12 Best Cydia Apps iOS 11.1.2 for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

There are a lot of iPhone, iPad and iPod users who jailbreak their iDevice to get Cydia.

There are many other reasons also such as, they want to remove all the restrictions from apps which are imposed by Apple, and without jailbreaking they never remove those limits. Best Cydia Apps give them the real environment of Apple app store with many of paid tweaks at free of cost.

Once you jailbroken your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, you got the ability to install all those free Cydia tweaks in your iOS. There are thousands upon thousands of tweaks available out there in app store, so, its very time consuming job to find out the best out of the best.

If you are iOS 11.1.2 user, you can still use Top Cydia sources, you need to jailbreak your iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad or iPod Touch using iJailbreakPro that is incredible jailbreaker tool for iOS 9. Its not good idea to test all those useful tweaks out there in app store to find out the best one.

One more thing that you should keep in mind that its also harmful for your iPhone performance and battery life to install numerous apps. To make everything easy we have picked up Top 12 Cydia Apps for you so that you don’t need to install each and every tweak to test.

12 Best Cydia Apps that You Can’t Miss Out

I have picked up and listed this apps based on users reviews and download counts. They are top on their category such as productivity, utility, networks and customization.

If you are looking for a bunch of top tweaks, then I would recommend a few of Top Cydia Sources that have a bunch of paid apps at free of cost. Mostly they are from Apple app store. Till then take a look at these top of the top apps.

1 Dreamboard: This is such a incredible app that you can’t imagine. Perhaps, you are aware of limitations imposed by Apple. You can’t use custom themes, icons and lockscreen styles. Dreamboard allows you to change themes, icons and lockscreen within a few seconds. It is better than Winterboard at many ways. This is the best Cydia app for theme customization. If you think that your iPhone look is boring, then you can use Dreamboard to customize it.

2 Activator: This app gives you better navigation experience. You can easily toggle from one app to another. You can instantly close or launch any app. Home button is the key feature for any iOS device, Activation make it so cool that you can access more powerful home button from any app, if you have installed Activator. This is one of the most essential Cydia apps.

3 IntelliScreenX: It gives more power to Notification center. You can add your social media activity accounts to get instant alert. IntelliScreenX is so powerful that you can access it from your lockscreen too. You can add your email account for real time updates. This is also top downloaded app in Cydia store.

4 SBSettings: I personally have been using SBSettings since the start of jailbreaking and Cydia tweaks. I love SBSettings. Many users like me don’t like built-in messaging center. We all are aware of iOS 11.1.2 iMessage app bug. If you are also facing any bug or do not like default SMS app, you can download SBSettings right now. It is on top in SMSing apps in Cydia.

5 Springtomize: If you are looking for more fresh icons for your iPhone, then Springtomize is for you. This is the best iPhone app that changes your iDevice icons within a seconds. You can set up as many new icon sets as you want. You can use a lot of different icon set without changing your existing theme.

6 Zephyr: This Cydia tweak on the top of my apps list in utility category. You can instantly switch between all open apps by swiping bottom to top and left to right for different cause. It mainly care of all your open applications. Zephyr is one of the best multitasking gesture adder. This is also must have tweak.

7 Browser Chooser: Most of all iOS users use their iDevice on the go with internet connection. You are well aware of default web browser “Safari”. Any of link from any application will be open in Safari and if you want to change it to Google Chrome or Firefox, Apple will not allow it. Here Browser chooser comes to rescue you. It offers to set up default browser whatever you like, whether you like Google Chrome or Firefox, it will set up it for you. All future links from any apps, will be open in your preferred browser. Browser chooser is a free Cydia application.

8 iFile: If you are advance user who want deep file system settings, then iFile is the app that can give you all the ability to change file system. Using this Cydia app, you will be able to modify, change or delete system files that normally Apple will not allow you. You can use advance file and folder feature such as hide, read only and etc. However, iFile is not a free application, you will have to pay up to $4 for it. You can buy it iFile from Cydia app store.

9 Hands-Free Control: This is one of the best Cydia apps for Siri. We all use Siri in daily use while SMS or finding anything on the web. Siri works in background each and every moment, so, it consumes a lot of battery power. Hands-Free Control all gives you control over Siri. When you install this Cydia app, it runs in background and listen all your conversation and commands. At that time Siri will be deactivated and you will save your battery consumption, when you speak “Siri”, Hands-Free Control app will prompt you for your confirmation to activate Siri, just say “Yes”, Siri will be activate.

10 SiriToggles: This Cydia app will add more functionality to Siri. If you need more power to your Siri, just install it. You will able to control your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch much better with Siri using SiriToggles. You will have better control on system settings, apps and theme customization such as background brightness control over command using Siri.

From Editor’s Desk

All above apps work on iOS 11.1.2 users need to use iJailbreakPro to jailbreak their iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, iPad and iPod Touch that run on iOS 11.1.2 or newer firmware. EvasiOn is also ready to jailbreak your iOS 11.1.2 with Cydia installation.

There are couple of more Cydia Downloader that you can try for. You all were thinking that I have left two Cydia apps in above list, but it’s your turn to complete that list.

