LinkTunes iOS 11.1.2: Download Songs Using LinkTunes from iTunes Store For Free

LinkTunes iOS 9: Download Songs Using LinkTunes from iTunes Store For Free

Are you music or video lover and have jailbroken iDevice? If your answer is yes, then there is a Cydia tweak known as LinkTunes which as updated for iOS 11.1.2 and delivers couple of great features that would change your mood and experience towards music and videos.

LinkTunes is the great Cydia tweak that allows users to download songs and videos directly from iTunes app on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad Mini. It supports wide range of iDevices and latest firmware such as iOS 9.

Simply, you need jailbroken iDevice that should be capable to install LinkTunes iOS 11.1.2 Cydia tweak. As per our survey, the majority of jailbreak users love LinkTunes as a great source to download music from iTunes app.

LinkTunes is available on Cydia repo known as HackYouriPhone repo that contains a free version of LinkTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You just need to add HackYouriPhone source and that’s it, you’re ready to go.

Remember, your iDevice must have AppSync Unified app installed. LinkTunes requires AppSync Cydia tweak to be installed.

LinkTunes is really a tricky tweak to use with AppSync and couple of other steps, so, if you’re facing any issues or difficulties, you can comment and discus with us…

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  1. Zashy says:

    I have an iPhone 6 iOS11.1.2 and this tweak always worked until recently. Now all it does is load then crash.

  2. Ryan H says:

    Well, I have an iPhone 5S running iOS 11.1.2
    jailbroken. I installed this tweak, (with the
    AppSync Unified installed) and when
    trying to open the LinkTunes tab on the
    iTunes Store, it just crashes. Help??

  3. Lala says:

    Hey guys, got a small issue I can’t seem to fix.
    Whenever I download a song with no crashes what so ever, tried pausing it, restarting, rebooting, respringing, reinstalling etc, but the download finishes as normal, but the songs won’t show in my music app. Was working perfectly until today, any suggestions?

  4. Smund says:

    Hi there. Every time I download one song, it transports me to the download window, and the linktunes button dissapears. I have to close and restart itunes store to get it to show up again. Is this intended? I did try to turn the ipad off and on again and respring pangu, but no fix yet.. Plz helap?

    • Stijn says:

      Download a song, when you get moved to the download tab. The LinkTunes tab wil dissappear. Pause the download before it finishes. Restart iTunes and you have both tabs.

  5. Tom Spanks says:

    low quality tweak.

  6. Joooh says:

    Please help. Linktune button disappears as downloading starts. I have to close itune completely and reopen it in order to use linktune every time I download a single song. I did try reinstall appsync unified linketunes but no luck. Am I the only one having this kind of problems?

    • Stijn says:

      Download a song, when you get moved to the download tab. The LinkTunes tab wil dissappear. Pause the download before it finishes. Restart iTunes and you have both tabs.

  7. Carlos says:

    Is this completely free?

  8. U wild says:

    For a couple of days I’ve been realizing that whenever I download the songs from link tunes, it doesn’t show up in my music app.. How do I fix this problem?
    P.s. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling link tunes and it still does not work. I am on iOS 10

    • Lauryn says:

      the Pangu jailbreak is o my compatible up to iOS 11.1.2. so theoretically no jailbreak tweaks should work with iOS 10. therefore, link tunes for iOS 9 will not work on your device because you upgraded to iOS 10.

  9. Shane says:

    I am getting unable to download error when downloading from linktune

  10. Hyper says:

    It says that all links are either dead or invalid. By reading some stuff I’m assuming that LinkTunes just needs to update the links. Can I get a confirmation for that or is it some other problem occuring.

  11. Jason Zakrajsek says:

    LinkTunes iOS 10 updated with core features that allows now downloading iTunes music directly to your iPhone or iPad and you can access them without activating WiFi or internet later after Sync iTunes music to your iPhone.

    LinkTunes not working if you won’t install AppSync Cydia tweak. So, better that you install all the tweaks and apps mentioned above in the article before sync iTunes library to your iPhone using LinkTunes iOS 10.

    I hope you understand what I’m explaining…

    • Thereisnoios10jailbreak says:

      Considering that there is no jailbreak available for iOS 10, no one knows what you’re talking about. Either know what you’re talking about or don’t post.

  12. Bejamin says:

    How can i upload songs to linktunes?
    Some songs links don’t work
    Just want to share with community

    • Bryan says:

      The same issues were my first priority and I got the solution. I stopped using Linktunes because it’s not available for iOS 10 and now I’m on iOS 10. I think, there would be no jailbreak for iOS 10 and these Cydia tweaks specially LinkTunes would stop working on such OS. Try to search alternative and why don’t you try iTunes?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yay now i can finally Get the fitnessgram pacer test XD

    • Alan Aurmont says:

      Does Fitnessgram pacer app works with linktunes? I was syncing iPod music from iTunes using LinkTunes and don’t know anything about game support. Please give me further info in this matter to get into.

