Top 20 Free Cydia Tweaks for iPhone Of the Month

Download the Best Cydia tweaks of the Month for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Nobody would dislike to install free Cydia tweaks. But, it’s really tough job to find the best free Cydia tweaks. It’s not possible to test each and every free tweaks to make it permanent on your iPhone.

So, make it easy we decided to make a list of top free Cydia apps in the list which allows you to choose them without additional inquiry. You can read the short info given with each free tweak and you just need to decide whether you wanna install it or not.

That’s it. So, start choosing your favorite free Cydia apps…

Adaptive Bar

Adaptive Bar is so beautiful Cydia tweak that colorize title par for particular app based on that app icon. Means, if you’re using WhatsApp, your title bar would be gree, because WhatsAPP has a green icon.

Cortana Loader

Cortana Loader brings completely new loading dial graphics. So, if you wanna something new, try this.


GrabKiller puts icon or you can say preset in the control center which can be accessed to kill all the running apps. It’s so easy now to close all running apps at the end of the day just by swipe up control center and tap on the CC Grabber icon.


 Mezode is closely works like Adaptive Bar Cydia tweak. Mezode would colorize nav bar of the Message app. It changes color based on your task. Suppose, you’re talking the color would be blue and suppose you’re messaging your color would be green. Really cool Cydia app.


Now, PowerColor also changes color your iPhone element. PowerColor changes battery color based on the level of your battery usage.


QuickSwipe closes Safari Videos in just a Swipe. You can configure more task to close via Swipe. Check out settings.


Do you always need to open links while reading your messages. BIM Cydia tweak is just a browser which can be accessed while reading the message and tapping on links.


Your battery would show pulse while charging. ChargePulse is another free but useful Cydia tweak.

Minimal HUD

Minimal HUD Cydia app changes volume level without showing volume indicators on whole screen. Minimal HUD Cydia tweak looks really good while playing video and you have to change volume levels.


If you’re running on low internet data package, you should install this useful tweak. NoUpdateAll would stop updating all the apps and tweaks from App Store which are ready to update.


The dictation was never been so easy. QuickDictation tweak allows user to dictate via messaging app. You just need to tap recording button while typing messages. The dictation would be start.


ShiftCycle makes your writing easy. You can capitalize or make all words or sentence in lowercase easily using ShiftCycle Cydia tweak. Just select the text and do whatever you want.


Skippy is made for easy scrolling the contacts, music and videos. Skippy would show the letter to the screen on which your finger is while accessing contacts, videos or music.


Suppose, you forget to send any message after typing it, Mia Cydia app is great for you. Mia would remind you to send it and tell you that you’ve forgot to send it.


Sometimes, there would be useless popup appear. NoAlertLoop disables and blocks such taps to make your browsing experience better. This is completely free Cydia tweak, so enjoy Safari.


VideoLoop Cydia tweak is a free app that loops all your videos to camera roll.


This is another Cydia tweak to close all your running apps from the background. I would recommend to try Push2Kill as this is the best Cydia tweak for such job and it’s free too.


AirPlaneSignal saves your iPhone battery by putting your iPhone to AirPlaneMode when your SIM signals are low.


Many users use their iPhone or iPad for long time. It makes your battery so hot. To know the correct status of your battery temperature, BatteryTemperature Cydia app puts a indicator to the status bar with battery temperature.

Hide Badge Text

This is simple but useful free Cydia tweak that hides bades from your iPhone to make clear navigation.
I hope you would like these tweaks, don’t forget to give your suggestions and tips via comments.

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