PhotosLive iPhone app Brings Live Photos [Jailbreak tweak]

PhotosLive Cydia tweak makes live photos for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air

The new Cydia tweak was released to AppStore that comes with couple of great features that make live photos. The tweak released with the name of “PhotosLive” and it’s compatible for iPhone and iPad to make live photos.

The jailbreak app is developed by Elias Limneos and hosted by BigBoss repo source. The developer claims that PhotosLive app would give a new life to your Photos. Take a closer look at PhotosLive Cydia app.

These live photos are just about videos, but more flexible and light weight. It means, you can set them as a wallpaper or caller ID photo. Using PhotosLive, you can capture the moments just prior and some moments after before photo is taken.

The tweak, PhotosLive is the best Cydia tweak for iPhone 6S to take Live photos. At the same time, the tweak works perfectly on older devices too. User can use 3D Touch to activate live photos.

Elias Limneos is not a new jailbreak tweak developer because many popular and useful Cydia tweaks have been developed by him. BioProtect and CallBar are a few Cydia apps that have been developed by Him.

PhotosLive comes with easy activation method and settings pane. Once you’ve installed the tweak and activated, you’re ready to configure the settings based on your choice. The new Cydia tweak comes with several parameters that would allow you to customize live photos.

There is a special settings to adjust the time or duration for each photo. Suppose, you wanna large live photo, you can set the time period for each photo. To take Live Photos, you need to open Camera app that is provided by Apple by default and set the toggle for PhotosLive. The tweak would be ready to capture your live photos.

I like many things in live photos taken by PhotosLive Cydia tweak that you can set these Live photos to your lockscreen as wallpaper. The best use is “Caller ID Photo”. The photos which are taken by PhotosLive tweak are the best to set as Caller ID photos as they’re live and looks like videos.

I’m really excited to see more and more jailbreak apps such as CCMore, Auxo and PhotosLive Cydia tweak that brings such a nice features. This shows that how jailbreak community is growing.

You can’t believe that these live photos have sounds too. Yeah, while capturing live photos, if there is sound, the live photos would be sound enabled. While playing those live photos, you can easily hear this sound.

This great Cydia tweak can be purchased from BigBoss repo source for $1.99. I’m really very excited to install this new tweak and I can surely recommend PhotosLive iPhone tweak for you.

One more thing, the price is setted only for the first week of launch and then the additional one dollar would be added to the price. It means, you would need to pay $2.99 if you purchase this tweak after first week of launch.

If you’ve installed PhotosLive Cydia tweak, don’t forget to share your live experiences with us.

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  1. mg says:

    i cant play the photos i take with photoslive after i updated to ios 10 any advice

  2. Techsticles says:

    Just got it. Works pretty good. Even has a front screen flash for selfies. Makes me sad Apple didn’t include these features for the 6.

    • Lucy says:

      Which device you use? I mean, do you have older device or iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus?
      How to get Photolive Cydia tweak for iPhone 4S running on iOS 9.0.1?

      • Techsticles says:

        I have a 6 with iOS 8.4 and the animation when swiping through photos doesn’t really work right but when you tap and hold a photo to see the live photo is great and so is the front flash. The front flash is actually really impressive.

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