Download Kuaiyong English iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 to Get Free Apps without Jailbreak

Kuaiyong’s slogan is kuai kuai yong. It means use it as quickly as possible.

What is Kuaiyong?

What it does is, it allows download and installation of free Free apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The good part is, you can install these apps without jailbreaking your iOS 6.1.2, 6.1.3 and 6.1.4.

Kuaiyong is available in only in Chinese language. The developers are going to launch Kuaiyong English Version very soon. Anytime, they can launch English version for rest of the world.

We have previously discussed about other Installous alternatives like AppCake, vShare, HipStore and iFunBox, however, Kuaiyong is something different from others. It allows free app download and installation without having jailbroken iOS.

That’s something interesting part, because there are a lot of iOS users who were looking for free Free apps installer without jailbreaking their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Download Kuai Yong in english version

Currently only Chinese version of Kuaiyong is available on the developer’s website, however, the volunteers are working hard to translate it in English Downloadable version.

Here we are tried hard to teach you how to download Kuai yong and how to use it. You should keep in mind that you download Kuaiyong in Chinese version and do as we have explain here with images that are translated in English.

How to Install Kuai Yong Application

Kuaiyong setup file is available for download to MAC OS, Windows operating system, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But, allow you me to mention it once again that it is only in Chinese language right now.

If you are looking to download for Kuaiyong setup file in english version, then keep visiting, we will be the first to provide you download link for english version exclusively.

1 You will need installer of Kuai yong. You can download it for windows operating system from here. Furthermore, if you want to install it on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, then you can download it from here.

Note: Download only updated latest version otherwise Kuaiyong will get updates itself that will take extra data and time.

2 Once you have downloaded official version for your Windows OS, open it from download folder and right click on setup file, choose Run as Administrator. Installer will be start that will be in Chinese not in English so follow next step to install it.

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3 As it is in Chinese language only, if you have not installed Chinese language, the options will be appear in box box or something mess up language so just press “Next”, “Next”, “Confirm”  and “Finish” buttons. Follow above image to get better understanding. You can install iPhone, iPad or MAC OS version also.

How to Use Kuaiyong like English Version

It is extremely hard to use Kuai yong’s application, because of Chinese language. You should keep some chinese buttons in mind with it’s translation in English. You can download these images for later use.

1 First, you need to connect your iOS device to your PC on which you have installed Kuaiyong application. Once you connected your iOS whether it is jailbroken or not to computer, you are ready to search your desire Cydia Application.

Kuai Yong Application Interface

2 Click on search box and enter Cydia application name that you want to install. Kuaiyong will search it’s database and result will be appear.

Download Kuaiyon english

3 Kuaiyong’s all buttons and links will be in Chinese, so, follow above image to install your downloaded apps. Click on “Manage” to manage your downloaded files. Click on “Install” button to install recently downloaded apps to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. There are additional buttons too. You can Push, Continue, start button to control your apps downloading.

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From Editor’s Desk

Kuaiyong is the best for them who want to download and install Free apps without jailbreaking their iOS. If you have already jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then AppCake, vShare and iFunBox is the best, because they are in English language.

If you are trying Kuai yong Cydia application and facing any error, then don’t forget to comment your experience in a quick review.

  • Makethiswork

    getting black box when running the installer date January 2016

  • Denise

    Hello, how do i fix the crashing apps? Thanks!

    • Mischelle

      I’m having the same problem. Maybe Apple found a way to put Kuaiyonf down!

  • mengyue


  • Canaan

    It says expired file any help?

  • Canaan

    How do I download it on iOS iPhone 5S 9?

    • Sulaimaan

      search how to use kuaiyong on iOS 8.4

  • Eid
  • Ben

    I tried kuaiyong iOS 9
    It works without jailbreak on iOS 9

  • JackfrostMiner

    This kuaiyong is broken fix it please

  • Tammy

    How do I do this I want to download it

    • Peter

      Don’t tell me that you’re unable to see download link

  • Zeeshan Tahir

    Hi Admin,

    I have successfully installed Kuaiyong (in Chinese) and downloaded my required app. But i am unable to install is on my iPhone 5. The install button in Kuaiyong shows me disabled as its in your screenshot too. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Fidal Castro

    The link for a the app download doesn’t work

  • Pacman

    Kuaiyong apps are crashing on my jailbroken 5c running ios 8.1 . Am I doing something wrong?

    • xhackmod

      install the profile first before you can acess game

  • demoded

    yes its the same with me apps are also not re-installing

  • ZTee

    something is weird, all the apps are crashing and when I re-downloaded them I can’t install them!

    • Prince

      Same here !

