SBRotator iOS 11.1.2: The Cydia Tweak that Rotate SpringBoard as Well As LockScreen on iPod Touch

SBRotator iOS 11.1.2: The Cydia Tweak that Rotate SpringBoard as Well As LockScreen on iPod Touch

Perhaps, you don’t know that only iPhone 6 Plus and iPads have such rotate screen feature on iOS iDevices. Other older iDevices don’t have such beautiful rotate screen feature at all.

SBRotator is a Cydia tweak that rotate iDevice screen whether it is springboard or lock screen. You can install it on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

SBRotator – the best screen rotator I’ve ever seen on jailbreak app store. Elias Limneos is the developer of this tweak. Its available on BigBoss repo source for just $2.99 and compatible for iPhone and iPod Touch. Users can install SBRotator on iPod Touch too.

Once you have installed SBRotator iOS 9, the SBRotator configuration penal would be added to Settings app. When you would head to Setting app, you would see numerous settings related to SB Rotator Cydia Tweak that would allows you to choose two style from iPhone 6 Plus and iPad.

Suppose, if you’re on iPhone 5, 5S or iPhone 4, you should choose iPhone 6 Plus, because it looks cool and the same style that iPhone 6 Plus has. It wouldn’t mess-up your screen comparing to iPad style.

There are other settings too available for controlling SBRotator tweak. User can disable lock screen rotate or springboard rotation. You’ve completely control on this tweak, you can easily disable whole tweak any time you want.

You can configure rotation duration and choose the apps which can be used with rotation. You can choose your own list of apps that would use rotation effects using SBRotator.

If you’ve installed SBRotator, lets share your thoughts on the app below…

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  1. Bilek says:

    Doesn’t work with iOs 10.
    Max 9.3.4

  2. James says:

    Cydia keeps telling me it’s not supported on my device an iPhone 5s with latest os

  3. daniel says:

    aun no està en cydia :s

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