Jailbreak Apps iOS 11.1.2: NextGenUI, Readr, MewSeek, Nitrous, Axle, Fav For iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini and Air

NextGenUI, Readr, MewSeek, Nitrous, Fav and Axle are a few best Cydia apps that you can try on your iPhone, iPod and iPad Air or Mini. Fully compatible for iOS 9…

Over the past few days, we are daily publishing the best tweaks of the day. Today, there are a few tweaks which are worth to check out. We will review them in conclusion later on and see which is the best tweak from this list.

So today, Readr, Nitrous, NextGenUI, Axle, Fav and MewSeek are released in the Cydia app store. These are totally different from each other. Yesterday, we have seen top protection jailbreak apps including BioProtect and AppLocker, were a great protection tweaks.

Lets check out these tweaks in details…

1 NextGenUI: It gives you unique user interface. ModMyi has hosted NextGenUI that is currently free, but anytime the developer GroovyCarrot increase the price. I haven’t tried it yet, so, I can’t give you more info about it. But, as per the developer note, NextGenUI is compatible for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th generation. All the former iOS device also can install it.

2 Fav: Sometimes, it becomes too hard to launch our favorite application quicky. Fav becomes too handy at those times. Fav allows us to add left or right sidebar and add our favorite tweaks at one of those sidebar. Fav is completely free tweak that can be installed from BigBoss repo source.

3 Readr: Do you have Read Later Google Chrome extension in your desktop web browser? Readr also does the same job in iOS device. If you are reading any interesting topic on your iPhone, iPod or iPad Air and don’t have to read it in detail, just add it to Readr to read it later even in offline mode.

4 Nitrous: Nitrous is also known as Nitro. Its build for speed up JavaScript based applications like Safari web browser, iBooks and other applications. Its still paid and cost your $0.99 and you can purchase it from BigBoss repository.

5 MewSeek: Are you music lover, MewSeek is the best music app ever. It allows user to search, listen and download their favorite music songs over the net. Its costly app that charge a heavy amount from your pocket. MewSeek may charge up to $9.99 your pocket. You can install MewSeek from BigBoss repository.


Surely all are the great tweaks, but I found only Readr and Fav as must have Cydia tweaks. I would recommend both of them as both of them are free and worth to have them on your iOS device. Additionally, both of them are compatible for iOS 9.

Have you tried them, write a line or two about them in the comments.

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  1. sdfasgs says:

    cydia says nextgenui is not compatible with ios 10

  2. Samerr says:

    How downlo apps

  3. Adrian says:

    Mewseek makes my iPhone go into safety mode running iOS 10 pangu jailbrake the only way to get my iPhone out of safety mode is to uninstall mewseek first ! Or it just keeps rebooting to safety mode iPhone 5 !!!!

  4. Njjj says:

    Fav is only 1 app u can pick its dumb

  5. WAKAKA says:

    dont like that NextGenUI is no longer free. I wont be paying for it.

  6. caro says:

    readr is free or paid? please give me more details about it

  7. goms says:

    how can i download mewseek for free for iPad air

  8. peter says:

    Fav and Readr are the great apps and works on iOS 10 too
    I vote for it
    you should install it
    fav is really must have tweak

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