Jellylock iOS 11.1.2 – Android Style Slide to Unlock Cydia Tweak

Jellylock got an update and now you can add up to 6 custom apps and access Siri too right from the lockscreen.”

Jellylock is inspired by Android style slide to unlock screen and made available by Max Katzmann in Modmyi repo source. It just got an update and now the user of this Cydia tweak can add up to 6 apps, games or utility to the lock screen. Additionally, now the setting panel has also improved. Its now one of the fully customizable Slide to unlock tweaks.

I like the Siri. Now you can use Siri and command her right from the lock screen by sliding your finger in the middle of the lockscreen invisible part and a icon will be appear. Its most easy way to access Siri.

If you have downloaded previous Jellylock beta version, then I would like to remind you that new Jellylock has been included in Modmyi repo that was previously found in private repository. It is still free.

Slide to Unlock Cydia Tweak

Jellylock Features

If you are interested to test it, here are the features…

1 The updated version of Jellylock has feature to add up to 6 apps to the lockscreen.

2 It displays the notifications in the badge that you have missed to take not.

3 Now users can access Siri or Google right from lock screen just using simple gesture.

4 Its fully customizable Slide to unlock tweak that allows you to change label, color, icons and the pattern from setting menu.

5 Jellylock fully supports Winterboard themes. You can use as many variant as you want using iOS 11.1.2 themes.


No doubt Jellylock is one of the best Cydia tweaks for slide to unlock feature. However, its still in the beta stage. Its fully compatible with iPhone, but, if you are using iPad, then its bad news that its not working in iPad.

If you are already using or testing Jellylock, let us know what you are experiencing just by dropping a line of comment…

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  1. Drake says:

    10 installed it it worked and then crashed and now can not get it to work Agian just keeps going into safe mode

  2. Mr. Trouble says:

    everytime i try to install JellyLock7, it crashes, but i see that works fine in my friend’s iPhone, i don’t know if makes differences, but i have an iPhone 5 and my friend has an iPhone 5s…

  3. morganmrozek14 says:

    I tried it and it keeps putting me in safe mode

  4. Malbert says:

    All was great with jellylock after ios10.1. Now when i touch the ls it moves a little, i know it’s not that much, but it’s kind of annoying

  5. daysha says:

    it wont work on my phone and i have an iPhone 4S ios7.0.3 . do i have to disable my lock password ?

  6. miranda says:

    I wanna this one on my iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.3, but somehow, I’m afraid it won’t work

  7. Joshua says:

    I would like to know how the lockscreen is when you’ve got a new mail, message etc.

    Is there any displayed icon to inform you that you’ve got something new on the lockscreen, or do you have to pull down the notification center to check ?

    Basically, No more “Slide to see this notification” ?

  8. Android Lover says:

    Jellylockclock works great with this beta version, I feel like I have Android smartphone, how unlucky I am!

    • Cannon says:

      You should be in android community, what are you doing in Cydia tweaks? I think you are searching anything related to Android only. what do you say?

  9. Shelby says:

    Wow, I love it. Actually, it looks a lot like an Android lockscreen, but in this case, that’s not a bad thing. Great job Cydia. I also noticed that in notification center, the notifications are a lot more detailed. I wonder if they are actionable within notification center?

  10. carl986 says:

    Would have been great to see how a passcode protected lock screen looked. Thanks for this first look though.

  11. nicole says:

    is it possible to unlock with notification center open? probably not. I was wondering if notification center can be on lockscreen a with ISX or lock info: no need to continuously pull down. it just stays

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