Top 10 Best Cydia Sources – Repos for iOS 11.1.2, iPad Air, Mini, iPod Touch

Cydia Sources are the lifeline for jailbroken iDevice. These are the list of best Repos that works on every iOS versions. Compatible for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, Mini, iPod Touch…

After jailbreaking, the first common thing is to open Cydia and search for the best Cydia tweaks iOS 11.1.2 out there.

I think you are well aware of “What Cydia is!” and all about sources and repos. I have seen many friends who still don’t know the power of those stuff which jailbreaking provides.

One of my friend has jailbroken iPhone since last two years and he never used tweaks and third party apps. He told me to customize his iPhone and I customize his theme, icons, font and a lot more within 10 minutes. He was surprised how I did these things so quickly as he’d never noticed Cydia and it’s sources.

Cydia iOS 11.1.2 provides more than 4 lakh apps, tweaks, mods and themes. All these tweaks, apps and themes are on their app store. It’s quite difficult to browse all the apps, themes and tweaks. Thus, we have listed here top 10 Cydia Repos (Sources) to make it convenient for you.

Top 10 Free Cydia Repos

A few most popular and famous sources come with Cydia at the time of installation as pre-installed that provides great capability to customize whole iOS look. We will discuss all about it. However, still there are a lot more developers who provides great tweaks, mods and apps. I have tried to include those repos too in our list. All most all repos are free. Lets take a look at those top Cydia Sources.

1 BigBoss Repository: This is the best repo in whole cydia directory. It contains large number of themes, apps, mods and tweaks in many sections. If you have newly jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod, then you should first visit this source. BigBoss apps have great ability to change the look of your iOS.


2 ModMyi Repository: This is the second most favorite repo for all jailbroken iOS owners. It is also pre-loaded with Cydia installation. They regularly update their database that includes themes, mods, tweaks and much more. You will never fill boring with this source, because it gets updates too frequently.


3 xSellize Repository: It is most favorite game repo. If you are game lover, then xSellize is for you. It offers thousands of games that includes the categories of SEGA, NES, Game Boy and many other popular game brands. Furthermore, xSellize provides many useful tweaks, apps and themes that are also awesome. In short, this is the repo which you can’t miss out.


4 Repository: This is most famous and wanted Cydia Source specially for those who want to get premium apps at free of cost. There are many useful apps in the Apple app store that are paid and in premium category, you can easily find many of those apps and games at free of cost in Cydia app store using this repo. In quick review, is for those who want to install Free apps without paying anything. includes apps and tweaks like installous, crackulous, hresources, idone, security.deb and many more. It allows to install many paid apps free of cost.


5 SiNful iPhone Repository: SiNful is similar to Hackulo. If you are missing “Installous” in your iPhone, then try Sinful source to find out best Cydia Free apps, theme, mods free of cost. It is fasted growing cydia repo in this community.


6 Insanelyi Repository: It is mainly for those users who love customization. I have many users asking best Cydia Apps to customize their iOS. If you have iPhone and you are unhappy with it’s look, then try Insanelyi. It offers a variety of tweaks, mods and apps that will change the actual look of you iOS device.

Recently, I have noticed that Insanelyi users are increasing because of iOS 11.1.2. Actually, many iOS 11.1.2 don’t like the look and performance and so that they are try to jailbreak their iOS 11.1.2 to install Cydia Insanelyi repo. It shows the popularity of this Cydia Source.


7 iPhoneCake Repository: Another great Cydia source for game lover. A server says Apple users spend more than 50% of their time in playing games. iPhone Cake is on the best Game Repos game category.


8 iHackStore Repository: The name says everything about iHackStore. It is one of the best source for the Free apps and tweaks. You can’t find similar tweaks that iHackStore offers. They are investing their precious time to develop awesome apps free for us. I would like to recommend you to support them, if you are using their mods on regular basis. Till then have some fun with their repo.


9 iHacksRepo Repository: This is my favorite place to customize my iPhone. It has great apps like WinterBoard, Dreamboard and other tweaks that change my iOS in completely new look. If you are looking for themes for jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then I would recommend you to note down this Cydia source.


10 Your Favorite Cydia Source: I left this space for your choice. It would be appreciated, if you submit your favorite and famous repo which you are using everyday. Please make it categorized in themes, apps and tweaks.

From Editor’s Desk

I personally have been using these repos to download new themes, games, apps and tweaks. Installous was my favorite place to install apps, but it is closed. So, I almost using these repos in my daily life to decorate and customize the look of my iOS.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite Cydia Sources…

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  4. Michaelson Johnson says:

    I just trying cydia sources but unfortunately I can’t it because I haven’t jailbreak ios 10 on my iPhone 6s.

    • I’m really sorry that you can’t do that on iOS 10 right now, because there isn’t jailbreak available and very rare sources have confident that the tool would be available for iOS 10 right now. You need to try iPAWind or any other tools to add Cydia repos

  5. oladele tola says:

    Can anyone help me here . i need a tweak which allows you to use 2 passcodes to open your iphone . when you use one passcode , it allows you hide your important apps and when you use the other, it displays all your needed apps . pls help .

