TetherMe iOS 10.2 is out! The Best WiFi Tethering Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

TetherMe iOS 10.2 is out! The Best WiFi Tethering Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

TetherMe Cydia tweak is known as MyWi iOS 9 alternative. MyWi also works similar as TetherMe iPhone tweak for WiFi. If you’ve jailbroken iOS 10.2 or iOS 9, you should definitely try TetherMe tweak.

So, finally, we’ve TetherMe available for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch to power up WiFi features. It brings a tons of features to native WiFi feature. TetherMe is one of the best WiFi tethering apps on Cydia.

TetherMe is created by Sam Bingner which was hosted on BigBoss repo later on. The app is pricey and it would cost $4.99 for full featured TetherMe iOS 9. Today, it got updated to iOS 9

Once you installed TetherMe, there would be an additional pane under setting.app. For this release, the developers haven’t added any app icon for easy access to the settings and features.

TetherMe allows user to create instant hotspot to share WiFi connection to USB and a lot more. Using the updated version, user can edit APN too.

There are some drawbacks too. The app doesn’t offer any statistics or details about usage. The second thing is, TetherMe doesn’t have any toggles or gestures to quickly access WiFi features.

Comparing to MyWi, TetherMe is cheap, but has limited features. MyWi is such a great WiFi tweak that offers significant features for such price.

If you’re already using TetherMe, let share comments and thoughts on…


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    1. Tetherme works perfect on my iPhone 6s ios10.2. I do t k kw how you guys can’t figure this out. Even PDANet works fine…

  1. I semi jailbreak iOS 10
    Tethered works fine
    I have unlimited ATT.
    No issues yet. No extra charges
    But only using about 20 GB / mo

  2. its there, it also displays 9.2. / 9.3 versions that it currently works on. But this isnt correct information. I get frame buffer errors on iphone 6 ios 9.2 errors and it doesnt install. Even after the payment. Stay away from it until they release a confirmed working version.

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