StealthFolder Cydia Tweak: Hide Folder on iPhone, iPad

StealthFolder makes iPhone folder invisible. Create your privacy.

I love jailbreaking, why? Jailbreak gives me ability to do whatever I want with my iPhone. It brings many great features for privacy, customization and for performance.

Recently, a brand new Cydia tweak was released to hide folder on iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone. In short, if you’ve jailbroken iPod Touch or whatever iOS device, you can install StealthFolder iOS 11.1.2 tweak and hide folder on your jailbreak device.

I’ve used it and it’s really awesome. One thing is sure that now, you won’t need to lock apps on iPhone, just add all those private apps in one folder and make them invisible or hide them using StealthFolder Cydia tweak, that’s simple.

I just love BigBoss repo. They offers best Cydia tweaks for free. StealthFolder Cydia hack is also available on their repository address for free. Yeah, now you can use StealthFolder for free to hide folder or hide apps which are added in those folders which are gonna hide by StealthFolder.

You won’t believe that StealthFolder is too light weight jailbreak app. It offers some really interesting and great feature. Just hide any folder out there on the iPhone or iPad screen and move them to the end of the screen. Those hidden folders would be completely hidden and transparent. You need to touch that area to make those folder visible. Isn’t it cool?

StealthFolder is easy way to lock apps or hide apps on your iPhone. You don’t need any extra software or application to lock apps on iPhone. Just download StealthFolder and install in your desire device and put all the apps which you wanna lock and make that folder invisible using StealthFolder Cydia tweak.¬†Your apps would be secure, private and hidden.

StealthFolder comes with numerous settings which can be configured from Settings app where you need to enable the tweak and other settings.

Believe me, StealthFolder is so easy to use and apply hidden or lock settings on apps and folders. Again, the tweak is available on BigBoss Cydia source for free. You just need to install this new Cydia tweak to hide or lock apps.

If you’ve any issues using this tweak, please let us know using comment form and we’d be there to help you…

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  1. Kk says:

    I wish only the last folder would hide. Every folder hides with this tweak rendering it worthless.

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