Top Mobile Security Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Top iPhone Security Apps that protects your password, photos, videos, music and keeps your iDevice secure.

If you have iPhone, iPad or other smartphones, then security is must. iPhone is used to communicate via bank and other resources for transaction, buy-sell and other commercial use. It becomes more and more important to think about your iPhone security specially when you are making purchases online.

We use iPhone or iPad in various online activity such as browsing the web, social media and of course purchasing apps, tweaks and games from Apple app store. The same password is used on all the services. Furthermore, if you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, then you must install powerful iPhone security apps to protect from various spyware, phishing and various hacking attempts.

A Few Steps to Secure Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Each security app works differently. Some of them protects you from phishing and hacking attempts by securing your password and other online sharing datas, while others are useful to protect your contents.

Secure your iPhone data and password

1 mSecure: It is one of the most famous iPhone security apps. If you are associate with numerous online activities and you are handling many online accounts, then mSecure is the best friend that generate secure password for you and keeps it secure.

iPad, iPhone security apps

2 iPhone Theft: Its more important for you to protect your iPhone, iPad from theft. There are couple of apps in the market that help you secure your iPhone or iPad from theft attempts. Find My Phone is the app that comes with many useful features. Name says everything about this useful app. Its 100% free and tracks your iPhone and iPad. You can control your iPhone and iPad remotely too. Instamapper is also the same app that does the same job for you and secure you from theft.

3 360 Mobile Security is a Cydia tweak that secures your personal contents in various manners. It encrypts your content and secure you many ways. Its Cydia app, so, you can install it after jailbreak your iOS device. Its 100% free iPhone app.


mSecure is a Apple app store app that costs you around $9.99 that protects your password, iPhone theft apps secure you from theft attempts and 360 Mobile security app protects your online and offline contents.

Are you using any other security apps on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know the specs, it will be appreciated…

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  1. john_carl says:

    Hey is there any app specially for ipad air security? I wanna secure my internet uses, remove spyware and block ads from free apps. Actually, I just hate ads between free apps, I recently purchased ipad air and it runs on ios 7.0.3. I have downloaded a lot of free productivity apps. Now it seems like those free apps came with a lot of ads that looks phishing attempts. please help me to remove those ads

    • Michael Edward says:

      Hi John,

      Some free apps come with a ads, however, if you purchased a premium version, those ads will be disappear. Always install free iPad Air or any other apps after reviewing description and details.


  2. Petrick@tt says:

    It looks good, but, I need Spy camera app for my ios 7.0.3 iPhone
    It should work like security camera, is there any? I can paid for that

    • Juan says:

      Are you looking for Spy Camera? You have to search on iTunes or apple app store, there should be many apps that work like spy camera security app
      I had one for my iPad, but I have uninstalled it before couple months

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