PokeGo ++ Plus Cydia Tweak: Best In App Purchase Hack for Pokemon Go Premium Features

┬áPokeGo++ Cydia tweak released for PokemonGo++ features…

Today, we’re sharing one more new Cydia tweak which is not so popular but to share something related to Pokemon Go ++ features, we’re here to show you one more Cydia tweak which is dedicated to PokemonGo Plus functions.

As we’ve jailbreak to use on our iPhone, if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you can use Poke Go ++ tweak on your jailbroken iPhone and iPad to unlock some hidden features that you won’t feel while playing Pokemon Go game using NDS4iOS 9.3.4 or GBA4iOS 9.3.4 game emulator.

So, your search ends here with the tweak that I’m gonna sharing. Poke Go++ Cydia hack is available on App Store for couple of cents or dollars which can be demonstrated on YouTube or using HackYouriPhone repo which can allow you to install it for free.

Poke Go ++ is also famous with PokeGo Plus or Pokemon Go Plus app that offers features for this game only and it can be installed after jailbreak. Fortunately, we’ve PanGu jailbreak to unlock Cydia on iPhone and install this tweak to use free in app purchases and hack for Pokemon Go.

If you’re crazy about Pokemon Go and want to get free in app purchases which are restricted in Pokemon Go, here is the tweak for you to install. PokeGo++ is not in app purchase cracker but it acts like that and unlock couple of premium features at the same time while playing PokemonGo iOS 11.1.2.

Note: Poke Go ++ is not Pokemon Go In App Purchase Cracker and you shouldn’t consider this tweak like that, but as it brings some free in app purchases features, you can download PokeGo Cydia tweak on your iPhone.

If you want Pokemon Go Free In app purchases, you’d have to use LocaliAPStore, iAPCrazy, iAP Cracker or iAPFree Cydia tweaks for that.

If you’re wonder which features you’re getting using PokeGo ++ tweak, here is the short list for you to consider. Remember that it’s officially out from the developer of Poke Go ++ Repo source so you can get details from official repo in the first place. Currently, PokeGo Cydia tweak is compatible only for iOS 11.1.2 firmware.

  • JoyStick feature: You can use JoyStick while playing Pokemon Go game.
  • Pokemon Go Anywhere: Do you wanna go anywhere you want to while playing Pokemon Go? PokeGo++ brings Pokemon Go Anywhere feature on your iPhone after installing and enabling this feature from Poke Go tweak.
  • FakeLocation: This is the coolest feature you’re getting after installing Pokemon Go++ tweak on your iPhone. Using Fake Location is the best feature of the tweak.
  • Patrol Mode: Poke Go tweak brings Patrol Mode which can be use after enable via settings app.
  • Go to Home: You can go to Home directly using tap on the Home icon.
  • More…

Pokemon Go++ can be a great fun on your iPhone, if you get PokeGo app so before the compatible version go, you should install it and enjoy your favorite game.

You would need to add Poke Go ++ repo source which can be found here and then you should easy to go. Yeah, HackYouriPhone repo is also available if you want to install Poke Go ++ iOS 11.1.2 Cydia tweak on your iPhone for free.

Again, I would suggest you to make a comment if you found anything wrong or not working properly. I’m also afraid that Pokemon Go won’t work if you’d update it to the latest iOS 9.3.4 firmware update.

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    WHat is the sources

  2. Anonymous says:

    wtf so many inconsistencies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PokeGo ++ and Pokemon GO ++ are same tweak? I have seen Pokemon ++, I’m too confuse

  4. Jack says:

    Pokemon Go++ is android game hack which works only on Android devices, if you’re on jailbroken device, just search Poke Go ++ tweak which is completely different than Pokemon Go ++

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