I would recommend to read full compatibility list of jailbreak tweaks here.

Most Compatible iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Apps and Tweak list

  • Poof
  • Repsring
  • MyWi
  • 3G Unrestrictor 5
  • GridLock
  • Deck
  • Icon Renamer
  • F.lux
  • Software Update Killer
  • SwipeSelection
  • TimeForAlarm
  • Signal Booster
  • Plugication
  • NoStoreButton
  • ShakeToUndo Killer
  • MiniPlayer
  • KillBackground
  • FireWall iP
  • WelcomeMe
  • BadgeClearer
  • Accelerate
  • AirPlayServer
  • Signal 2
  • StatusHUD
  • PandoraSkips
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • Burst Mode
  • SwitchSpring
  • Cylay

Below are the jailbreak apps that can be installed on iPhone 5S/C, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch with EvasiOn 7. However, these tweaks are under development and not working properly. A lot of users have reported here too about the issues. So, avoid below Cydia tweaks for compatibility issues at this stage.

  • iFile: Many users have reported that it can be installed with evasiOn 8.1, but it shows registration fail
  • Activator: As it works many times, but shows frequent error messages. (Update:Β iOS 10.2 Activator has been released and works perfectly OK.)
  • Winterboard: Saurik, the creator of Cydia, already working on Winterboard that allows jailbreak users to install themes. But, here on iOS 10.2 jailbreak, it doesn’t let you allow to install themes. It can be installed, but its unable to install themes. It will be fixed soon.
  • Dreamboard: Quite similar compatibility issues like Winterboard. Its better to avoid Winterboard and Dreamboard at this stage.
  • Abstergo: It also installs, but does nothing.
  • Bytafont7: This is the Cydia tweak that you should be focus on. Many users have reported that Bytafont7 works great on their iDevice, but with errors.
  • SBSettings: It works, but jailbreak user must install few component manually.
  • PKGBackup: It installs successfully, but shows error when we open it. Can’t recommend.

A few Cydia apps have been removed from above list because of compatibility issues. Those tweaks and apps were not working equally normal on iPhone 5S/C, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini etc. But, we personally have been testing a lot of apps, tweaks and themes that can be installed on your jailbreak iDevice with EvasiOn 7 compatible and would update here at Cydia Sources.


There are a lot of apps, tweaks, apps that are under testing. We will publish new tweaks and apps that would be update for iOS 10.2 compatible. We recommend you to avoid a few tweaks that are not working properly and keep connected with us via comments feed, Twitter, Facebook and Emails.

We will update this iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweak list time to time. Till then, report the apps that are not working or works…


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  1. Been trying for a while but sadly Gameplayer does not work on iPad 2 Wifi. I heard that some people have it working of other devices but I cannot seem to get it to work on iPad 2. I if anyone gets it working please post I would love to get that working.

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  3. Below apps are compatible for iPhone 5S-5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPod Touch 5th Generation and iPad 4

    3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 10 & 6)




    Assistant Unrestrictor

    Background Manager




    Burst mode

    Call on GV Pro

    CallerID Greece




    Chinese Calendar for Notification Center



    Core Utilities



    Disable Parallax Effect


    Erica Utilities










    IB Graphics Selector


    iCaughtU Pro

    Icon Renamer

    Icon Tool








    Menu Button Emulator




    Navigate From Maps







    Open In App For Photos





    PhotosEnhancer Pro 2

    PowerDown Enhancer



    Record β€˜n’ Torch

    Remove Badges



    Still Capture Enabler 2








    UIKit Tools

    Unrestricted Folders Naming


    Video Zoom Mod



    Volume Amplifier


    1. Go to Cydia and search for Mobile Substrate and the Mobile substrate iOS 10 fix and install both this will fix the settings problem.

  4. Lyricalizer doesn’t work, it shows compatibility issues
    is there any other new iOS 10 tweak that does the same thing
    happy new year 2015

  5. I’ve installed a few tweaks (they install fine) but none of them work.. There is no change on my device. Also, when a tweak is installed, is it supposed to still show up in settings like iOS did? Idk, did I mess up my jailbreak? I guess only time will tell

  6. So far I’ve installed Pandora Downloader from xsellize and iFile. Also Gameplayer and in-appstore. They all seem fine running on my iPhone 4S.

  7. The icon is like that because it’s Cydia 6 for ios7 . They didn’t port Cydia 7 for ios 7 that’s why nobody can get things to work.
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  8. Your an idiot. I miss my personal
    Hotspot, free music, free apps, free ringtones, free everything! I miss my bitesms, fakeclockup, pandora one free, and soooo much more

  9. pretty cool, but could really mess up your device. Also, I’d have to question why. iOS 10 adds most of what people used to jailbreak for.

  10. Jailbreak went great, all tweaks were working great, and then I powered up this morning and none of the cydia apps are working. Not sure why.

  11. You have to reinstall MobileSubstrate and Preference Loader every time you install a tweak or reboot, and after that you can install Bootstrap to fix

  12. Well guys i deleted mobile substrate which removed all tweaks depending on it with it then i reinstalled it and installed all of them one by one and i can see them in the settings app now

  13. none of the apps working on my iphone 5s.grid lock,activator,five icon dock…none of them….are u facing the same problem or is it only me….thanks in advance..

  14. None of it works, the jailbreak does but i only have Movie Box, i love it but i want everything else. How long will it take for it to all work as i cant find anything for it i especially need activator

  15. Open ssh it installs but it’s working with cyberduck. I tried with iExporer an i saw the ios 7 directory is too different than ios 6 directory. It doesn’t show me “var” or “bin”.

  16. You said the jailbreak doesn’t work on newer devices does that mean it will work on my iPhone 4? Will I have problems if I download the JB as well??

  17. This is exactly why I am still on the iOS 6 jailbreak. There is nothing super spectacular about iOS 10 that I needed to update. Everything on my iPhone 5 now works perfectly. Why change it. The most important tweak for me is MyWi and it still is doing what I need it to do. Until this Taig crap is all figured out and the coast is completely cleared, iOS 6 works for me.

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