SpringToolz Cydia Tweak: Customize Home Screen Icons for iPhone

SpringToolz tweak is designed to customize and decorate spring board icons for iPhone or iPad…

The users who wanna customize home screen icons or they wanna look spring board icons something differently, then you should try SpringToolz Cydia tweak once.

A well talented Cydia tweak developer, Stoyan Stoyanov has made it possible to decorate your home screen with cool rounded icons or any shape that you want to give to your icons whether home screen icons or dock icons.

Yeah, you can customize dock icons and even change the drop down shadows also along with many other features that would make you able to customize your home screen icons.

SpringToolz comes with many unique shapes around 20 shapes or may be more than that, however, I like circle shape most. You can choose any shape given there and enable other features too.

Once you installed the tweak, SpringToolz would add a separate pane within Settings that can be configured according to your choice.

In the Settings app, you can configure three options from SpringToolz settings. The first option would allow you to customize icons from spring board. The second option would allow you to customize dock bar icons. And the third option would allow you to enable shadow option within icons given on home screen.

Each option would require respring to take effect. So after each change, you must respring your device. Within each option, you get various internal options such as shape, shadow and satellite enable options. Satellite dots are really cool, but they look cool on dock bar more than springboard icons.

Users are allowed to choose any shape given within SpringToolz settings, however, Circle shape looks more comfortable and cool.

I personally don’t like shadow option, but it my choice, you can enable that option freely. As SpringToolz tweak is completely free, you can give it a try without losing anything. Additionally, you don’t need to add any additional repo source because of BigBoss. Yeah, BigBoss is the repository that hosted this tweak.

SpringToolz is compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It can be installed on iOS 11.1.2, iOS 9.3.3 or iOS 8 jailbreak device.

If you need any other information, you can comment below…

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