Top 2 Best PokeMap Live iOS 11.1.2 Apps for iPhone, iPad

PokeMap and PokeWhere are the iPhone apps for Pokemon Go iOS 11.1.2…

We’ve discovered to new Pokemon Go Apps for your iPhone and iPad. One is for jailbreak device and if you don’t have jailbroken device, another is for you.

I’m talking about PokeMap iOS 11.1.2 which is available for jailbroken device and can be installed using Cydia installer on iOS 11.1.2.

While other is PokeWhere iOS 9.3.4 which can be installed without jailbreak and can be found on Apple App Store which is completely free. Now, both the PokemonGo Apps work similar except one is for jailbroken device and another is for non jailbreak device.

If you’re Pokemon Go player, you know that it’s really a tough job to find out Pokemon near you. If you’re one who is frustrating about this, you can try PokeWhere or PokeMap Cydia tweak on your iPhone.

Try out Poke Go ++ Cydia tweak with PokeMap hack, the combination of both tweaks would be great.

Unlike other paid tweaks, PokeMap is completely free Cydia tweak and can be found from Ziph0n repo source for free while PokeWhere is the iPhone app which can be installed from Apple App Store for free.

We’d recommend to install PokemonGoAnywhere with PokeMap tweak because you would need both of these Cydia apps while playing Pokemon Go and finding the way where you want to find Pokemon.

Within a week, Ziph0n repo has developed two key Cydia hacks for Pokemon Go in which one is Pokemon Lock and another is PokeMap tweak. Both the tweaks are free, but require user to add Ziphon repo source first in order to install PokeMap Cydia tweak and Pokemon Lock tweak.

While PokeWhere and PokeRadar which are non jailbreak iPhone apps can be easily found on Apple App Store for free. You can use iTunes too to install these Pokemon Go tweaks.

Just head to Cydia installer if you want to download and install jailbreak apps for your iPhone to make better Pokemon Go experience on your iPhone or if you don’t have jailbroken device, you can still enjoy PokeMap Live experience using PokeWhere and PokeRadar apps on your device.

If you need help in any matter, just leave a comment and we’d be there for your help.

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  1. Iannolsen says:

    It’s awesome app to have map of Pokemon to find it immediately. the question is how to set or search Pokemon in the world? How to configure PokeMap tweak for my location? Should I enable location on my iPhone???

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