Top 5 New Cydia Tweaks and Hacks – You Should Try

While exploring Cydia store, I find out couple of new tweaks that are really useful. I tried them and decided to share with all of you. Actually, there are many hacks that hit jailbreaking market recently. Most of them are just rehashed, while other are just awesome.

These are the best hacks for those who are looking something really different. It will give you something different experience whether you have iPhone, iPod or iPad. These tweaks are compatible for iOS 9

iOS 11.1.2 Tweaks, Apps and Hacks

In a quick recap, if you have not jailbroken iOS 9, you can jailbreak it using EvasiOn or iJailbreakPro. During jailbreaking, don’t forget to install Cydia. But, if you are using iOS 9, you don’t need to do anything, just install what you wanna see in your iDevice.

New Cydia Hacks

Newest Cydia Hacks

These tweaks are released recently and got significant popularity, so, I have tried them on iPhone 4S that runs on iOS 6.1.3. Very soon, I’ll upgrade my iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 11.1.2 directly and after jailbreaking, I’ll publish the report about iOS 11.1.2 compatibility.

1 Apex: It was released recently and start rocking among jailbroken iDevice owner. I tried it and here is the report about Apex. This tweak changes the way you are using apps on springboard. It will completely change your springboard. You can arrange apps in a group. Apex allows multiple grouping, so that you can group social networking site, smsing apps, internet and networking apps, games and many more apps in a group. Above is simple demo for Facebook app.

Just tap on any app that has a group and other related apps for that group will be show up. It has numerous options in a setting menu. This tweak is one of the best new comer tweaks on Cydia Store, however, you will have to purchase it after trial period. Search BigBoss repo for this tweak.

2 SideSettings: No doubt this tweak is really useful though. SideSettings allows you to change the settings for an app that you are already using. It means you will not need to shut your existing open app to change it’s settings. This hack is integrated with Activator.

It is developed by Joel Einbinder. It is compatible for iOS 6.1.4 and later, however, SideSettings is not compatible for iPad for any version. You can find this tweak in BigBoss Cydia Repo.

3 Simple Mode: This one is really stand out from all lockscreen launchers that we have seen in last couple of months. Simple mode tweak can do what other lockscreen apps can’t. It simply add a small arrow icon just above the lockscreen button. While upon tapping that icon, it brings a group of apps that you have frequently used.

The Good part of this Cydia Tweak is you don’t need to manually set the applications, however, if you wanna set your own preference, you can do that too. You can set your own favorite apps rather than the default apps configured by Simple mode hack. This tweak is one of the best lockscreen tweaks.

4 VoiceChanger: This Cydia tweak was recently released that changes your actual voice. This is completely new and updated hack that allows users to change it’s voice and add some effects to make it different.

Currently, VoiceChanger has four voice effects, however, a high price $2.99, Its hard to say that it can attract some buyers. But, if you still wanna new things, you can try this Cydia hack. The bad news is, it only works on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, other users will not able to use it yet.

5 CopyDock: It also one the best new release for this month on Cydia App store. If you have iOS 6 and you wanna iOS 11.1.2 look, then this new tweak is for you. CopyDock adds a iOS 11.1.2 style dock into your iOS 6.

This is 100% free Cydia tweak that can be find under BigBoss repo. If you have some iOS 11.1.2 retina wallpapers, your iOS 6 will really look like iOS 9. If you have decided to try it, let us know how much you like it.

From Editor’s Desk

I personally tried all above Cydia tweaks to deliver something new for you. Most of the hacks are paid, so, I didn’t purchased them. You can also try a few of them, if you like.

Don’t forget to share your experience, if you’re trying one of these new tweaks via comments. If you are using any other good new hacks, let us know.

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  1. Miky says:

    which are the top Cydia apps for iOS 10, iPad Air?

  2. miaramirez15 says:

    on my iphone 3g i dont know how to work it. when i try 2 install a new game a wierd little thing pops up and i have to keep picking okay because it pops up after i pick okay. it does it for awhile. then it just shows “complete” and says “reloading data”. then nothing in the middle just “complete” on the top and “return to cydia”.then it takes me back to the “detail” page on the games or watever. what do i do? and how do i work it?
    My3G is new tweak for iOS 9, you can try it to connect facetime on 3G and do something new in 2015

    • Kjjahhah says:

      Install INSTALLOUS from cydia, that is where you can get games…etc…it’s just like iTunes and there will be prices on the app. But it’s actually free cause your device is jail broken, anything is free especially on INSTALLOUS.
      AppCake is also good source to get new things… AppCake is new trend and app to get a lot of tweaks

      • Vartra says:

        I thought I was about to do the trade-in deal Radio-Shack had offered this week I backed up my iPhone 3G and restored it as a new device to give them an essentially empty device. Needless to say I got in there and they were out of stock so I came home, restored from my back up and then went to jailbreakme(.)com.
        I had barely done more than started restoring my stuff from Cydia and added a new app for themes (Codethemed(.)com’s app for wirelessly transferring themes) (first one I had paid for through Cydia) when things went heywire. First apps wouldn’t open, then they started disappearing. I hooked up and checked with iphonebrowser, it showed the app’s files still on my iphone.
        I figure they are hidden somehow, but darned if I can figure it out. I tried using the spotlight search to find them, but its not finding them. and now Cydia has disappeared. If anyone can help, I’d greatly appreciate it.
        I wanna try something new in 2015, are there any good apps for 2015?

  3. Micah says:

    I need newest hacks for iOS iOS 10 for my iphone 5C
    I recently upgraded my iPhone 5c from iOS 10 to iOs 9

    • Tony says:

      I think we need to wait for ios 10 jailbreak, I searched a lot but there is no jailbreak news for latest firmware and without jailbreak we can’t get these tweaks for ios iOS 9.1

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