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Cercube, CCQuick Pro, DissiDent, AutoBrightness, Battivator Cydia Tweaks of the Day for iPhone, iPad

Couple of new tweaks have been released in which CCQuick Pro, Cercube, Battivator, AutoBrightness and Dissident are main and useful Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad.

I have noticed slow response from Cydia tweak developers and the main reason should be late jailbreak releases. But today, there are many new updates have been made by various Cydia tweaks developers.

If you’re familiar with Battivator, Dissident, Cercube – YouTube downloader, CCQuick or AutoBrightness Cydia tweaks, you should check the updated version of these jailbreak apps for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

Cercube a brand new Cydia tweak to download YouTube videos has been updated for iOS 11.1.2 support. Yeah, now the users who love YouTube videos can download those videos with Cercube after jailbreaking their iPhone or iPad.

Of course the tweak is paid one and you can install it after purchasing from BigBoss jailbreak repo source. You’d get full featured and powerful YouTube video downloader Cydia tweak.

AutoBrightness and Battivator are dedicated to iPhone performance. Yeah, if you’re facing iPhone battery drain, you can download one of these Cydia tweaks on your iPhone or any iDevice with jailbreak and install to reduce battery consumption and boost battery life.

AutoBrightness or other tweak which is known as Battivator, both the tweak reduce iPhone brightness to the lower or higher level based on preferences and light and reduce the power consumption, thus the battery life would be increased.

Dissident Cydia tweak is also hosted on BigBoss Cydia source which is for. Dissident iOS 11.1.2 tweak allows user to manage background task. The first ever Cydia tweak has been released to manage background task and it’s Dissident.

Now, the remaining Cydia app is, CCQuick Pro. Yeah, this is the most current updated version of the CCQuick tweak. It has been updated with some cool features for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

All of these tweaks can be easily installed from BigBoss repo source. If you’ve any questions or doubts, please leave comments.

Pegasus Cydia Tweak: Brings VideoPane Features to iPhone, iPad

The tweak alternative to VideoPane came to Cydia AppStore worth to install on your iPhone for free.

We’re talking about the best alternative tweak to VideoPane which is called as Pegasus. This tweak brings video multitasking feature. Pegasus iOS 11.1.2 is available for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

So, do you wanna attend FaceTime videos calls at the same time while working or doing some other work on your iPhone or iPad? VideoPane and Pegasus, both the tweaks does exactly same thing for your iPhone and iPad.

In newer device, picture on picture mode is available by default, but if you’ve older iPhone or iPad, it’s not available. But yeah, you can jailbreak your iPhone or iPad right now and install Pegasus or VideoPane which is developed by Ryan that offers the same features on your older devices.

By the way, Pegasus tweak is developed by Evan Swick which is available on BigBoss repo source. This is the repo source which is added by Saurik as default one. So, you don’t need to add any Cydia source to install both of these tweak. But, you can install only Pegasus or if VideoPane to get Picture in picture mode on your iPhone or iPad.

Pegasus is hosted on BigBoss for $2.99 and available for free for limited time. Please check price with the latest effect. I’d love to mention few things about Pegasus Cydia app, you can resize the actual video size with your own choice.

The tweak offers highly customizable features to use picture in picture mode on your iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone.

If you’d like to know more about Pegasus or other tweak like VideoPane, just leave a single short comment about them and ask whatever you want.

Top 3 Best Cydia Tweaks to Enable Live Photos to Older iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Enable Live Photos on your iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 or Any iPhone Air or iPad Mini and even on iPod Touch 5G using PhotoLive, LivePhotosEnabler or EnableLivePhotos Cydia Tweak.

Apple had released iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone 6S with Live Photo feature where the users can capture a short video in form of image and it can be used as wallpaper on lockscreen and springboard.

This feature was not working on older devices and firmware. Such as if you’ve iPhone 4S or even iPhone 6 and you wanna enable live photos, you can’t enable.

Couple of days back, PanGu released untethered jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 was released and a lot of new Cydia tweaks touched to AppStore.

Now, there is some good news for the users who have older iPhone or iPad models and still wanna enable live photos on their iPhone. There are three jailbreak apps available that would allow you to enable live photos on your iPhone 6 or even iPhone 4S.

