Apple Might Release iOS 10.2 beta 4 In Next Couple of Days

Apple may release iOS 10.2 anytime within next couple of days with minor bug fixes. Now the hope is on Evad3rs to jailbreak 8.1…

Each time before new iOS release, Apple tests it on iDevices for bugs and improvements. These test logs are recorded in various analytic reports. We can predict new release based on such traffic logs. Recently, has recorded such data on their traffic logs that show a significant sign that Apple devices are running iOS 9.1.

iOS 10.2 Release Date

We have previously reported that next firmware will be iOS 10.2, however, this is completely different signs. Actually as per traffic data, which has recorded, it seems like Apple is testing up new iOS 10.2 firmware on iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch to test bugs and fixes. This activity has been increased within a short period, it could be a sign that Apple might release next iOS 10.2 in near future.

iOS 9, 7.1 and 8.1 were the iOS firmware which were recorded in that traffic web logs, however, the iOS 10.2 traffic is frequently climb up. So, its clear that upcoming firmware could be 7.1 or 8.1, but, iOS 10.2 has more chances.

Whereas, Evad3rs, a popular EvasiOn jailbreak team, had predicted that Apple could release iPad Mini 2 with iOS 9.1. They are pretty sure about iOS 10.2 and they are started tagging with 7.1 already.

What do you think about next iOS?


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  1. I’m just waiting for jailbreak and Cydia, whether it is 8.1 or10.1
    have you anything helpful news about it? I have iPhone on 7.0.3 right now

  2. This article would be a whole lot more informative if there was even a clue regarding what’s new or fixed in a 8.1 version. A timeline covering the improvements introduced in 7.0.1, 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 would leave us feeling totally on top of what’s happened already.

    1. I think MacRumors are just predicting about 8.1 and10.1 traffic web logs. I don’t think that Apple users who are testing iOS 10 or10.1 or even iOS 10 will visit MacRumors to read just rumors

      1. Suppose, if they are testing iOS 10 or 8.1, then why other blogs have not noticed such traffic logs! Its a big question mark and a point of discussion.
        I think they are just gaining traffic. That’s it.

        1. i don’t understand how i am going to upgrade from 6 to 7.? and get my ispw signed…won’t apple be releasing 8.1 or 5 to close the jb and if youre not on the one right before it, it won’t work. I already can’t upgrade to 7.0.0 and get it signed. I’m not collecting shshs…will someone explain this process to me. i am on 6.1.2 iphone 5 and 6.1 on ipad mini. thanks

  3. What the hell! I was just waiting for iOS 10 Jailbreak and here is news about 8.1!!!
    I can’t expect 8.1 at this time, when evasion jailbreak is ready for release.

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