Today’s Tweaks: iKeyMonitor, Slide2Kill 7, DockShift and ConfirmKill for iPad Air, Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch

Now you can control your iOS 11.1.2 iDevices with these Cydia tweaks. Slide2Kill 7, ConfirmKill, iKeyMonitor and DockShift were released this week for iPhone, iPad Mini, Air, iPod Touch…

iKeyMonitor, DockShift and Slide2Kill 7 were the prime apps that got good popularity among jailbreak community users. BigBoss repository has released all these tweaks for iOS 9.

Personally, i would use Slide2Kill 7 or ConfirmKill as must have apps. They allow user to close open apps on iPhone 5S/5C, iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 etc. Furthermore, they are free too.

Here are the tweaks…

1 iKeyMonitor: It is listed under security section of Cydia app store. This jailbreak tweak is developed by Awosoft Technology under BigBoss repository at free of cost. iKeyMonitor is key logger app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini etc.

It is the best alternative for OwnSpy, a free iPhone Spy application. It tracks keystrocks, passwords, SMS, Websites that have been visited and much more. iKeyMonitor works in stealth mode and password protected.

It can be downloaded from BigBoss repo source, just search for iKeyMonitor, tap on install and that’s it.

2 Slide2Kill 7: Suu has developed this tiny jailbreak tweak that allows us to close applications from app slider. The easiest way to close open applications. Slide2Kill 7 is compatible for iOS 11.1.2 and all former firmwares. It can be installed from BigBoss repo.



3 DockShift: I love this cool Cydia hack. It just change the look of your dock screen. DockShift is a free tweak and hosted under BigBoss source. All the iDevices are supported except iPhone 4. Fully compatible for iOS 9. DockShift brings numerous beautiful backgrounds to your iDevice.

4 ConfirmKill: An other tweak to close open applications. Once ConfirmKill is installed, you will get confirmation notice, before closing selected application from multitasking switcher. It is must have tweak that all we need. Its free jailbreak hack that is fully compatible for iOS 9+


We have seen three best jailbreak tweaks in the first week of 2015, let us know how do you see these applications. Do they useful to you? We are eager to listen your comments.

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  1. tyler ben says:

    Is there any Christmas iOS 10 tweaks for new year?

  2. caleb says:

    How to close apps on iPad Mini? What is the best choice poof, confirmkill or slide2kill 7?
    I have iPad Mini 2 iOS 10 jailbroken using evasi0n7 1.0.1

  3. jose logan says:

    can i use custom background with dockshift?

  4. brandon james says:

    i installed confirmkill, i don’t know how to configure it. how to enable confirmation notice before closing applications
    please update the tutorial with screenshots

    • justin nathan says:

      why don’t you try poof. It works on iOS 10 and its free too. It has better features than confirmkill and slide2kill 7

  5. dylan says:

    i wanna few icons on dock, does dockshift support it

    • jonathan says:

      I’m afraid, you can’t. I’ve tested dockshift and it doesn’t allow us to change icons or background. Its a simple tweak that enable transparent dock screen

  6. william says:

    I’ll prefer ownspy, its better spy app than iKeylogger. OwnSpy works smoothly on iOS 10 and it support iPad air too.

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