      • kiky

        yeah me too

    • gyest

      did you guys find out anything? I can’t open or install any apps anymore :/

      • svp

        same here

      • leaf

        me too cant install apps but i can download them

      • Lolo

        Me too

  • Mrfco

    It’s impossible for me to download an app, each timei try to do it from the p it never gets transfered to my iphone, dosnt matter how many times i click on the install button

  • yabadap

    soon? ive read it a year ago about the english version, how hard to translate a word “install” in english? i think you can translate essential words to english in a few hours… there wont be an english version (i hope i’m wrong) but there wont be. but look at the last post i replied to a 3 month post and today still no english version. so “no” coz if there is they would have released it 11 months ago.

  • Cakash

    I had kuaiyong already but it gives me profiles are those profiles viruses

    • Viraj Baraskar

      no those are not viruses…enjoy the apps

  • Ooo

    I hate it

  • skh

    I updated Adobe Reader and Chrome and neither are fixed by pushing that wrench icon. I even reset my ipod touch 5th (IOS7.1) and re-installed them but again it asks me for an Apple id and crashes. It seems Kuaiyong just can’t update apps without causing them to crash I’m frustrated! pls help!

    • shikhar

      when ur apps got crash connect ur device with ur kuaiyong software in ur pc. then in right side upper corner u will see a tab icon of repairing wrench.go for it ur crashed apps will get wrkng again.
      any other details you can watch on youtube olsoi

  • sacghhuu

    not working for ios 7.1 ipad 4

    • Katy

      it’s not compatible for iOS 9.1

  • ashish

    if u install this software in ios 7.0.3 or later then itunes will not authorize your phone untill u restore the phone and icloud account can never be signed in. also this software doesn’t has all the apps as in itunes. so jailbreak is much more better.. i have done it on ios 7.0.6 and its working perfectly without battery drain.

    • Jake

      that’s a great help
      I’ll keep it in mind
      I’ve also iPad air and iPhone 5s iOS 9.0.6

    • Viraj Baraskar

      iv been using it for months now…and never found the problem you’ve mentioned above..check your settings.. I can still download and install any app unlike what you mentioned

  • cori

    hope it works or if it works and gift a minecraft (full version)

    • iPad Air

      I need Kuaiyong iPad Air english version
      I have iOS 9.0.5 jailbroken
      only english version needed

      • cori

        I use 25pp and Tongbu! Trust me, these are much better!!!

        • John Tran

          I agree those are great, but Kuaiyong seems to have more apps.

  • Poo

    any update for Kuaiyong english version

  • miky

    The developers have announced english version

    • yabadap

      yes they announced it a year ago, still no update,

  • Guest

    Is there any Kuaiyong English Patch available
    Thanks in Advance

  • Benjamin

    I’m searching for kuaiyong for iOS 9 in English version, please update the post with this version, if any

  • Julia

    Sorry I am new here, I am looking for kuaiyong iOS 9.1 English version. Chinese version not working with latest firmware, I have tested it on my iPhone 5C with iOS 9.1, result installation error
    please help

    • Carl

      ios 8.1 kuaiyong English version hasn’t released yet. wait for jailbreak first

  • Michael Edward

    Hi Jonathan,
    Those boxes are because of Chinese language. If your computer doesn’t have that language, you will get those boxes. Don’t worry, do as I explain whole thing. It will be much easier than you are thinking.
    Kuaiyong will launch english version soon. Till then download and use this application.

  • Michael Edward

    You’re correct chinese version really sucks. I have read some tweets that are pointing the release of English Kuai yong version very soon for MAC OS, iOS and Windows operating system.

    Second, if you are looking for iTunes Alternaitves, then I would recommend iFunBox and HipStore rather than Kuaiyong.

    I hope this may help you.

    • yabadap

      its been 9 months since you post this “english ver. very soon” still no english.?

  • Austin

    I have downloaded Kuaiyong images that are converted in English and a setup file for Windows 8. I am just confuse that can we use it as iTunes alternative? Has it functions to modify file system and other file explorer functions like copy, paste, delete and restore?
    Chinese version is annoying.

  • Jackson

    This is the best iTunes and Installous alternative. I have iPhone 5S without jailbreak runs on iOS 9.1. I am using it on my Windows 8 right now and its running wonderfully. There are many apps that I have download using Kuaiyong.
    Above is the list of Free apps that I have installed using it.

    • ice

      but my paid apps I’ve downloaded with kuaiyong, not working on latest ios 7 5S

      • Gibson

        what was there before?

  • Jonathan

    I am getting a lot of boxes in the setup installer. I am confuse that should I install kuai yong application or not. Has it backup feature to backup our installed apps? Is there any english version available for iOS 9.1 or 7.1

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