Jailbreak iOS 11: PanGu Tries iOS Exploits on New Firmware

Jailbreak 11: The game changer firmware for iPhone that want to install Cydia…

This month, Apple unveiled many new developments to the public or to the developers. iOS 11 and iOS were few of them that got beta updates for iPhone and iPad.

All the compatible devices can install these firmware and thus developers have started testing both of these firmware on their level.

A jailbreak developer who is known as PanGu demonstrated the most awaiting jb tool for iOS They have working exploits and thus, it is expected that the team would try iOS vulnerabilities on iOS 11 firmware.

Meanwhile, Apple has included many changes, features and security enhancements. All of these changes make iOS 11 so excited and special. Just similar to iOS 10, Apple would want that no body jailbreak iOS 11 at any way. As, the iPhone maker company was most successful preventing jailbreak for iPhone during previous firmware releases.

iOS Jailbreak Status

iOS was a quick update after iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak released by Luca that was jailbroken by Yalu tethered tool. iOS can be jailbreak using Yalu which is completely free tool available for iPhone and iPad.

PanGu has already demonstrated iOS jailbreak couple of times during various security conferences and on video channels. The jailbreak community believes, PanGu would release this jailbreak for iPhone.

iOS Jailbreak Possibilities

But, why they’re not releasing iOS jailbreak. Its simple, PanGu has tested their hands on iOS and iOS We believe that some of their exploits still work on iOS As iOS is still on beta stage, the team doesn’t want to lose their exploits.

We’re hoping that PanGu would see all the possibilities to jailbreak iOS after the public release of iOS Apple may release iOS within a month and then PanGu team would complete all their remaining work.

PanGu iOS 11 Jailbreak

At the same time, the China based team, PanGu is expected to try their exploits on iOS 11. The first two beta versions of iOS 11 have been released for developers and whole community believes PanGu would try their exploits on iOS 11 for best use.

iOS 11 has many new features and capabilities to turn your iPhone limitless. Apple want to prevent jailbreak 11 by offering many new features and unlocking limitless possibilities to change lock screen, control centre, Notification Center and dock bar.

iOS 11 would get so many new features and thus the jailbreak community would have to work at their best level to release iOS 11 jailbreak.

While its long time passed since last untethered jailbreak release, would you still wait to jailbreak iOS 11 or upcoming releases such as iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2.1or iOS 11.3?

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