OnlineNotify Cydia Tweak Notifies WhatsAPP iOS 11.1.2 online friends

OnlineNotify Cydia Tweak Notifies WhatsAPP iOS 11.1.2 online friends

Do you have ever missed your online friends on WhatsAPP? Normally, WhatsAPP doesn’t notify you about your online friends. It updates latest messages and changes, but it doesn’t notify you real time status of online.

Thanks to OnlineNotify WhatsAPP tweak that notifies WhatsAPP users about online friends on your iPhone or iPad. OnlineNotify is a jailbreak tweak and available on Cydia app store for $1.99.

Such other tweaks, OnlineNotify Cydia tweak is hosted on BigBoss repo source and available Free version of HackYouriPhone repo source for free. It works on WhatsAPP iOS 11.1.2 latest version without any issue.

OnlineNotify features…

  • Notifies for selected Contacts: OnlineNotify Cydia tweak allows you to add some contact numbers for your friend and relatives for which you wanna get online notification. The tweak would notify you when the friend from that list would be online or offline. Suppose, any friend who is not added to the list, for him, you won’t get notified.
  • Online Indicator: The tweak adds online indicator next to contact name of the friend or group info. This is how, if you’re accessing WhatsAPP, you get clear signal for online members.

However, there is some drawbacks. Suppose, you’re out of WhatsAPP and locked your iPhone. In such situation, your WiFi would be turned off and OnlineNotify tweak would also be turned off. In this case, you need another tweak to keep this tweak connected to WiFi. You need to install “Insomnia Cydia tweak” to do that.

The tweak is extremely, but may consume a lot of battery life. So, before installing Online Notify Cydia tweak, keep your battery status in your mind. If your battery drain quickly, I won’t recommend you to install this tweak.

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