PickPocket iPhone tweak: How to Secure Device From Theft Using Cydia Tweak

PickPocket iOS 9.3, to secure your iPhone or iPad from Theft using useful Cydia tweak

We’ve covered a bunch of Cydia tweaks dedicated to security of your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and today, we bring an other great jailbreak hack which would gonna safe your device from Theft.

PickPocket is the tweak which is developed to secure your iPhone from possible theft. Previously, we’ve hands on iCoughtU and iCoughtU Pro which was also great jailbreak apps in terms of securing your device.

PickPocket Cydia tweak is new to enhance security of your device. But despite a new tweak, it brings couple of great features that really enhance the security of your valuable device in the first place.

PickPocket tweak is still in beta stage, but offers some serious features that older tweaks don’t offer. The tweak ask the user a correct password before provide access to certain features.

The interesting thing is, when certain amount of wrong password entry have been exceeded, the alarm would start with loud sound and it won’t be stop until you enter correct password.

The good thing is, the theft won’t able to reduce volume of the alarm because PickPocket would disable volume buttons to secure your device. If you’re genuine user, you need to enter correct passcode in order to stop that alarm.

PickPocket Cydia tweak can be enable or disable easily from Settings app, the setting penal which would appear after installing the tweak. So, if you don’t like PickPocket at any point of time, you can disable it or uninstall the tweak from your device.

In addition, you can configure and customize the tweak at your own level of preference. If you want high security, you can decrease the amount of wrong entries from the Settings app.

It is being said that the final version of PickPocket would offer the details of genuine buyer such as email address, phone number, name and country so that if you found the iPhone on the road or some where else, you can send it back to the genuine buyer before police catch you.

Currently, the PickPocket repo is beta one so that if you wanna hands on this tweak, you can add the beta repo source and you can easily download and install PickPocket Cydia tweak on your iPhone or iPad and you can enhance security of your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

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