Simple Mode iOS 11.1.2 – A Best Cydia Lock Screen Tweak

Simple Mode is a Cydia tweak that adds up to 5 top apps on your lockscreen. Yesterday, it was updated with improved features, new icon sets and animation…

Simple Mode is Cydia lock screen app that can be installed only on jailbroken iOS. It is one of the best LockScreen Cydia Tweaks and developed by David M.

It is completely different from other lock screen tweaks such asĀ Unlock7 and LockInfo. Actually it stands out from those tweaks, because it offers completely different lockscreen features.

It allows user to add top used up to 5 apps just above Slide to Unlock button. You can choose those apps or just left it on Simple mode tweak.

A best lock screen Cydia Tweak

Its one kind of app launcher that works directly from lock screen. When you tap on arrow button, top 5 apps will be pop up with cute icons and animation. You can control the speed of rotation and other animation from the setting menu.

Simple Mode Features

Do you wanna install this Cydia tweak? I want to add here that its paid application and you need to pay $1.99. Recently, the developer has reduced the price of this tweak from $2.99 to $1.99 and added more controls to attract users. Before everything, you should take a look at features first…

1 Automated: Simple Mode automatically tracks your uses and put top 5 applications based on your uses on lock screen for instant use.

2 When lock screen is active, Simple Mode Cydia tweak animates top 5 app icons with a variety of animations.

3 You can left configuration on Simple Mode tweak itself or configure it by yourself. You can disable any individual app, lock or unlock from lock screen. User can choose his own 5 apps to put on lockscreen.

4 You can set an auto open application when you unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod. A particular app will be open automatically when there is no already open apps at the time when you unlock lockscreen.

5 Its highly customizable. You can control on animations, icons, apps and whole tweak.

Update 1.1.2: Misc bug fixes, Simplified the look of top 5 apps and some minor improvements.


Simple Mode is really a nice app launcher and great tweak for power user who doesn’t use his iDevice just for calls and SMS. However, it does miss one thing, there should be “Slide to Unlock” animation. This Cydia tweak has no relation with Slide to Unlock button.

Have you Simple Mode tweak or better than this one? Let us know your experience…

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  1. Guest says:

    I wanna download it for ios10.1.0

  2. John_Petrick says:

    I’ll go with Budylock, it has the same options with better animation and cool theme. I don’t have any idea about the Simple Mode tweak as I never used it, however, I can predict that Budylock has more features than this tweak has as per Edward’s review.

  3. Carl says:

    This app actually works great on ios 6.1.3, this is what I was looking for my iphone

    • Kaelie says:

      I have iphone 5c that runs on ios 7.0.3
      I have downloaded iTools iphone apps manager that allows us to install apps without jailbreak, I have tried to install this app, but it shows installation error, however its working on my iphone 4 smoothly.
      help me please, should I need to purchase it once again for iphone 5 ios 7.0.3?

      • Michael Edward says:

        Hi Kaelie,

        Look, iTools is definately manages iPhone apps and it can install Cydia apps too, however, your iPhone or iPad must be jailbroken. Without jailbreak your iOS 9.0.3, you can’t install these Cydia tweaks anyways.

        Second, you don’t need to purchase it again because its not for iOS 9, its compatible for jailbroken iOS, if you have jailbroken iOS 9.0.3, then you can install the same Cydia tweak that you are using in your iPhone 4.

        I hope you got the point.


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