The Best Touch ID Cydia Tweaks: FingerTouch and Sensible

Sensible and FingerTouch Cydia tweak for iPhone…

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone using Yalu and if you’ve iPhone 5S and above that has Touch ID feature on your device, then you’re eligible for installing above tweaks to utilize Touch ID function.

Sensible tweak was first released at the time of PanGu jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3, while the same version works without any issue on iPhone and on other devices running Yalu jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 too. You don’t need to bother about compatibility issues regarding Sensible Cydia tweak.

However, FingerTouch iOS 11.1.2 is brand new tweak that is specially developed for iOS 11.1.2 firmware to utilize your Touch ID function. I personally using FingerTouch and I recommend it over Sensible tweak because FingerTouch has Reachability option that is not available on Sensible iOS 11.1.2.

To unlock certain features on Sensible, you need to install Activator such as Reachability and others. However, FingerTouch offers all of these options, functions and features without any further additional tweaks.

There may be some issues with FingerTouch tweak too, however, I’m using it since a month without having single issue on my device except Touch and Hold option doesn’t working on my iPhone 6 with FingerTouch.

To get Single Touch and Hold feature, I don’t want to install Sensible Cydia hack as additional tweak. I have chosen FingerTouch because I was getting Reachability feature with FingerTouch Tweak whereas I’ve to install Activator with Sensible to get that feature.

Now, when Touch and Hold function doesn’t working on FingerTouch tweak, it seems like I’ve to move.

As I’m using FingerTouch Cydia tweak, I must say you should try one of these tweak for sure if you’ve Touch Id enabled device.

FingerTouch setup

I’d say what I did with my iPhone 6 with the combination of FingerTouch. It allows you to assign action for Single Touch, Double Touch, Triple Touch, Touch and Hold. You can choose Reachability, App Switcher, Home Button, Lock, Siri and many other options such as Close Current app…

  • Single Touch: I’ve chosen Reachability as Single Touch.
  • Double Touch: My choice was App Switcher for Double Touch.
  • Triple Touch: Notification Center was my choice for Triple Touch because its really tough to handle your iPhone Plus model in a single hand while accessing notification center that is located on the top.
  • Touch and Hold: I’ve chosen Lock device as Single Touch and Hold, but its not working.

Both FingerTouch and Sensible are free Cydia tweaks which available on Cydia. If you need any further details regarding FingerTouch or Sensible, you can comment below…