Keek Cydia Tweak: Review Recent Apps on Control Center

Keek iPhone jailbreak tweak brings recent apps to Control Center

There are really good Control Center Cydia tweaks and we recently discovered Keek, which is also the master one. Before Keek Cydia app, we’ve discovered CCMore, Stratos and CCControls which are also in the top list of Cydia apps.

Stratos Cydia tweak brings live app switcher within control center, the same way Keek brings recent apps to control center. Quick launch of most recently used apps was never been so easy.

In simple words, suppose you wanna access iPhone app that you’ve used recently (Up to 4), you need to swipe up control center and the app that you wanna use, would be listed there. Keek comes with several settings and features to configure.

What does Keek actually bring is, it adds a row to the control center at bottom. This additional row of icons can be found at the bottom of control center which can be accessed to view and use recently used apps within control center. Remember that the whole app can be used within CC without exiting from existing app.

Suppose, you’re working on MicroSoft Word and you wanna access calculator, you can simply swipe up and use your recently used calculator again on the same screen without closing Microsoft word.

It means, you just need to tap a icon from that additional row that has been added by Keek Cydia tweak. User can swipe right or left to access more recent apps. One more thing, you can either use any app on the same screen or on a whole new full screen mode using Keek Cydia tweak. There have been buttons separately given to access it.

You’ve few options out there on Settings app. You can enable or disable the Keek tweak. The recent app numbers can be increased or decreased using settings pane. The users who wanna do multitasking on the same screen, should definitely install Keek Cydia tweak. User can resize app icon of the Control Center.


Once you installed Keek app and enabled it, the additional row would be added to the control center. The settings also has option to configure “Stretch Center”. While enable Stretch feature, you’d be able to use it while accessing app from Control Center.

I found that the developer has taken a great care of privacy by making Keek Cydia tweak. You can use the features of Keek Cydia tweak from HomeScreen and or any app. Suppose, you’re on the lockscreen and swipe up to access control center, Keek won’t be there.

Keek iPhone app can be installed from BigBoss repo for $1.99. So, to download Keek Cydia tweak, go to BigBoss source and type Keek as keyword.

Don’t forget to mention how do you like Keek tweak.

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