Top 6 Best Dreamboard Themes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Previously I have published iOS 11.1.2 Themes, apps and tweaks specially for iOS 11.1.2 and later jailbreak, here is something related to it. Today, I came with best of the best 6 Dreamboard themes for your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini iDevices.

There are many top Winterboard Themes out there, however, they are either limited or incomplete. Winterboard is old theme manager that has many limitations. But, Dreamboard is newly launched theme manager by Cydia that allows you to change your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch themes completely new way.

Best Winterboard Themes

Here I have sorted out of 6 best themes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that you can apply using Winterboard theme manager. Now take a look at those themes…

1 Aero 2 iPad

Aero 2 iPad Winterboard Theme

Its coolest theme ever, if you like Windows operating system. Aero 2 iPad is inspired by Windows 7 operating system. The same version is available for iPhone too, however, it will not match the exact expectation due to screen size issues. The developer of this theme has put all his efforts to make it live Win7 theme. Its completely feature pack Win7 dreamboard theme. You are getting a lot of features.

  • User can minimize iPad window, restore them and reposition it. This changes will be remain unchanged even after respring or reboot.
  • More Clock skins and widgets have been added in this redesigned iPad theme.
  • Its built inspired by Windows 7 Aero style theme, you can change taskbar plate color anytime.
  • Aero 2 iPad can be found under Modmyi repo.

2 Boxor HD: Its a gorgeous HD graphics that is build for iPhone. It brings a lot of new features to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Boxer HD is one of the best Dreamboard theme that has it’s own forum support to fix the errors, if any. It brings live boxes to your lockscreen where you can enable whether widget, Facebook, Google or Twitter social media networks and a cool clock. It comes with built in lockscreen and a lot of wallpapers.

3 Gyro HD 3 iPhone 5: The title suggests everything. This is also one of the best Dreamboard themes. Gyro themes developed by JoeyBoren under Modmyi repo. It comes with a lot of features. Gyro fully customizable theme, user can enable or disable any feature right from the edit mode. Its compatible for iPhone and iPod Touch.

4 Mini iPad: This is the best Dreamboard theme for iPad Mini. Now forget that old boring wallpaper and icon set and apply this Dreamboard theme. It comes with many cool features including social media widgets, a new designed icon set and wallpaper collection and much more…

5 Adeline SD: It is developed by Korbyn under Modmyi repo source. It has more than 600 icons and cool wallpaper set. Its 100% so just enjoy.

6 WinPad 8 for iPad: If you like Windows 8 and wanna see your laptop in Win8 form, then this Dreamboard theme is for you. Its just like a clone Windows 8 theme for iPad. It comes with start screen, widgets and icons just look a like windows 8 style.

7 YourChoice: You have to fill this space. You have to comment and let us know your choice. I will add your favorite theme, if it will be really nice.


Its very tough to choose best Dreamboard themes, however, I have sorted out these themes for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Dreamboard has more customization options, however, Winterboard themes are still best.

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  1. Carl Jacob says:

    Dream board has not been updated since a long time, I think the developers have give up on this project. Dream board themes were awesome. Please update them.

    I need iPhone 6 themes for Dreamboard

  2. Peter says:

    I need best Themes for Dreamboard iOS 9
    Please update them as soon as they are available on Cydia store. iPad Mini 3 is the iDevice i use.

  3. Leo says:

    Aysmmetric HD

  4. Mr i0nic says:

    Please Tell Software Developer to Update all this Tweaks.Because this theme can’t support on iOS iOS 9.1-iOS 10 there is a Unthered Jailbreak By Pangu!please update the tweaks and theme to support on iOS iOS 9.1-iOS 10 Jailbreak Unthered

  5. Zaman says:

    Why LS clock themes are not working on my iphone 5s

  6. Zaman says:

    Why LS Clock themes are not working on my iphone

  7. Fred says:

    I can’t jailbreak iOS 10 iPod 5??