  1. EnableLivePhotos
  2. PhotoLive
  3. LivePhotosEnabler

All of these Cydia tweaks have been uploaded to BigBoss repo for free. The users who wanna enable live photos can head to BigBoss repo and download the tweak. You don’t need to install all of these Cydia tweaks, just install PhotoLive, EnableLivePhotos or LivePhotosEnabler Cydia tweak, that’s it.

Once you’ve installed the tweak, I’d recommend users to enable the tweak and reboot your iPhone or iPad. Yeah, it works on all iPad Air and iPad Mini models too.

After installation, a new setting pane would be added to the setting app where you can enable the tweak as well as you can configure many other things.

Now, camera app would have another toggle to capture live photos on your iPhone. Later on, you can choose those live photos to your homescreen or lock screen as live photos or wallpaper.

If you’ve any kind of doubt, leave a single comment below…

Docker Cydia Tweak Brings More Apps to iPhone Home Screen

Docker allows iPhone users to add more apps to the dock

I love Docker Cydia tweak. I’ve installed it and thought to share it with you today. It’s released today on Cydia AppStore and got great success as many users have installed it on their iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

The default dock contains only 4 apps and you can’t add more icons to the dock more than four. But, thanks to Docker tweak that allows us to add more icons at least up to 4 more app icons to the dock that looks good and useful to access.

Docker, the Cydia tweak simply adds one more row under default one. The users need to swipe up to the dock and there you’d get additional four app spaces. Just hit one of those app icon boxes that allows you to add app. By default, the additional row is hidden and users need to perform swipe up gesture on Dock to access it.

Once you’ve installed Docker iPhone tweak, just swipe up from dock and the additional row would be appear. The additional row of dock icons would contain “+” buttons. Just tap one by one each buttons and keep adding more apps up to four apps. Suppose, you wanna remove existing app from additional row, simply, tap and hold that app icon and it would show “X” button. Hit it and that’s it all. Just tap it again and add different app in that space. Isn’t it cool?

Most of new Cydia tweaks have bugs and this is applies to Docker too. Actually, it doesn’t add apps from the last row of your home screen. Let me clear. Suppose, you’ve five pages of apps listed on your iPhone and you wanna add a app from that row, Docker is unable to add it. So, make it sure that the app which you wanna add on the Dock bar, it must be on any page except last one.

The good part is, you don’t need to configure any settings after installing Docker Cydia app. It’s just like plug and play. Just use swipe up gesture from the the dock and add apps you want.

There are many Cydia tweaks available on AppStore that offer features to add app icons to the dock, but Docker is completely different from others. It looks default standard and cool.

If you’ve decided to hands on Docker Cydia tweak, you need to pay $1.99 for a tweak. It’s available on BigBoss repo source for $1.99. I’d love to listen about your craziness about Docker tweak.

I hope, you got all things that you wanna from Cydia Sources.

5 Top Downloaded Cydia Tweaks of the Month for iPhone/iPad Future for iOS 11.1.2 Apps

5 Top Downloaded Cydia Tweaks of the Month for iPhone/iPad

Today, we’ve some very exclusive for this month. If you’re the one who has successfully saved jailbreak, you’re lucky person to enjoy the top Cydia apps this month.

This month was great in jailbreak tweak updates, so many tweaks and jailbreak apps were updated this month. This would be last set of Cydia tweaks before iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

Look at the best combination of useful and must have tweaks below…

iCleaner: Do you feel that your iPhone or iPad is out of storage? Do you need free RAM to run more apps together? iCleaner and iCleaner Pro are the tweaks that offer such features that can free up unnecessary space, history and many things.

It gives your iPhone extra storage capacity and the power to run more apps at once using extra power that you’ve saved using iCleaner Cydia tweak.

Soft for iOS8: If you’ve jailbroken, then you would already aware of Winterboard themes. Soft for iOS8 is the best Winterboard theme ever. The icons, graphics and animations are just awesome.

If you wanna make your iPhone unique and creative, you can install Soft for iOS8 Winterboard theme on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Its compatible for all possible platform.

Slide2Kill8: If you’re bored to close each and every apps one by one, then there is a jailbreak app which is known as Slide2Kill, it allows user to close active open apps quickly from switcher.

The latest version is Slide2Kill8 Pro which comes with more powerful features compatible for iOS 11.1.2 and older firmware.

