The Brand New 5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone

The Brand New 5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone

Cydia apps are the key point reason for jailbreaking. If you’ve not good jailbreak apps on your iPhone or iPad, you won’t jailbreak your iPhone or iPad any more.

Jailbreak users always look for new things specially new Cydia tweaks. For this reason, we picked up 5 new apps this week for our Cydia users.

Note: This list contains paid and free both tweaks and we’ve picked up only best tweaks from all Cydia apps those were released during last two months.

  1. CyNotifier: I always meet Cydia users who complain about tweak update methods. If you’re also facing this issue, you can easily fix this issue by installing a new Cydia tweak which is known as CyNotifier. It gets updates over the air from Cydia server and notifies you about any new update available.
  2. Atom: This is actually a lockscreen Cydia tweak, but completely unique way. You can choose up to 6 apps to put on lockscreen. Its available on BigBoss repo source for couple of cents.
  3. Moove: I love this tweak. It brings a unique Cydia concept. You can operate couple of tasks using movement. Yeah, Moove Cydia tweak is movement based Cydia tweak.
  4. AndriOS: If you love Android, you’d never afford to miss AndriOS Cydia tweak that brings features and functions that you found on Android device. Its currently on beta stage, so install AndriOS for free.
  5. Assistant Plus for iPhone: Assistant+ Cydia tweak allows user to create Siri commands that can trigger Activator operations. Assistant plus is available on Cydia from BigBoss repo for couple of cents.

If you’re already using these tweaks, share your thoughts…

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  1. Chaqille Nikita says:

    You should add cercube YouTube video download Cydia tweak

  2. Rob Westerling says:

    I think assistant Plus for iPhone is not new Cydia tweak and Spin is also old player. i think Moove is good jailbreak app, you should go for it.
    Thanks for redirect me to Moove, i like it

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