The Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch [Jailbreak Apps 2015]

Here are ultimate 10 Best Cydia AppStore Tweaks to try for iPhone or iPad in 2015

This month is really very excited for the jailbreak users. There are couple of great and I must say very exciting Cydia tweaks were released and I have to list up those tweaks on your table.

I must start with PhotoLive Cydia Tweak. One of the best Cydia apps and top jailbreak tweak. Apple has recently added Live photos to iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus phones running on iOS 9. The most probably, iPad Pro would also have Live Photos feature inbuilt.

But, if you wanna Live photos on iPhone 4S or older iPad models, you can enjoy PhotoLive Cydia app from jailbreak AppStore for a nominal charges. Once PhotoLive is installed on your iPhone, you can set short video as live photos as background or lockscreen wallpaper.

  •  PhotoLive Cydia tweak is really must have Cydia tweak for older devices such as iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 which doesn’t have Live Photo feature.

Docker: Cydia tweak which is already landed on jailbreak AppStore for iPhone and iPad. Docker is one of the best and must have Cydia tweak that brings completely new and handy second dock which looks like default one.

When you swipe up from traditional dock bar, the second dock which is created by Docker Cydia tweak, would be come up. It looks just like native and clean. I definitely recommend this new Cydia app for you. Must have!

The second one is CCMore. CCMore Cydia tweak is new but, brings something very serious missing features for iPhone. It enables useful toggles, App Switching and quick launch features to the control center. So, if you’re missing Auxo Legacy Edition or Seng which is released recently, you can definitely download and install CCMore to your iPad or iPhone.

MultiPlexer: This Cydia app is combined with multiple features at once. If you’re not familiar with MultiPlexer Cydia tweak, I’d recommend you to look at YouTube video demonstrating this Cydia app. This is really must have Cydia tweak. New app, but very useful one.

AppSync iOS 11.1.2: The latest version of AppSync iOS 11.1.2 is not available yet, but it’s seriously useful app to download and install unsigned apps on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

vHome: I’m sure, you’re aware of Assistive+ features. vHome Cydia tweak creates virtual home button which would be appear on your screen. The users who don’t wanna hit home button, can install vHome for sure to enable virtual home button without any settings.

Anemone iOS 11.1.2: The developer claims that it would be the best Cydia theme changer for the future at least for iOS 11.1.2 and newer jailbroken firmware. Anemone can change iPhone or iPad icons, effects and many other things.

Once Anemone Cydia tweak installed on your iPhone and or iPad, you can enable it to customize the look of your iPad. It’s one of the best alternative to Winterboard iOS 11.1.2 and Dreamboard iOS 11.1.2.

If you’re looking the best Cydia app to customize your iPhone look, Anemone is the best tweak available for you for free. Just navigate BigBoss repo source and install Anemone for free. Definitely, you won’t be confuse after install the tweak.

ClassicDock: I know old is gold. I also like old things specially that iOS 6 classic dock bar on iOS 11.1.2 iPhone. I always thought about classic dock bar for my iPhone running on iOS 9, now finally there is a Cydia tweak updated for iOS 11.1.2 which would be enable iOS 6 style iPhone dock bar for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone.

Take a look at these top 10 Cydia apps in a line up to take a note…

  1. Docker
  2. Seng Cydia Tweak
  3. Auxo Legacy Edition
  4. CCMore
  5. Anemone iPhone Tweak
  6. vHome
  7. PhotoLive
  8. Multiplexer
  9. AndriOS
  10. AppSync

All these tweaks can be installed from BigBoss after purchasing. If you wanna try these Cydia apps before purchasing, you can add HackYouriPhone to download and install full version free Cydia tweaks. BiteYourApple repo is also available for such full version free Cydia apps.

Most of these tweaks can be easily downloaded using ModMyi and BigBoss repo source. If you’ve any further details about price or the trick to install these tweaks for free, leave a single comment using Guest account below.

You can also suggest us your favourite Cydia tweaks for iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini running on iOS 11.1.2…

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