TutuApp Helper Download: Install on iOS 10.2 Without Jailbreak

You may want to download TutuApp Helper for iOS without Jailbreak…

Without computer it wasn’t possible completely since couple of days ago, however now you can install Tutu app Helper that doesn’t require computer to make process and its completely jailbreak free.

After jailbreaking, its peace of cake to install numerous Cydia tweaks, but when you’re away from jailbreaking, you can’t think of install any tweak or application which are related to jbreak.

I often talk about changes that since iOS 9 released, now its possible to install couple of apps on iOS without having jailbreak and the first of it’s kind of app was vShare. TutuApp is also one of those apps though.

However, to install these apps, you must follow some tricks and make their profile trusted and then you may install TutuApp or other apps related to them.

vShare, TutuApp, HipStore, Kuaiyong, 25PP and bunch of other apps are examples of those type of apps. These apps are best to explore number of other possibility of installing your favorite hack on your iPhone or iPad.

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So, today I’m gonna show you the way installing TutuApp Helper that is similar to vShare and other such applications listed above. You can follow below steps…

  1. I believe Safari is the best option to go with. Open it and access TutuApp Helper website by tutuapp.vip
  2. There you can easily see “Download” button at their website. Make sure that you’re going to tap on Regular Download rather than Premium version.
  3. Once you’d tap on download button, you’d redirected to the installation page. After confirmation, the installation would be start.


Note: You may get error for profile. So, open Settings app and navigate General Section there. You’d see Device Management section where you have to trust TutuApp Helper profile.

Once you made it trusted, you’d be easily open and install whatever you want from TutuApp. The developers of this app have offered Premium and regular applications where you’ve numbers of possibility to install your favorite apps and dedicated help tools along with human support.

If you found any difficulties, you can make a comment below and you’d get help instantly…

The Best Touch ID Cydia Tweaks: FingerTouch and Sensible

Sensible and FingerTouch Cydia tweak for iPhone…

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone using Yalu and if you’ve iPhone 5S and above that has Touch ID feature on your device, then you’re eligible for installing above tweaks to utilize Touch ID function.

Sensible tweak was first released at the time of PanGu jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3, while the same version works without any issue on iPhone and on other devices running Yalu jailbreak iOS 10.2 too. You don’t need to bother about compatibility issues regarding Sensible Cydia tweak.

However, FingerTouch iOS 10.2 is brand new tweak that is specially developed for iOS 10.2 firmware to utilize your Touch ID function. I personally using FingerTouch and I recommend it over Sensible tweak because FingerTouch has Reachability option that is not available on Sensible iOS 10.2.

To unlock certain features on Sensible, you need to install Activator such as Reachability and others. However, FingerTouch offers all of these options, functions and features without any further additional tweaks.

There may be some issues with FingerTouch tweak too, however, I’m using it since a month without having single issue on my device except Touch and Hold option doesn’t working on my iPhone 6 with FingerTouch.

To get Single Touch and Hold feature, I don’t want to install Sensible Cydia hack as additional tweak. I have chosen FingerTouch because I was getting Reachability feature with FingerTouch Tweak whereas I’ve to install Activator with Sensible to get that feature.

Now, when Touch and Hold function doesn’t working on FingerTouch tweak, it seems like I’ve to move.

As I’m using FingerTouch Cydia tweak, I must say you should try one of these tweak for sure if you’ve Touch Id enabled device.

FingerTouch setup

I’d say what I did with my iPhone 6 with the combination of FingerTouch. It allows you to assign action for Single Touch, Double Touch, Triple Touch, Touch and Hold. You can choose Reachability, App Switcher, Home Button, Lock, Siri and many other options such as Close Current app…

  • Single Touch: I’ve chosen Reachability as Single Touch.
  • Double Touch: My choice was App Switcher for Double Touch.
  • Triple Touch: Notification Center was my choice for Triple Touch because its really tough to handle your iPhone Plus model in a single hand while accessing notification center that is located on the top.
  • Touch and Hold: I’ve chosen Lock device as Single Touch and Hold, but its not working.

Both FingerTouch and Sensible are free Cydia tweaks which available on Cydia. If you need any further details regarding FingerTouch or Sensible, you can comment below…

SwipeBack iOS 10.2 Allows To Go Back Easily

SwipeBack iOS 10.2 works fine on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

After jailbreaking using Luca’s tethered jailbreak (Yalu102), you’d be able to install your favorite tweaks. Today, I’d share you a must have Cydia tweak that allows users to go back easily by swiping left or right.

The tweak is SwipeBack. I’d be able to tell you in more details about SwipeBack after few days because I just start using it. However, I can say that Its amazing.