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi I forget the name but there are apps that look like normal apps like the one I use. It’s a calculator works and acts just like one until you use your secret code then it opens another page and shows hidden content. Btw it’s on the iTunes app store

  6. oladele tola says:

    Can anyone help me here . i need a tweak which allows you to use @ passcodes to open your iphone . when you use one passcode , it allows you hide your important apps and when you use the other, it displays all your needed apps . pls help .

  7. Mohha says:

    V share doesnt work in ios 8.1.3 whats the solution plz

  8. Dhiauddin Muhammad says:

    why i cant install all the reposity sources?

    • Mac says:

      You can’t add all the sources at Cydia directory because it contains limit. To add new Cydia repo, delete existing repository address

  9. tyler says:

    Csources2 is really good

  10. David Bently says:

    why unlimtones doesn’t support with ios 9

  11. Peter says:

    I’m looking for best Cydia repos 2015, are these enough old now?

  12. xaoud says:

    i have to download fonts on bytafont 2 and it says that download more sources plzz suggest me some sources for fonts

  13. Krishna Chauhan says:

    my fav is iphone hacks repo
    and app cake is the best app to get paid apps for free

  14. Guest says:

    bro mazen…………………………….. air blue sharing is working u have 2 buy it

  15. Krishna Chauhan says:

    xsellize is not working

  16. krishna says:

    xsllize is not working

  17. Hadi B says:

    hack your iphone & ilove-apple are the best

  18. carlos rubio says:

    big boss dont wrk

  19. Nihal Mittal says:

    Please tell me about source in which I can get SB Game Hacker.

  20. rcgam3r says:

    Bite my apple!

  21. Danny Skinnyfuk Canavan says:

    hackulous has been gone aaaaaages its only good for installing IPA’s if you know how to, but theres easier ways to do that

  22. A Prince says:

    Very helpful.. Downloaded some new sources….

  23. Alejandro Gomez says:

    2,4,9 don’t work for me

  24. geonta cotton says:

    Big boss is already downloaded

  25. mazen says:

    airblue sharing not working

  26. Jake says:

    The big boss repo source did not work for me it said URL not found

  27. Michael Edward says:

    Best Cydia Repos iOS iOS 10 / iOS 10 have been updated now – 2015

  28. Chantell says:

    big boss isnt working

  29. Eddy Fret says:

    modmyi is down

  30. hackulo says:

    I need best cydia sources for game Hacks compatible for iOS iOS 9.1

  31. Peyton robertson says:

    I hacksrepo wont add correctly

  32. Mark Johnson says:

    Better to go with HYI repo source, its the best out of the best Cydia repo source

  33. Elliott says:

    iHacksRepo is also wonderful repo source for full version apps and games for iPad air, iPad mini and iPhone

  34. Helper says:

    above list of best cydia sources iOS 9.1.1 list is updated and complete. There isn’t any need of another list of top Repos iOS 9

  35. PL says:

    Everytime I try to install sb setting my phone keeps going into safe mode . Does anyone know how to fix this?

  36. Palani says:

    works now..:)

  37. A.A says:

    where can i find whatsapp for ipad mini , i need source that it worked because i tried iphone cake but it does not work

  38. Ibrahim says:

    I have had a problem with my iPhone I had several updated through cydia Sbsettings, backgrounder etc and after the updates were complete as soo as i try to open any app the phone just freezes nd goes into safe mode!
    Is there anyway I can remove recent updates so i can update the one by one again please help Thanks

  39. marcus says:

    i have cydia i downloaded many stuffs but where did they go? i aint seeing them, pls help

    • Michael Edward says:

      you downloaded or added sources? If it was sources that only gives you options to download apps and different things but if you installed apps and its not showing it could be a couple of things… either its not compatible with your device or its there and you just don’t know how to get into it. Try searching online for an answer either in bing or youtube that usually helps.

  40. Andrew says:


    I was looking for top Cydia tweaks and apps that change my iOS 6.1.4 look and UI. Can anybody suggest me the top app repos.


  41. Hi Jack,

    There are many apps that are Installous alternatives. AppCake and vShare are a few of them. List can be a long one, but these two are the top Cydia apps you will find in top repos.


  42. Cameron says:

    You can try SinFul and Cydia repos iOS iOS 9.1. They offer many Free apps that are actually paid in Apple app store.
    Hey, why don’t you check out these Top Cydia tweaks list?

    • Diana says:

      are those repos provide apps for iOS iOS 9.1
      I have iPad 4 and recently I have upgraded it to iOS 9.1
      please update if it will possible in the future.

      • Guest says:

        iOS 10 jailbreak is not possible yet, next jailbreak should be release directly for iOS 10 or10.1.x
        without jailbreak, these sources can’t help you

        • Derek says:

          iPad 4 Jailbreak is ready, however, most of these repo source won’t work on10.1 and iOS 9.1. I’m afraid that Cydia also won’t work on upcoming10.1.0. Hoping everything works in the end

          • Jackson says:

            How can you predict that Cydia apps and these sources would not work on iOS 10 or latest JB. Saurik is working hard on his projects. I am sure that he will do his best to develop iOS 10 Cydia

  43. Jack says:

    Is there any app or tweak that offers same feature just like Installous? I have iPhone 5 iOS iOS 9.1. I have tried many apps, but they only provides a variety of tweaks. I want to install paid apps. Please suggest top repos that provide such apps.

    • Tilly says:

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