The Best Jailbreak Tweaks for WhatsApp for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Top 5 Best Jailbreak apps dedicated to WhatsApp iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

We’ve hands on may cool WhatsAPP iPad apps which can be installed on iPhone also. So, here are those top WhatsApp Cydia tweaks for you again in one article.

Before start anything, I’d like to mention that all of these tweaks are dedicated to WhatsApp, but after jailbreaking. You must have installed Cydia in order to try any of these apps.


You get bunch of features and exciting powers after installing WAEnhancer WhatsAPP jailbreak app. It was lastly updated for iOS 11.1.2 and you’d get quick update for iOS 11.1.2 as well as all the new jailbreak firmware to give great features for your messenger app.¬†You gets Web enabler, last seen stamp with great features and bunch of more features.

WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone

You may have noticed on some smart phones where status of the user is stealth. You can also use Stealth mode using WhatsAPP Plus or WhatsAPP+ Cydia tweak. This tweak is one of the best Cydia apps for any device whether you’ve iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

If you’ve iOS 11.1.2 and can’t enjoy night mode on your device, you can enable night shift mode on your device using WhatsAPP Plus Cydia tweak. Even you can enable or disable reading receipt any time after installing this tweak.


This tweak gonna be most helpful to you. OnlineNotify would notifies users when any contact member gets online on their account.

Personally, I found OnlineNotify WhatsAPP tweak very useful specially when I can’t check WhatsAPP frequent to communicate with other users.

It can be installed from BigBoss Cydia Source.


A Lock for WhatsAPP tweak completely lock down your WhatsAPP application to prevent other users to check your account. Only you can use your messenger application to give it more security.

ALock4WhatsAPP Cydia tweak is completely free and available on one of the Default Cydia Repos of jailbreak app store.


If you’e iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Pro or iPad Air and still you wanna use WhatsAPP on your iPad without using iPhone to access your messenger app, you can first install WhatsPad on iPad Air, iPad Pro or iPad Mini and then try installing WhatsAPP for iPad.

This is completely free Cydia tweak and can be installed from BigBoss.

If you need any kind of help of need guide, please leave a comment…

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