Springtomize iOS 10.2: Customize The Look of iPhone, iPad Mini, Air, iPod Touch

The updated version Springtomize 4 is being ready for iOS 9. Jailbreak users can download and install it on iPad Mini, Air, iPhone 5S/5C, iPod Touch…

The updated version might come anytime now. The developer Filippo Bigarella has tweeted about the progress and he has confirmed that the 50% work has been done and now its on bug fixing and testing.

Existing users were eagerly waiting for Springtomize 4 for iOS 9. It’s now clear that we will soon be able to customize iPhone 5S/5C, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina Display themes even on iOS 9.

Springtomize is only the tweak that has all the customize options and has ability to change the look of iOS 10.2 as you want. Anyone can say that it is the combination of many tweaks and mother of all customization tweaks.

No doubt, iOS 10.2 Springtomize 4 is enough for you to customize dock, notification penal, springboard, home screen, lock screen, lock screen slider text, font, color and even much more.

This time old bugs can be fixed. We all wanna use custom carrier, time on Status bar and much more such features that haven’t been supported or not working properly in Springtomize 2, but they could be fixed in the new version.

Now users can hide several items from status bar such as Airplane icon, clock etc. Now we can use custom carrier that normally requires a separate tweak called Zeppelin iOS 9.


iOS 10.2 Springtomize 3 will cost you around $2.99 to $4.99, but believe me it worth to have, if wanna get control on iOS 10.2 design and look.

Insanely and SiNful repo sources always publish Free version of paid applications and I have seen that they had Springtomize 2 for free. They might release third version too. Check them out too, if you wanna free. But, I would suggest to purchase, if you really love to see the developer to make progress and release updated versions.


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  1. Alright,
    I have had a JB’ed iPhone for 6-7 yrs now. So I would say I am an experienced JBreaker. SpringTomize3 was one of the apps very popular and EXPENSIVE on the Cydia side, and everyone has been using this App. I had it too, and some more apps that I have been using for the last 3 ios versions now. My phone used to crash atleast 10 times a day, random crashes, and I could not figure it out.( Used Crash Reporter also) So this is what I did… I would delete just one of the apps every 3-4 days and see what the affect was, did this with about 10 apps that I have, but no luck, phone still had random crashes. So I uninstalled all JB apps except Springtomizer 3 as this app has almost everything I need. The phone still kept crashing… Then I reinstalled all the apps but UNinstalled Springtomizer 3, and VOILA…. No crashes in 6 days now….WTF ??? $3.99 I paid for this CRAPWARE, and I want my money back. We JBreakers assume that we will have our phones crashing once in a while as we have some extra things running, but this is Ridiculous… I have been experiencing the crashes and just living with it, but now, with Springtomize Uninstalled… NO more crashes… I would urge everyone who is using this app and experiencing random crashes to try this out and see if makes any difference, and if it does, get your money back,and I will ask for my money back too.
    iPhone 5s: ios 9

    1. I’ve the same app since one year and no issue, it’s working just awesome. You should look for springtomize 4 or current version again

      1. Partner, I am saying this after a month long experiment. Today has been 6 days and NO crash. And there is NO version 4. I liked the app, so freaking disappointed.

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