Download WhatsApp iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

Evad3rs team has pushed an update to evasi0n 7.1. Now you can jailbroke and install WhatsApp and WhatsPad iOS 9 compatible app for iPad Air, Mini Retina Display…

The developers of WhatsApp have update it for iOS 9 and further new firmwares. It can be functional, if you have upgraded to iOS 9.0.2 or newer firmwares. Its not compatible for iPad Mini, Air and iPod Touch, however, you can still install it by iPad tweaks.

The good thing is, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPad Mini, Air or iPod Touch to install WhatsApp messenger in your iDevice. You just need to follow some simple steps.

What do you need and How to install

WhatsApp iPad Mini, Air Retina Display

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1 iPad or iPod users should have iFunBox, iTools or TinyUmbrella. If you have iFile, then it also works just like iTools or iFunbox.

2 Once you have iOS 9 file managers, you need WhatsApp iPA file package to install on iPad Air, Mini or iPod Touch in proper directory in your MAC OS or Windows PC.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

3 There you go! Now open iFunBox, iTools 2015 or TinyUmbrella and install WhatsApp on iPad Air, Mini 2 retina display or iPod Touch.


Suppose, you get any error or difficulty, you are welcome to ask anything related to installation via comments.

Did you tried WhatsPad? Its a good alternative Cydia tweak, but that requires jailbreak. Think about it.

  • kamran sheikh

    i have ipad mini ios 9.2 please tell me how i get jailbreak

  • Peter

    Whats app is crashing on ipad air ios 9.0.2 i have jailbroken and whatspad is installed

    • Avived Maheshwari

      Mine is working properly on ipad mini 2 ios 9.0.2.

  • Mohammed Ubaiduddin

    First U have to jailbreak. Then from search install whatspad. Then download whatsapp ipa file. Open syncios app in pc, Just install whatsapp from the ipa file, then its done.

  • Raushan Tara Jaswal

    How to get the Whatsapp file???

  • Talha Qureshi

    will it work on ios 9??????

    • Ben Parker

      Do you have iOS 9 jailbreak?

    • Ben Parker

      It should work with other tweaks

  • Talha Qureshi

    will it work on ios 9

  • Kumar Mouli

    WhatsApp app is Support or Not for Ipad Mini 1 Gen(8.4) If support please send me Procedure Details

  • jitesh

    it doesn’t support ipad…. i think i need whatspad but its not yet available for ios8.4 jailbreak….

    • answerguy

      try uninstall full force or similar, it worked for me for some reason

  • Herna Heryani Binti Othman

    Doesn’t works on ipad mini iosiOS 9.1 help….

  • bhavani

    i have installed whatsapp using funbox in my ipad… but say a error that u cant use whatsapp…what can i do it for that??

  • Adil

    i tried to install the latest version of whatsapp on my ipad air, it installed successfully but when i open the app it asks for apple id and when i enter it, the screen goes black and then after few seconds the app closes i.e. im back on homescreen, i have also installed the whatspad but still the same problem, im running ios 8.1 jb,

  • linda

    Hi there I have tried to download Whatsapp to my ipad 4 retina display and it just says not compatible with this ipad, can you help?

  • Ayesha Majid

    It’s asking for my user I’d and password and even then it’s not connecting…after giving in the details

    • Fk

      Restore your phone…….

  • dakkiller

    And for non jailbroken devices u need to uninstall whatsapp from an iphone then install it again and put ur number then or take the all the folders from whatsapp using ifunbox and send them to the ipad or ipod

  • dakkiller

    For Jaibroken devices u can install whatspad from cydia

  • Am

    Is this step required a jailbreak of an ipad? Im using an ipad mini retina ios7

  • miky

    I don’t know why you guys getting device unsupported error as its working fine in my iPad Air smoothly

  • Appy

    I was trying to look for a way to get whatsApp working on my ipad mini.

    so what i did is I took an iphone, activated it with a number, copied
    the 2 required folders from the whatsapp app using ifunbox and put it on
    my desktop.

    then i connected my ipad, installed whatsApp via a copy of whatsApp I
    bought from iTunes, i installed whatsAPp on the ipad using ifunbox, then
    copied the 2 folders that I got from the whatsAPp on my activated
    iPhone into my ipad mini’s whatsapp directory

    i then disconnected and I tried to open whatsAPp, it always asks for my apple id password, i put it in then it just crashs/moves to a blank screen

    can somebody offer me advice and help please?

