Top 6 Best Pokemon Go Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11.1.2

Exclusive best collection of Cydia tweaks dedicated to Pokemon Go iOS 11.1.2…

Pokemon Go iOS 9.3.4 update has been launched that works on jailbroken phones too but somehow if you’ve missed that update and facing Pokemon Go not working issues due to jailbreak and Cydia, there are couple of things that you can do.

In addition, we’re here to show you some of the best Cydia apps¬†specially developed for jailbroken device dedicated to Pokemon Go iPhone game which you can consider to install for best Pokemon Go game experience.

Pokemon Go is available for Android devices too via Google Play Store and at the same time this free iPhone game is available on Apple AppStore for free to play on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. There are bunch of jailbreak apps have been designed to enhance the experience of Pokemon Go with free in app purchases.

Where jailbreak users have chance to use different Cydia tweaks to unlock power of Pokemon Go using in app purchase cracker, there are couple drawbacks exist for these Cydia tweaks to be compatible for Pokemon Go. Specially when some users have reported that Pokemon Go iOS 11.1.2 doesn’t work on jailbroken device.

There are couple of best jailbreak apps available on jailbreak App Store which can make your device compatible for Pokemon Go iOS 9.3.4 update and unlock some premium features too. Check them out.

Pokemon Go AnyWhere

You might have experience that you won’t go any where you want. Using Pokemon Go Anywhere Cydia tweak, you actually unlock the stages and the ways which are designed as default and the same time you can go any where you want after installing and running Pokemon Go Anywhere Cydia tweak. Pokemon Go Anywhere iOS 11.1.2 tweak is available on HackYouriPhone for free. So, I won’t recommend you to stay behind on the same root while playing this game.


We’ve master Cydia tweak if Pokemon Go not working on your jailbroken device. Install MasterBall Cydia tweak. MasterBall iOS 11.1.2 bypass and disable jailbreak check on major apps that list includes Pokemon Go too. MasterBall is a free Cydia tweak which is available on CokePokes Repo for free.

Poke Go ++

We’d say Poke Go Plus or Go ++ unlocks premium features of Pokemon Go iOS 9.3.4 update. You don’t need to unlock your device to play this game and at the same time, it would be available for play on your lock screen.

Users can actually enjoy unlimited features of Pokemon Go which are available only using Pokemon Go in app purchases. So, you can consider Poke Go ++ as one of the top Cydia apps for Pokemon Go.


Suppose, if you are unable to find MasterBall Cydia tweak, you can consider PokePatch iOS 11.1.2 which is developed for Pokemon Go specially to bypass jailbreak detection. You can play your favorite game on your jailbroken device after installing PokePatch Cydia tweak. PokePatch tweak is also available completely free but requires to add additional Cydia Sources.


There is one more Pokemon Go hack available on jailbreak App Store, and it’s tsProtector8. It may be possible that you’d see the next update very soon for tsProtector for iOS device.

This Pokemon Go hack actually bypass jailbreak status from the game to play without an issue. But, if you’ve installed the latest version of Pokemon Go iOS 9.3.4, then you won’t need any Cydia tweaks that bypass jailbreak check.

Pokemon Lock

Pokemon Lock is nothing but lock screen tweak that allows users to play Pokemon Go on lockscreen without unlock their device. Users can play PokemonGo on LockScreen on full screen without any issue. Pokemon Lock Cydia tweak is a free app which is available on default Cydia repo.


PokeMap and Pokemon Lock, these jailbreak hacks have been developed by Ziph0n repo. PokeMap tweak can help you to find out the nearest Pokemon on the map and you can tap there to go.

Final Note

If you’ve upgraded Pokemon Go iOS 9.3.4 or iOS 10, you won’t need all these Pokemon Go hacks available on jailbreak store. You can just head to Poke Go ++ or Pokemon Go Anywhere Cydia tweak, that’s it.

If you’ve anything to comment or ask, our comments are open for you…

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  1. Matthew Jesperson says:

    For more, continue to stay tuned to iDB for news on jailbreak tweak releases and weekly jailbreak tweak roundups.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pokemon Go not working on iOS 10, please help

  3. T. Allen says:

    Poke Go ++ not working after I upgraded PokemonGo iOS 9.3.4, please help

  4. glenn hunter says:

    Note: MasterBall, tsprotector are not pokemon cydia tweaks, so if you want some best tweaks and jailbreak apps for pokemon Go, you can use poke go ++ and Pokemon go anywhere apps.

  5. David FJ Haney says:

    I would say Poke Go ++ and Pokemon Go Anywhere are best Cydia tweaks for Pokemon Go. If you want true experience of PokemonGo iOS 10, you should install them and they work perfectly. I used HackYouriPhone repo to install them for free. You can also use them for free.

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