I have added top tweaks that are frequently used by users, however, there are a lot more apps to add here, because all users have their own choice. I would recommend you to give your valuable reply with the app name which you are using in your iOS device and what is your favorite Cydia app.

You can contact us and leave a note there about your choice about the best tweak. Don’t forget to leave your query…

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  2. Ron says:

    I must say that these apps gonna rock jailbreak app store this time, really best out of best creations ever.
    I never notice such tweaks any other else specially iFile iOS 10 and Springtomize iOS 10 Cydia tweaks

    • Hannah says:

      Hope you’re feeling better to enjoy the trip. I absolutely love the Hydrangea and would love to win it. Thanks for the opportunity and for all you shhr!eCaeers!D in FL

  3. Any Help? says:

    SBSettings does not work with the new iOS 9.1+ update. Keeps crashing and forcing into SafeMode. Anyone else know of an app that integrates RAM amounts into the menu bar ?

  4. Anthony Talbert says:

    The Activator tweak says iOS 10 not supported Hands-Free Control says iOS 10 not supported. The title of this article says “12 Best iOS 10 – iOS 10 Cydia Apps…”
    Did you actually test any of these?

  5. Snoppy1972 says:

    Hands-free control not available for IOS iOS 10 give it a alternative

  6. Sam says:

    Jesus Christ, not only does the list not even have 12 entries as the title says, but most of these don’t even work with with ios7.

  7. Davis says:

    Hands-free control is not available for ios 7

    • Marnie says:

      This is absolutely insane. It’s kind of crazy, but this is why I don’t get too personally involved with the Blog World. I trade an occasional email here and there but other than that, I like to keep it short. I love my readers to death, but you never really knw.lo.G.ad you nipped this shit in the bud though.

  8. Brett says:

    How can you tell if someone is monitoring your phone using cydia How can you tell if your phone has been jailbreaked

    • Jordan says:

      Jailbreaking is something you use to install apps not approved by Apple. It’s like making your “TOAST”er accept bagels too – it’s perfectly safe, but it’s not what it was meant to do. Cydia is simply an app store with unofficial apps in it. No one can monitor your phone with jailbreaking, you have to jailbreak your phone yourself.

  9. Carlos says:

    Great information. My only question is what sources if any do you use outside of the ones that come stock with Cydia? “Best Apps” Indeed for iPad Air

    Oh and one thing that I think would be great is if you did best Paid and best Free in different list.

    Anyway, thanks again for the great info, some of these are going on my phone right now!

    I’m looking for the same best Cydia apps for iPad Mini 2 with iOS 10 (7.0.6)

  10. Dominic says:

    u need to jailbreak to get cydia… if U get it without jailbreaking it will be a copy of cydia which could cause problems to your idevice

  11. Sabrina says:

    I noticed when I tried to jailbreak and it was successful using evasion my music app no longer worked any explanation or fix!

  12. Michell says:

    I used to have HSPA+ on my android device but now I haven’t been able to get it on my iPhone 5s. Is there a way I can make it work?

  13. Jason says:

    go to settings, cctoggles, and then go to quick launches and to some app thing i forget the name. i had to watch a video to learn how

  14. Jayden says:

    There’s so many limited tweaks I used to use. Some haven’t been updated in awhile. It’s nice to learn some new tweaks! Best Tweaks. 🙂

  15. Christian says:

    When I first download Cydia and jail broke my iPhone I thought it was completely useless. I have the 5s. And now I know what I’ve been missing. Thanks a lot!
    Best Tweaks

  16. Natalie says:

    These are probably the BEST TWEAKS I have seen, but you missed a few

  17. Brittany says:

    i installed all the tweaks and my iPhone 5S will not respond at all

  18. Pcka says:

    These are really best Cydia apps, I’ve ever seen
    thanks for sharing

  19. mb says:

    dreamboard unable to launch on my 5s

  20. Julianna says:

    Thanks for sharing,
    I am looking for best cydia apps for iOS 10 for my iPhone 5S
    I heard that there are a lot of applications ready for iPhone 5S! is it true?

    • Carl says:

      Search in top sources, all the best applications will be available on top repos such as BigBoss
      oh yeah, who told you that cydia apps are ready for iPhone 5S. there isn’t any jailbreak for iOS 10 yet, you need to wait for iOS iOS 10 jailbreak
      till then enjoy Apple app store

      • Jeremy says:

        I have read about iOS 10 evasion jailbreak on some blogs
        I am curious to see Cydia apps for iOS 9.1

      • Polly says:

        Great intaomrfive video. But you talked about the importance of flux and then never used it. I’m new to soldering. Where does the flux go and when do you use it? thanks

    • Michael Edward says:

      A good news for you! iPhone 5S Jailbreak is ready and the developers will release it after iPad Mini 2 release, now you don’t have to wait more time

    • Gert says:

      By the way T-Bird, how are you going to know who’s who for sure? Are you going to check e-mail addresses? I mean seriously, people can cheat others out of a prize by using a winners username and getting it sent to their address ins[.ad.t.e.but then I’d have the theives home addresses, and I’d come and harvest their organs! – T]

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