    • Helper

      Did you have tried Whatspad?

    • darkkiller

      srry same

  • raj

    i want to install two whatsapp in my iphone4 jailbrokan, plz tell me it is possible or not,

  • Curtis

    “sorry, your device is cu…supported” whatsapp error

  • fabrix

    It says “Sorry, your device is currently not supported.” on my jailbroken iPod Touch 5G

    • naveed

      add cydia source….and install whatspad

  • oscar

    finally it works on iPad mini iOS 9.1

    • Mrobo666

      How did you get it to work mine constantly says error this device no matter what I try tried ifunbox everything really downloaded whatpad fro cydia still nothing just won’t work its a ipad mini retina jailbroken

  • michael belle

    it will ask for verification, after that you won’t able to open whatsapp ..

  • antonio

    here its says sorry , your device is currently not supported .
    plz help me too

  • Peter

    Its working on iPod Touch 5th Generation
    keep it up

  • Puja

    Works on iPad Mini

  • namero

    worked like a charm…many thanks to you.

    • Ravi

      Can u plz give me the supporting files of ifunbox that I need to paste it to my ipad, I’m not having an iPhone and I want to give whatsapp on my girlfriends ipad… Plz help me my no is 9739898344

  • iPad Air Guru

    what happens when u sync it with itunes?

  • Ian

    Works like a charm on ipad ios7, thanks a lot!

  • devin

    not working for me :( it says whatsapp doesnt work on my device :(

  • jayden

    I think I may have done something wrong… I got it working on the itouch but it has all my friend’s contacts on it… Is there any way to delete those contacts so I can just have my own?

  • Guest

    Will my friend be able to get back her chat history and contacts on whatsapp afterwards if I borrow her phone to do this?

  • Mukul

    yes! yes! yes! it only works when we copy folders and its working on my iPod Touch 5G

    • elolga

      can you tell me what did you did? I downloaded the whatspad and then when I try to download whatsapp it says “Sorry, your device is currently not supported”

  • Guest

    It won’t work on my iPad 2 3G. I’ve installed the app and then opened it. But it says something like “Sorry, your device is not supported”. Where I’m wrong?

  • vincent

    Device currently not supported.
    A question. I saw that you replaced 2 directories / folders. I conclude that there are changes in the files contained in those folders. I would like to know which files and what changes are made. I tried to get WhatsApp working on my Ipad by usinge a configuration program on Windows, dug into the xms file, noticed a number of values, entered values for IMEI and phone number. These appeared in the program.
    So, it should be possible to make the necessary changes by hand if one knows what and in which files.
    Could you help us?
    I am willing to look into the matter, if I knew where to make the changes.

  • appdora

    WhatsApp is quite different from other IM apps. Unlike Skype or Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp links to your phone number. So I don’t see any reason to have the online status indicator at all. You can already change your status to anything you like (such as busy or at work), which is more meaningful for an iMessage-like messenger.

  • Guest

    iPad support? I’d like to get my Whatsapp messages on my iPad, like I get them on my iPhone. Wonder if it’s because apple won’t make the right API available?

  • tucown

    I wanna new things in WhatsApp iPad Air series…
    The new interface looks perfectly fit in with iOS7. I just hope it supports built-in notification sounds or provides more sounds, so that I may have the chance to choose a specific sound for incoming messages.

  • john carl

    I hope they’ll get an ios7 keyboard, above all.
    If they could make it to integrate with SIRI, that would be great!

  • kyle mark

    When does whatsapp ios 7.1 update come out

  • keuil

    Late but still highly appreciated. The new interface and icon are designed well and the broadcast message feature is awesome. New iOS7 compatible notification sounds are cool too.

  • apple guy

    Does anyone else get constant spam saying you have x amount of new messages from the whatsapp? I don’t even have an account and I am bombarded with the spamfishing attacks.

  • Guest

    My understanding is that a broadcast similar to using the bcc (blind carbon copy) in an e-mail (i.e., recipients of the message can’t see who else you sent to) and group you can see who all of the recipients are.

  • guliver

    I’m not sure what everyone is hating about. The “re-skin” to the ios7 style looks great. The app didn’t need a complete redesign, it’s already simple and easy to use. No need to fix something that isn’t broke.

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