You may know a popular tweak developer named Ryan Petrich and his repository address http://rpetri.ch/repo/. He has developed SwipeBack to make it easy to go back while using Settings app, web browsers and apps like those.

I found SwipeBack so useful while surfing the web or browsing the settings and many other apps like that, take example of mail application, message and many more.

SwipeBack iOS 10.2 is fully compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that works on latest jailbreak without any issue. So, if you want to try it on iOS 10.2 you can install any older version that would work just fine and it has been tested by me too.

SwipeBack doesn’t require any setting configuration after installing it. So, you can start using this tweak instantly after installing. Yeah, to install the tweak, you must add Ryan Petrich’s repository address that I’ve given above. Below is the screenshot that you can considering as demo.


Very soon, I’d make a YouTube video on this tweak that would tell you each and every aspect of SwipeBack tweak. To motivate me, you can comment below and tell me that do you need any video demonstration for Swipe Back tweak.

I’m sure you’d too love SwipeBack Cydia tweak if you’re victim of back button at top left corner that is really irritating on iPhone Plus models.

Please comment below…

iOS 11 Download, Features, iPhone 8 Compatibility List

iOS 11 would be compatible for all iPhone devices except iPhone 5…

If you’d compare couple of past iOS releases, you’d know that Apple discontinued supporting older iPhones one by one with the time and compatibility.

With the time, Apple made better iOS platform and according to that they made changes to iPhone device. iPhone 8 and iOS 11 may be perfect match with each other.

Thus, iPhone 5 may miss iOS 11 as iPhone 4S was unlucky to get iOS 10 last year. Anyway, this is regular cycle that we face most of the time and I think this is healthy practice by Apple.

Look, older phones couldn’t handle feature rich and larger iOS platform and we expect iOS 11 would be one of them. We believe iOS 10 was the toughest firmware that was completely incompatible for iPhone 4S and may be iOS 11 would be for iPhone 5.

Since last iOS release, Apple made a huge changes to their firmware features. Now, we’ve a redesigned control center and new lock screen. Yeah, iOS 11 lock screen should be more effective and we expect that there should be a dedicated option to add your own widget. Suppose, I want to add a to do widget, I should allow to add that. But who knows, what the future of iOS 11.

If you want to download iOS 11, you have to wait couple of days more since its under development and we’re catching it on Analytics normally everyday now.

iOS 11 Compatible Devices List

Most devices including iPhone 8 would support iOS 11 however iPhone 5 may lose it’s grip from iOS 11 as I believe it was not compatible for iOS 10 too.

Yeah, there are couple of iPad devices exist out there that gonna out from compatibility list of iOS 11 this year.

I believe, iPod Touch 6 would definitely get the iOS 11 flavor iOS 12 too, because it’s very powerful device and you can at least expect iOS 11 this year.

Apple may want to add more features in iOS 11 according to iPhone 8 and we’d be here to update each and every new features reveal from the web.

Would you purchase iPhone 8?

xCydia iOS 10.3: Install Cydia on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Install Cydia iOS 10.3 without Jailbreak even on iPhone older version and iPad…

Having iPhone, you may want to install Cydia as well. As jailbreaking is like having a expert device that has many utility, tweaks and jailbreak apps, many users love to install it’s App Store application for just to show off.

Now, I’m gonna talk about xCydia aka X Cydia that is so called alternative to original jailbreaking app. Users who have tried this app say that you can actually download paid apps without spending any money on purchase.

While some users say that xCydia works brilliantly on iOS 10.3 without having jailbreak. Its unbelievable as we’ve seen many popular apps such as OpenAppMkt, iNoCydia, vShare, iNoJB, Mojo Installer and many more than that, but none of these jailbreak apps work like original Cydia installer.

Many users consider as AppCake, HipStore, 25PP and Kuaiyong alternative, but I never found such games, apps and tweaks on XCydia ever that we can install using above listed names of apps.

So, Why you should download XCydia?

You can still download X Cydia and install it if below conditions meet in your case…

  • You’ve iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that can’t be jailbroken.
  • You’ve device that can’t handle Cydia iPA installer app for some reasons.
  • You just wanna show off the installer app.

How to install xCydia?

So, if you don’t have jailbreak to play original Cydia app, its time to have fun with XCydia. You can download it once you’ve activated WiFi or mobile internet network and follow steps that I’m gonna tell you.

You’d add X Cydia on your home screen and thus, you need internet connection to get it…

  • You’d need Safari to access their website.
  • The website on Safari browser would ask you to tap on Install button. You want to tap on it.
  • The next step would force you to create X Cydia profile on your device.
  • Once you’ve added profile and enabled Passcode, X Cydia would be added to your home screen.

Make sure that the app icon is added to your springboard or not. Once its there, you can tap on it and start downloading your favourite jailbreak apps or games.