  14. I’m constantly observing that iTunes is getting better and better and if you need downloading any video or songs, you need LinkTunes type app or Cydia tweak.

    Plus, if PanGu releases their jailbreak, you should look for LinkTunes because right now, it may crash or not working as usual.

    I hope this would help you.

  15. CoolDude243 says:

    Check out IExplorer for your PC it transfers music you download from Linktunes into your iTunes library it’s bomb

  16. Andres says:

    When ever I try to download a song it says “unable to download” with the options done and retry I’m on iOS 10 and this appears to every song I try to download… Help plz

  17. David says:

    If you were to delete link tunes, what would happen to your songs/ videos?

  18. 9to5Slavery says:

    Is there a Spotify one?

  19. Chance says:

    It doesn’t work on iOS 10 every time I try to download a song it says it’s unable

  20. Chance says:

    Every time I downloaded a song it says that it can’t be downloaded at this time. Plz help

  21. Luis says:

    If I updated to ios9 would I be able to keep all my downloaded songs from linktunes from ios8????

  22. Péter Právics says:

    can i upload songs for linktunes somehow ?:)

  23. Pramod B says:

    my linktunes says NO RESULTS for every search.

  24. Sam Cambron says:

    Why aren’t the songs I download getting transferred to iTunes when i sync my iPhone? I’m running ios 10 on an iPhone 6 Plus.

  25. Shady says:

    Why doesn’t this work like the Linkstore tweak? Kind of pointless if you don’t get a download button or ‘link’ to your song in the real iTunes store… Instead you have to search in that separate store to find it…

  26. मेरो मनको साथी says:

    Linktunes not download on my iphone5

  27. ptm says:

    i cant enter the music app what can i do??

  28. Tika Billiardo says:

    Sometimes I download a song successfully but cant find it when open the music app, im on ios 9

  29. KingFeeling says:

    It was work on my iphone 6+ running ios 10 suddenly it crashes whenever i tap on a song i don’t know what’s the problem ,, we hope hackyouriphone fix this

    • Jordan says:

      I had the same problem, it’s probably clashing with another tweak I found that localiapstore made it really buggy, if it’s a must have for you try a restore and re-jailbreak

  30. Alain says:

    Yesterday it worked perfectly well with my iphone 6 running ios 10 and suddenly I can’t just use it as of today, itunes app hangs everytime i tap linktunes, and when i tried it with my cousins iphone 5 ios 9, the same problem exist. Anyone experiencing the same here? I tried to reinstall, uninstall, modify and reboot bit still in the same problem?

  31. Alain says:

    Yesterday it worked perfectly well with my iphone 6 10 and suddenly itune is hanging evreytime i tap linktunes, i tried evrything yet still nothing help it to work again.

  32. KingFeeling says:

    Same Jio problem help us please :,(

  33. Jio David says:

    It used to work well yesterday, now it crashes whenever i tap on a song ( even before it takes you to the links) what should I do? Ive uninstalled, reinstalled, respringed, rebooted..

  34. Mohamed Mansour says:

    When i click import to start download >>CRASH! for unknown reason

  35. oajsk says:

    linktunes does work for ios 9

  36. Justin Brylle Namuco says:

    LinkTunes doesn’t work for iOS 10 (iPad mini). It’s probably because of the new Music App. The download actually finishes and it says ‘Processing’ but a dialog box pops-up and says ‘Unable to Download ‘Song’.’

  37. Damon says:

    I can’t download songs either, it finishes to 100% but after that a window pops up and doesn’t saves the music, I’m on iOS 10 on iPhone 6

  38. Matt says:

    Keeps failing to download a song on iOS 9. I’ve tried rebooting the device and reinstalling linktunes

  39. devin says:

    i’ve tried rebooting my device and uninstalling it and reinstalling it
    maybe it has something to do with ios 9? The music app is new

    (Running on iPhone 5s)

  40. leonardo says:

    I tired downloading but it says song cannot be downloaded ?

  41. dd says:

    i cant download songs to my music it say failed something (ios 10 ) im downloading normally it finishes and then eror

  42. ???? says:

    Every time I try to download a song it says “link dead or invalid. Try to change link” what does this mean and how do I fix it?

    • Justin Brylle Namuco says:

      It means the the MP3 file you are downloading is not a real MP3 file. It is a website with -.mp3 extension in the browser but is actually a website.

  43. Oner says:

    Still stuck at waiting download

  44. Michael Edward says:

    linktunes has updated to iOS 9

  45. ltamborrell says:

    how do I transfer them to my PC? I’m using iTools but I cant find the root

  46. Gshshshs says:

    Linktunes doesnt works on ios 8.1.3 on my iphone 5s

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