    • Michael says:

      Evasion is not gonna jailbreak ios 10 cuz they are gonna wait for ios 10 so they can try to jailbreak that version so bad luck for you

  8. Zara says:

    there are the best Dreamboard themes for iPad air and iPad mini Retina
    I just love them

  9. جند الامام الحجة عجل الله فرجه says:


  10. peter ryan says:

    hey i downloaded metro 10 and loaded it up on dreamboard but how do i deactivate it i tried rebooting, respringing and it just comes back with the metro 8 lockscreen and interface and cant see a setting to go back to dreamboard interface selection

    iDevice: iPad Air iOS 10 running latest version 7.0.5 jailbroken
    I need some best dreamboard themes for iOS 9

  11. millar says:

    yes i would say to just remove dreamboard iOS 10 an then turn your device off an back on back on then you can try to download it once again let me know if this helped :)!

  12. DarkYoshi says:

    Dreamboard IS updated for iOS 9, even for 64-bit devices. (Confirmed with my iPad Mini Retina) However not all themes are updated, theres where the problem lies.

  13. Joey says:

    Dreamboard is updated for iphone 5/5s guys go grab it

    • lucy says:

      how can i actually delete apps while dreamboard is on my phone? holding the button doesn’t work. anyone may help me please?

      I’ve iPad Mini 2 iOS 10 (7.0.5)

  14. diidit says:

    dreamboard for i5??

  15. jon says:

    hey anyone now how to get dreamboard 4s

    • DarkYoshi says:

      It’s simple. Dreamboard is available on most repos. Try bigboss (pre-added to your jailbroken device) or just search in Cydia. Install and done. Touch respring, and when your device turns on, voilà! Later you can add Dreamboard themes the same way as you added dreamboard, enjoy!

  16. John B says:

    Hey, does anyone know what theme is the top picture in article? I’d love to have that one. Oh, and the redsn0w site while you at it. Please? Thanks and great day. God bless.

    • miky says:

      actually after you turn on advanced options, you just drag one video on top of the other, there are several options that allow you to do this, also picture and picture, green screen and a lot of other things

  17. Randocam says:

    Can’t wait to try it. Love themeing. Please someone please, what is name of site to download redsn0w for free? Someone posted it and got it (God bless the person who took the time to do that) but didn’t write it down (Stupidly) and erased cookies on computer so I have no idea where to get it again. If anyone could please post here I’d be so grateful and I promise I’ll write it down. I know it’s “Dev” something but just can’t find it and I’ve paid and got ripped off twice so I’m kinda begging. Thanks.
    iPad Air Retina Display HD Themes
    The screen shot with the big clock in article by the way I really like but didn’t keep.
    God bless and good day to all and I pray someone takes time to tell me, I’d be so grateful
    Cool Themes, Professional themes, Best Dream board Themes

  18. Clint Yarwood says:

    Does anyone know the repository for the iPrintHD theme? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  19. Yujin says:

    I got this a few days ago, the themes are soooo good, but would like more options to change some screens. This is just getting started so maybe in a few months this will grow more.

  20. PatLifebandit666 says:

    Dreamboard is pretty damn good actually, makes you phone look great, and unlike Winterboard, it changes the way you use your phone by putting widgets on a-la-Android. There are downsides though.
    I used iOS 10 Dreamboard on my iPhone 5S until it crashed to a black screen with no way of getting back to the original theme.
    Luckily I had Sbsetting installed so I could turn Dreamboard off in the Mobile Substrate settings. It was promptly deleted. Another downside to Dreamboard for me was that I have become used to how my IOS works, so I found relearning where everything was too much like hard work.
    iOS 9

  21. Pat says:

    IOS iOS 10 also has it’s arrogance and seeks to control the Market. If IOS is so good and wonderful, why did you jailbreak your device? I LIKE Dreamboard Themes iOS 9, even if so far it had only offered my one additional theme. IOS is a great deal, but it isn’t EVERYTHING.

    • Vincent says:

      I love what my iphone 4 looks like with this app but it crashes my phone and then i have to jailbreak it again. This is not cool. I will stick with iOS 10 Winterboard for now
      iOS 9.1

      • Randocam says:

        I have winterboard iOS 10 and works fine but can’t mix and match themes I find. I’m using the one with the clouds.
        Hey, could you please tell me where to get redsn0w? Someone on this did and I didn’t write it down and no idea where now. I know it’s “dev” something. Please reply if you can. Thanks. Good luck.

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