My personal experience says X Cydia is good for show off, but if you want to install iFile, BioProtect, Eclipse or Winterboard like apps, you need to download Cydia with iOS 10.2 jailbreak.

You can comment if you wanna jailbreak your iPhone…

Cydia Installer iOS 10.3: Updated for the Kill, Installs jailbreak Apps

Cydia iOS 10.3: The next major update coming for iPhone…

Users having iPhone always look for jailbreak. Cydia isn’t a strange name for them if they know the benefits of different functions and features available on the store tweaks.

The most awaited future update is Cydia iOS 10.3 which may come within two months. However, we’re expecting some more new jbreak updates for iOS 10.2 meanwhile.

Nowadays, users love to have unique Cydia tweaks iOS on their iPhone. We’ve conducted a survey where thousands of users installing Winterboard, Springtomize and Activator jailbreak apps.

Surprisingly, even after having night mode on iPhone using Night Mode Shift, users adopting Eclipse and other night mode Cydia themes for their iPad and iPhone. While other users prefer Flex or other tweaks that bring low light night mode.

If you’ve iOS 10.2, there is some good news for you because Saurik has enabled Cydia purchases on the new update. It means, now you can purchase and install your favorite paid tweaks updated for iOS 10.2 jailbreak.

However, there is some waiting period for Cydia iOS 10.3 as well. I would advice to enjoy jailbreak iOS 10.2 meanwhile because iOS 10.3 is still in beta stage where jbreak isn’t possible and without it, you can’t expect Cydia installer.

You can download Cydia two ways on your iPhone if you’ve Yalu jailbreak. You can perform Luca’s jbreak on compatible iPhone and iPad devices and there you can install Cydia as well. The second option allows you to download Cydia IPA file indirectly on your iPhone and install separately to the jb.

While if you can’t live without Cydia and you’re on iOS 10.3, you can look for iNoCydia or many other such applications. But I don’t think that they bring complete environment for tweaks and apps that jb provides.

But again, avoid any purchase from unauthorized websites or blog if they offer to download or install Cydia as paid application because they may have virus. This jbreak app is completely free developed by Saurik and you shouldn’t look cheap malicious app from any website.

You can comment and ask us about any query related to Cydia iOS 10.3.

CyDown iOS 10.2: Install jailbreak apps Completely free on iPhone, iPad

CyDown allows users to install Cydia tweaks for free on iOS 10.2…

Most of jailbreak and Cydia users look for free app installation even it’s paid. If you’re also thinking the same, then there is a Cydia tweak that is known as CyDown.

This is the tweak that would allow you to install paid jailbreak apps completely free without any purchase or subscription. Yeah, we’re talking about CyDown tweak.

If you found updated version of CyDown for iOS 10.2, then you should good to go for installation because it’s one of the best tweak to get everything for free.

You may be thinking that if there is HackYouriPhone and BiteYourApple repo available on Cydia, why we should go for CyDown Cydia tweak! Just because, you’re not getting each and everything for free using HYI and BYA repo sources. CyDown jailbreak app is ultimate way to install jailbreak apps that you really love for free.

A talented developer, Julioverne had done a great job by creating CyDown app. The main intension of this tweak is to install apps that are paid on your iPad or iPhone, but that device should be jailbroken.

If you’re thinking to try your hands on CyDown, then you must add http://repo.xarold.com on Cydia app and once you’ve added this repo, you can search the tweak on the repo specified above.

You would easily search the tweak and then you can tap on it followed by installing. Reboot your iPhone after installation.

For now, CyDown Cydia tweak is completely free that allows users to install unlimited number of paid Cydia tweaks iOS 10.2 for free. But, you should update it for the most current and latest version to work on iOS 10.2.

CyDown iOS 10.2 is not available on BigBoss or any other repo source and if you would search the tweak on wrong repo source, you’d end up with empty hands. Xarold is the correct repo source and it would work to install CyDown Cydia tweak on compatible devices.

Updated on 1st Feb 2017: CyDown got updated for iOS 10.2 which is available on repo.Xarold.com as beta version, you can download and install it for free for limited time.

Please comment and update the article if anything looks wrong…


CCSettings Cydia Tweak: One of the Best Control Center Tweak

CCSettings iOS 10.2 is compatible with the latest jailbreak…

The most current jailbreak is just released and many useful Cydia tweaks have been updated to this jailbreak. CCSettings is also one of those jailbreak apps that were lucky to get update.

If you’re looking for best control center tweaks, you don’t want to miss this tweak as its free, useful and have all the basic controls to configure your control center.

CCSettings tweak brings custom toggles that is impossible to add some other way. So, it would be the best option available for you if you wanna some custom toggles such as GPS, Mobile Data settings turn on or off and such other toggles.

