Tatton Cydia Tweak: Make Your iPhone Faster than Fastest

Tatton makes your iPhone or iPad faster at highest level.

I love jailbreak. Do you know why? I makes my iPhone better than non-jailbreak iPhone. Cydia tweaks bring a way to customize, maximize and make it faster than normal speed.

Recently, a new Cydia tweak, which is know as Tatton, released to the AppStore which makes your iPhone faster at highest level. It opens some hidden settings to the user and allows user to customize iPhone or iPad to make it faster.

You might have heard about SpeedIntensifier or NoSlowAnimations Cydia tweaks. These tweaks have designed same way like Tatton. They speed up phones by disabling couple of slow animations and settings.

Because Tatton Cydia hack has same features and it’s free, I’d recommend that tweak comparing to NoSlowAnimations and SpeedIntensifier Cydia tweak. Even, Tatton has far more features than both of these tweaks.

Once you installed Tatton, you’re iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPhone 4S would start working like it’s iPhone 6S or iPad Pro. It saves your battery by reducing animations and disable useless settings.

It’s not necessary to say that couple of iOS settings are configured at best performance and it should be customize and lower down. Using Tatton, user can speed down or disable some settings that consume large part of your battery and this way, your older device also can get the best speed and actually it makes your iPhone much faster.

You can easily download and install Tatton to your iPhone or iPad, because it’s available on BigBoss repo which is the default Cydia source and you won’t need to purchase Tatton, because it’s free.

Just make your mind and head to Cydia app and look for Tatton iOS 9.1. It’s compatible for iOS 11.1.2 and supports all devices including iPod Touch and iPad Mini, iPad Air.

Somehow, if you’ve jailbroken iPad Pro, you can speed iPad Pro using Tatton tweak. If you feel any trouble or facing battery drain issues, let me know. In many cases, I’ve seen great battery life.

I’d recommend to share your battery life issues with us…

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