SwipeBack iOS 11.1.2 Allows To Go Back Easily

SwipeBack iOS 11.1.2 works fine on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

After jailbreaking using Luca’s tethered jailbreak (Yalu102), you’d be able to install your favorite tweaks. Today, I’d share you a must have Cydia tweak that allows users to go back easily by swiping left or right.

The tweak is SwipeBack. I’d be able to tell you in more details about SwipeBack after few days because I just start using it. However, I can say that Its amazing.

You may know a popular tweak developer named Ryan Petrich and his repository address http://rpetri.ch/repo/. He has developed SwipeBack to make it easy to go back while using Settings app, web browsers and apps like those.

I found SwipeBack so useful while surfing the web or browsing the settings and many other apps like that, take example of mail application, message and many more.

SwipeBack iOS 11.1.2 is fully compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that works on latest jailbreak without any issue. So, if you want to try it on iOS 11.1.2 you can install any older version that would work just fine and it has been tested by me too.

SwipeBack doesn’t require any setting configuration after installing it. So, you can start using this tweak instantly after installing. Yeah, to install the tweak, you must add Ryan Petrich’s repository address that I’ve given above. Below is the screenshot that you can considering as demo.


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Compatibility list:
iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, 5S, SE

Very soon, I’d make a YouTube video on this tweak that would tell you each and every aspect of SwipeBack tweak. To motivate me, you can comment below and tell me that do you need any video demonstration for Swipe Back tweak.

I’m sure you’d too love SwipeBack Cydia tweak if you’re victim of back button at top left corner that is really irritating on iPhone Plus models.

Please comment below…