ImageBoard: This is tiny Cydia hack that allows user to change keyboard background image. ImageBoard Cydia tweak is available on BigBoss repo for free. You can instantly download and can change whatever background image you want for your keyboard.

LockSaver: There are numerous Cydia apps available on app store that are based on iPhone lock, but LockSaver is something unique. If you always forget to disable Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS or location services, then Lock Saver would be handy tweak for you. It disables these battery consumer features once you locked your iPhone or iPad.

Its available on BigBoss repo source from where you can install it on your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch.

If you need any further help, we’re constantly here to help you, just leave a comment…

System Tweaks: SPTouch, Console, Auto AppTranslate, NoAdStoreOpen and Sleipnizer for Safari

Today, Auto AppTranslate, SPTouch, Console, NoAdStoreOpen and Sleipnizer for Safari were pushed out in jailbreak Cydia store. They are fully compatible iOS 11.1.2 system tweaks for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini…

If I speak true, I had jailbroken my iPhone 5S for the system tweaks to maximize battery power, auto application translator, AdBlocker to surf the net without annoying advertisements and to decorate my iPhone 5S with new cool Cydia themes.

Finally, I got everything after iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak release. There were a lot of tweaks for me to try and I focused on Auto AppTranslate, NoAdStoreOpen, Console, SPTouch and Sleipnizer for Safari.

1 SPTouch: It is the perfect app for them, who don’t wanna touch physical home button. It offers multiple features such as virtual home button, app switcher and lock the device. Its completely free tweak and if you don’t wanna press home button again and again, then SPTouch for you. BigBoss is the repo, go and install it.

2 ConSole: Its a iWidget that shows essential widgets to your lock screen. Console is free Tweak hosted by ModMyi repository and still in beta stage. If you wanna add some widgets such as analog clock, weather, temp or date, then Console is for you.

3 Auto AppTranslate: This is my favorite app. I use almost all new tweaks on my iPhone and its not necessary that it is in English. It might be in Chinese, Japanese or in any other language. Auto AppTranslate is the app that helps me a lot. It simply translate that app for me in English language that’s it. If you wanna use Kuaiyong, 25PP or any other app thats in Chinese, then you should use Auto App translator tweak that works for you.

4 NoAdStoreOpen: This is must have app for all jailbreak users. Perhaps, you have faced any annoying redirection to the promoted app store app during opening any package from Zeusmos or any other Cydia package. This is totally Cydia related. Actually, some of the repos or packages redirect their user to the promoted app.

NoAdStoreOpen is a Cydia tweak that prevent such redirections. Its free and available on BigBoss Repository.

5 Sleipnizer for Safari: This is must have tweak, if you regularly use Safari web browser. Sleipnizer adds a lot features to the Safari web browser. It allows user to run JavaScript, easily copy, paste and find anything on page. It allows user to open any link in new tap in the background etc. It is available on BigBoss repo source for $1.99


Today’s section of tweaks was full of must have. All the tweaks are equally useful and you can go with them based on your needs. I would suggest all of them, but different user have their own preferences.

Let us know how did you planned to use these tweaks…

Auxo Legacy Edition iOS 11.1.2: A3tweaks Brings New Features

Auxo Legacy Edition iOS 11.1.2: A3tweaks Brings New Features

Auxo iOS 9 is updated with couple of new features with Auxo Legacy Edition. If you’ve purchased Auxo 2 or Auxo 3 before, the latest version would cost you $0.99. Otherwise, you would have to pay $1.99

iOS 11.1.2 has a app switcher which allows couple of features, however, Auxo brings completely new set of features along with control center toggles.

Auxo Alternatives: Zephyr and Stratos are best alternatives to Auxo.

How to Install Auxo Legacy Edition

To install any version of Auxo, you need to jailbreak iOS 9. You can use TaiG Jailbreak to jailbreak 9.

TaiG is safest jailbreak at the moment. It installs Cydia for free. Using Cydia, you would be able to Download Auxo and install legacy Edition on your iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Once you install Cydia, Open it and search “Auxo Legacy Edition” or “Auxo iOS 9”. Install Auxo and reboot your device.

Once you have installed Auxo, head to settings.app and enable various settings and customize your app switcher along with Control Center.

If you’ve any issues, you can comment below…