How to Play Pokemon Go Lock Screen on iPhone using Pokemon Lock Tweak

Now play Pokemon Go on Lock Screen of your iPhone or iPad using Pokemon Lock tweak…

Ziph0n has proved that Cydia and jailbreak can do anything. Really these guys are really awesome and talented. Apple should learn a lot of things from these developers who develops features so fast.

A user of reddit has requested a feature to play Pokemon Go on iPhone lock screen and within couple of hours, Ziph0n who is Cydia tweak developer, developed Pokemon Lock Cydia hack to play this popular game on iPhone lock screen on jailbroken device.

Pokemon Lock iOS 11.1.2 is nothing but allows user to play Pokemon Go on lock screen of your iPhone or iPad. The tweak is completely free and available on Ziphon repo source.

If you want to get complete list of Cydia tweaks dedicated to Pokemon Go game which can be a great experience for you if you’re crazy about go anywhere and playing it on lockscreen without any restriction to jailbreak device, you should checkout the best jailbreak apps for Pokemon Go.

Meanwhile, we’d mention here that above articles have Pokemon Go tweaks that allow users to tap to walk anywhere, Playing to the lockscreen, bypass jailbreak detection and many new features and in app purchases completely free. Pokemon Go++ which is also known as Poke Go ++ tweak is also available in that list whereas PokemonGoAnywhere is also exist.

Pokemon Lock tweak from Cydia App Store

PokemonLock can’t be installed from default Cydia sources which are come by default, here you have to add a repo source which I’m gonna show you. Just follow below process.

  1. Connect your iPhone to WiFi and Open Cydia iOS 11.1.2.
  2. You want to tap on Sources and then Edit to Add a repo to Sources list.
  3. Add
  4. Confirm and complete repo installation and once you’ve completed it, return to Cydia.
  5. Tap on Search button which is next to Sources tab and type Pokemon Lock tweak name.
  6. Once you got the result, select it and tap on Install.
  7. Done

Many users are complaining that Pokemon Lock iOS 11.1.2 doesn’t work and PokemonGo crashes when we try to play it on lockscreen. We’d say that disable passcode option before enabling this tweak and you won’t notice any error or not working issue.

If you still facing difficulties to play Pokemon Go lock screen game, just post a comment stating what’s happening with your device and we’d try to fix them out.

Best of luck. Did you try?

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  1. Rafael says:

    Is there anything I’m doing wrong I’m on cydia 11.1.2 and my passcode is disabled I open pokemon go then lock my phone and turn it on and nothing is different it is just my lock screen

  2. Dino Din says:

    How to add Pokemon Go repo source?

  3. Alu Zeros says:

    How to enable Pokemon lock???

  4. T. Allen says:

    It works on iOS 10

  5. Eni says:

    Thanks man, Pokemon Lock works like a charm. I played this game on my iPod Touch lock screen and it’s working perfectly. You saved me and I’m now one of those unique player of this game who can play Pokemon Go on lockscreen which is something amazing.
    thanks again.

    • ljethro93 says:

      I want to donate Ziphon repo for their great work and encourage them to develop more Pokemon Go Cydia tweaks such as this one. You’re guys really great.
      Thanks for posting this article and thanks to the developer who created this wonderful free Cydia tweak for PokemonGo Lock screen.

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