If you know, you’re getting some default toggles on your control center such as Do not disturb, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and other. In daily usage, I never use Bluetooth so it’s useless toggle for me and covers main part of my control center. I can add mobile data or other toggles such as location service instead of that using CCSettings Cydia tweak.

This way, CCSettings does some incredible jobs that other tweaks can’t do. You can add more than five toggles on your control center. So, if you’ve added more than five toggles, you can swipe left or right to access those toggles easily.

CCSettings repo is BigBoss and can be installed completely free from that repo source. You won’t need to add any repo source to get it free. Just search this tweak on App Store from where you can install it completely free.

I’ve attached screenshot of CCSettings below that looks amazing:


You comment would do two things. I would get motivation from your comment and other thing that your comment can edit or improve this article. So, please share anything that can help users to understand CCSettings better.

Comment below…

Cloaky Cydia Tweak: Now Cloak Annoying items from iPhone

Cloaky tweak available for iPhone, iPad to customize control center, notification center, status bar and many more things…

If you’re customize your iPhone your own way like me then you should look for recently released Cydia tweak that is known as Cloaky.

It’s name looks strange, but believe me if you would manage it to install for free, it’s interesting piece of cake to eat while playing with your iPhone or iPad after jailbreak.

Cloaky Cydia tweak is available as paid, but it’s available on various repo sources for free. The free sources can be achieved by making a simple comment at the end of this article.

Come to the main part, Cloaky is developer by r_plus developers and uploaded and hosted by BigBoss. However, if you want Cloaky repo for free, you need to add HYI or BYA repo source instead of BigBoss.

Once you installed Cloaky app on your jailbroken iPhone, its ready to customize your device with unbelievable features.

  1. Control Center: You can enable or disable quick launcher, media controls, settings, Brightness and many other things given on control center. It depends on your choice to enable or disable those features using Cloaky settings menu.
  2. Status Bar: I love to add date, time and internet data speed at status bar based on my own choice. I like fully customize status bar. I used Cloaky to make it my choice. I added date, internet speed and time with other things on status bar.
  3. Notification Center: Cloaky allows users to remove certain options and annoying items from notification center too.
  4. Menu Items: You don’t like “Select All” or “Replace” or any other items on Menu items? You can use Cloaky Cydia app to enable or disable such menu items very easily.

There are many more features and options to configure to customize your iPhone. If you need full details about those items, features, you can make a comment and ask us.

If you wanna try this tweak for free, you can post a comment and we’d post a repository address that contains Cloaky free tweak on their repo source.

Jailbreak iOS 10.3 Under Works, Coming Soon by PanGu, Yalu or TaiG

Luca released tethered jailbreak for iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad but not for iPod Touch…

Users waiting for the jailbreak is happy now who have iPhone 6S, SE and iPad Pro devices because Luca has updated his previous tethered jailbreak tool with iOS 10.2 update.

However, iOS 10.3 which is still in beta and would be out publicly very soon would get PanGu jailbreak 10.3 according to our report.

Yeah, unlike Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak, PanGu jailbreak would be more stable and untethered for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The Chinese team is ready and fully equipped with all the available exploits required to jailbreak iOS 10.3.

But again, there is a catch. iOS 10.3 jailbreak works based on beta version and since the firmware update isn’t out for public, it’s unclear that the final firmware of iOS 10.3 would work on PanGu untethered jailbreak or not.

As far as Cydia iOS 10.3 is concerned, Saurik is eager to update Cydia 10.3 avatar for the said jailbreak. PanGu confirmed the release of iOS 10.3 jailbreak if they achieve the final result with iOS 10.3.0 update.

Since the month, we’re regular update the same topic and we’ve reported each and every breaking leaks based on iOS 10.3 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. We’ve discovered that the team of TaiG and PanGu were in competition for releasing jailbreak in the past and currently, Luca and PanGu are in competition.

If we want healthy competition between these jailbreak teams, we should offer support either the way of commenting and encouraging them or offer some incentive or financial help.

Anyway, we can’t leave without jailbreak and iOS 10.3 may be a perfect deal to go with the brand new iPhone 7 or other devices.

Update x1: Apple is planning to release the first iOS 10.3 beta for the public users who have registered their Apple ID with developer program. Currently, iOS 10.3 is available only for developers who have paid $99 for a year under paid developer program.

Update x2: iOS 10.3 IPSW is available that can be installed on any devices having public beta program or not using a special trick. The users who wanna download iOS 10.3 IPSW, need to contact us via comment form.

Update x3: Finally, the first beta of iOS 10.3 is available with hosts of features for public users, but you may want to register your account under developer beta program.

You can comment below to contact or download iOS 10.3 exclusively.

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