Today’s Best Tweaks iOS 11.1.2: TetherMe, iGotYa, NowNow and Call on GV Pro for iPhone, iPod and iPad Air, Mini 2

The best networking jailbreak tweaks were released in the first week of 2015 for iOS 11.1.2 Compatible. TetherMe, NowNow, Call on GV Pro and iGotYa were few of the top apps from Cydia app store today for iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch…

This is the first day of 2015. I’m very excited about iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak tweaks. Today, after Cydia substrate release, the developers are working hard and making all the existing tweaks compatible to iOS 11.1.2 64-bit iDevices that includes iPhone 5S/5C and especially iPad Mini 2, iPad Air.

There were a lot of things to share today, but, I picked some best stuff from Cydia store for your jailbroken iOS device. TetherMe is the hot pick of the day and it would be the best tether jailbreak app of the year, because it has lots of things that we wanna to tether our networks.

Now take a look at today’s best apps…

1 TetherMe: No doubt, it is the best tether app, i have found ever. The two developers (cirdan & sbingner) have developed TetherMe iOS 11.1.2 tether app. It can be installed from BigBoss repo source and it would cost you $4.99. But, believe me that it would be worth.

You are getting a world class tether app for the networks that you are using daily. It dramatically enable native tether. TetherMe is fully compatible and ready to rock your iOS 11.1.2 all devices except first generation iPhone that most of you are not using.

The first thing you can do to install this jailbreak tweak is, open your Cydia and browse BigBoss repository and search for “TetherMe iOS 9“. Tap on Install button and done. Oh yeah, you must purchase, before installing it. A few features are mentioned below…

  • Don’t worry about your carrier, this tether app supports almost all carriers in the world.
  • It bypass signature checking and allows you easy tether.
  • Make note that it doesn’t have any icon yet.

2 NowNow: Its a tiny jailbreak hack that enable voice search. You can use Google voice search from anywhere in your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Oh yeah, you must have Google Search app from Apple app store in order to use this functionality.

Actually, NowNow is like support addon for Google voice search iOS app. It is developed by Nick Frey and hosted under BigBoss repository. Its a free tweak, so, enjoy voice search in 2015.

3 GroupSend: I love this tweak. Its free and does the great job for me. In the new year, I have sent thousands of SMS through iteSMS 8.0, iMessage and iRealSMS. Yeah, GroupSend is a hack that enable endless group SMS sending option with above mentioned messaging apps. It can be installed from ModMyi repository as free.

4 iGotYa: This jailbreak app will protect your iPhone 5S/5C or iPad Air and iPad Mini from thieves. iGotYa captures snapshot and sends it to you or the email that you have entered. The best ever Cydia app that will protect iDevice. However, its not a free tweak. You will have to pay something on behalf.


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  1. ddd3120 says:

    tetherme working ios11.1.2 iphone6s+

  2. Eric says:

    I have a jailbroken 11.1.2, and already own tetherme. However, cydia just says the payment system is not up and I don’t see any way to install this program I already paid for.

  3. Brandon Sablan says:


  4. Dan M says:

    I just purchased the IOS 7 version of tetherme for my Iphone 5s, Gets about halfway through installation and crashes, if I go back to cydia it tells me to temporarily ignore the issue or forcibly remove it. Tried both and tried again to install, still get the same thing. Anyone know how to get a refund without filing a dispute with your credit card company?

  5. Mark says:

    this if for ios 7, not ios 8.1

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